Best Car Battery Brands Reviews In 2018

You probably don’t think about your car battery all that much. You may only notice it once it starts to fail or when it has gone flat completely. One of the vital factors on why a battery fails starts when you choose the brand battery to purchase.

At least once a month, you should check your car’s parts, including the battery. When you buy a new battery, select one that will surely meet all the requirements of your car. You can check that with your owner’s manual or with the car’s manufacturer. (By the way, you can read our article on the best place to buy a car battery).

In this article, we have gathered some of the best car battery brands in 2018 that you should know about so that choosing a car battery will be an easier task for you.

When looking for a battery for your car, consider not only the requirements as stated in the owner’s manual. You should also consider how you use your car and if you have added up to your car’s system such as parking sensors or sound systems.

These additions also take power from your battery so take those into account when you are shopping for a new car battery.

How Car Batteries are Categorized

Car batteries are clustered according to reserve capacity, cold cranking amps, amp hours, technology type, size, and warranty. Don’t worry if these terms sound new to you. We will cover each one of them here briefly.

Technology type is how the batteries are made as well as their purpose. Amp hours is how the energy that is stored in your battery is measured. Cold cranking amps or CCA is the ability of the battery to start your engine in cold weather.

Reserve capacity is the capability of your battery to provide power to the systems of your car without needing to be charged by the alternator.

We will cover each of these terms more as we go along, and you will appreciate the importance of knowing these technicalities about the battery you will be purchasing.

Sizes of Batteries

The size of the battery refers to the terminal locations, physical dimensions, the type that is needed for your car. The batteries are assigned with numbers and letters for their particular group size.

The grouping is usually based on the vehicle type as well as the engine’s model. There are some vehicles where you can use batteries from a different group size.

However, you have to remember to select a battery that is really designed for your vehicle to make sure that everything will work out well.

If you are not sure of the battery you will get for replacement; you can check a replacement guide so you can determine which battery size will work well with your car.

Another thing to take note of is to check that the battery matches the specifications of the car, ensuring that it will be able to fit securely as well.

Cold Cranking Amp Rating

The Cold Cranking Amp or CCA rating is the measure of how well the battery can crank up an engine in cold temperatures. In general, it is much easier for an engine to start in warmer climates than in areas that are colder.

The CCA rating of the battery will tell you the number of amps a battery with 12v can provide at 0°F within thirty seconds as it maintains a voltage of 7.2v. A battery that has a higher CCA rating will have greater power when it comes to starting an engine.

CCA Rating is Important When You Live in Colder Areas

If you live in colder regions, then the CCA is a much more vital thing to consider compared to living in warmer areas. The starting power of your battery starts to deteriorate as it ages. That’s why it’s best to get a battery with greater starting power.

The battery you will get as a replacement should have greater battery rating compared to the original battery that came with your car. If you get one that has lower CCA ratings, then you won’t be getting the best performance out of it.

Reserve Capacity

The reserve capacity is the measure of how the battery can provide power to your electronic equipment without being charged by the alternator.

This is measured in the number of minutes that the battery can provide 25 amps constantly at 80°F and not fall under 1.75v per cell which is the minimum voltage. This is the power that your car needs for it to keep on running.

Amp Hour

Amp hour is the amount of energy that is stored in your battery. It is the power that your battery can provide for 20 hours continuously at 80°F, and without having to fall under 10.5v.

Should You Get a Starting or a Deep Cycle Battery

The type of vehicle that you have and your driving style is a determining factor on how much power is needed from your car battery.

The first thing to know is whether a starting battery is enough to provide the needs of your car, or if you will need a deep cycle battery instead.

Let’s get to know the difference between these two.

A starting battery can provide a huge amount of power in just a short time so that your engine can start. After that, it will be charged by your car’s alternator. The starting battery is different from a deep cycle battery because it won’t be able to tolerate numerous discharge and recharge cycles. When the battery gets drained, its life will be shortened significantly.

With deep cycle batteries, they are designed to supply your vehicle with a consistent current for a long period. This type of battery can also be discharged and recharged numerous times and won’t be damaged. Deep cycle batteries can provide power to several electronic equipment and other accessories.

There are also deep cycle batteries that you can use for cranking up your engine. They are called dual-purpose batteries.

However, before you get one, check the Cold Cranking Amp rating first so that you can be sure that the dual-purpose battery has enough power to start your engine.

Choosing a New Car Battery

When you shop for a new car battery, you ought to know the right battery for your car. In this section, we will cover some of the key factors to be considered. If you are not very sure of the requirements of your car, again check the car’s manual.

If in case you have misplaced or lost it, you can also consult a mechanic so you can get expert advice and recommendation.

Observe the Performance of Your Battery

It is important that you check your battery regularly. Be mindful if the performance of the battery is starting to deteriorate because you might be needing a replacement soon. To prepare, research about the best replacement batteries that will fit your driving needs and also schedule a regular check up with your mechanic.

Test Your Batteries Yearly

Many of the batteries we have today are maintenance-free. However, we would still recommend that you have your batteries tested by a mechanic, especially if it is older than two years already and if you live in warmer regions. Those who live in colder regions can start having their batteries tested after four years.

Get a Battery that Will Fit Your Needs

When you will buy a battery to replace the old one, make sure that the size is right as well as the terminal locations so that it will fit your car perfectly. To check if the battery is right for your car, refer to your owner’s manual to be sure. Or you can also ask your auto mechanic about it.

Get a Fresh Battery

Over time, your battery will lose its strength. To get the best performance from the battery, buy one that is fresh. This means that it should not be older than six months. Check for the shipping code on the battery’s case for the manufacturing date.

Don’t Forget to Recycle the Old Battery

Old car batteries can be recycled. Take them to a retailer, and they will recycle it for you. Usually, when you buy a new car battery, you will have to pay a little extra, but it will be refunded when you bring the old battery back when you are buying a new replacement.

Check the Warranty

Apart from the technical specifications of the battery, it is important that you check the warranty as well. Get one that has a long period of free replacement. But remember to take care of your battery because any sign of neglect can void your warranty. So, install the battery properly and provide regular maintenance.

Top Automotive Battery Brands

Now that we’ve covered the sections on the technicalities of a car battery as well as how to choose one let’s move on to some of the best rated car batteries 2017 that are also recommended for 2018 on the market.

Optima Model 8014-045

This battery is a deep cycle battery and is a favorite of many users who have plenty of accessories in their cars. You can use it for camping, off-road, and audio systems. You can expect the Optima Model 8014-045 to be a heavy duty battery with a great capacity to provide power.

The battery features a 2-hour reserve, a capacity of 55 amp hours, 750 CCA rating, and 870 cranking amps. It can function well even if the weather is cold. Its self-discharge rate is low so it can keep its charge while in storage for a long period without needing support from a battery charger.

The battery has a sealed-gel built as well as a Spiralcell Technology, making sure that the liquid won’t spill. You can mount the battery at any position or angle. When you buy this battery, you also get a 3-year warranty for free replacement.

Exide Edge Model FP-AGM24

With this model, you get a spill-proof and compact AGM battery that is best for medium-sized cars to smaller boats. The Exide Edge Model FP-AGM24 is a dual-purpose battery that you can use to crank up your engine and also for deep cycle use.

You can save a lot of space by getting this dual-purpose battery because it can perform the function of both a starting and deep-cycle battery. This unit features 140 minutes of RC at 25amps, a capacity of 72 amp hours, 775 CCA rating, and 930 cranking amps.

Another convenient feature of this model is that it has a handle built into it, so it is easy to carry. It is also maintenance-free, and you can use it at any angle or position. When you purchase this model, you also get a four-year warranty.

Odyssey Model 34R-PC1500T

This model is another heavy-duty battery. Many off-roaders love this unit as it provides power to their equipment like light bars and winches. It features a 135 RC, a capacity of 68 amp hours, 850 CCA rating, and 1500 cranking amps.

The battery has a special lead-plate design, giving it double the overall power as well as a longer lifespan compared to other similar batteries. The Odyssey Model 34R-PC1500T can do over four hundred cycles and can be recharged completely in just 4 to 6 hours.

You can use it in any position except in the inverted position. You can store the battery without needing any support from a charger for two good years. You get a four-year warranty if you buy this model.

Bosch Model S6585B S6

When it comes to car batteries, Bosch is a leading brand. It is known to produce highly dependable and excellent car batteries. This model is a maintenance-free, sealed, absorbed glass mat that you can use in any position.

It features 150 minutes of RC, a capacity of 75 amp hours, 750 CCA rating, and 860 cranking amps. The design of this AGM battery allows it to provide deep cycle applications for minivans.

It charges fast and can tolerate a lot of starting and stopping. The battery is great to use in urban areas. You get a four-year warranty if you buy this battery.

XS Power Model S680

This model is lightweight and super compact. It has an AGM design that is great to use for street racing, compact cars, audio builds as well as other uses where you need a tight-fitting and lightweight battery.

It has a sufficient cranking amp at 320. Its over 1000 amps of throughput can definitely provide the much-needed power for a complex audio system. Its weight is only a fraction of other similar car batteries.

The battery has an RC of 28 minutes. This model has terminal adapters for use under-hood, and it comes with a three-year warranty.

Optima Model 8020-164

The Optima Model 8020-164 is a favorite battery of users who drive SUVs or trucks. The model has the Spiralcell technology that gives it a 90 minute RC, a capacity of 44 amp hours, 720 CCA rating, and 910 cranking amps. It is also spill-proof and maintenance-free. You can use it in whatever position. It charges fast as well.

However, this model is designed as a starting battery so you cannot use it for deep cycling applications. But it does feature rapid-charging so you can be sure that it can tolerate a lot of starting and stopping, especially if you live in an urban area.

You can expect this model to last for a good ten years before ever needing to get a replacement. You get a three-year warranty when you buy this battery.

ACDelco Model 65AGM

ACDelco is among the most trusted and most popular brands when it comes to auto parts. This model is a large format AGM battery that can tolerate a lot of starts and stops. It is a great battery to have for ambulances, commercial equipment, police cars, trucks, and SUVs.

It features 140 minutes of RC, 750 CCA rating, and 850 cranking amps. The ACDelco Model 65AGM has enough power to start large engines including diesel-powered ones. It also has a lot of amps so you can power the electrical systems of your vehicle.

You can be sure that this battery can exceed the specifications of your original battery. It has a warranty of forty-eight months.

Odyssey Model 65-PC1750T

This battery is a dual-purpose battery that you can use as a starting and as a deep cycle battery. You can use this battery for your car, truck, and even for marine applications. It can function in a wide range of temperature such as from -40°C to 45°C. It is the best car battery for cold weather.

The battery features 145 minutes of RC, a capacity of 70 amp hours, 950 CCA rating, and 1750 cranking amps. You can expect this battery to last for over 400 cycles of discharge and recharge. A plus is that it is fast-charging at only 4 to 6 hours.

The Odyssey Model 65-PC1750T is an AGM battery that is designed to be spill-proof. It also has a design where it has more plate area compared to other batteries, giving you more reserve power. You get a four-year warranty for replacement when you get this battery.

Shuriken Model SK-BT120

This one is a hybrid battery that is designed as a starting battery for cars that have complex audio systems. It features 120 amp hours of RC and 2600 cranking amps. It can provide power to audio systems for up to 2400 watts.

The battery is designed to have an AGM technology and is spill-proof. You can use it in any position. It is also resistant to heat as well as vibration. You get a one year warranty with this battery.

WPS Featherweight Model HJTZ5S-FP-IL

This model is very lightweight yet very powerful. It is an excellent battery to use if you are into racing. It is maintenance-free and spill-proof. You also won’t have problems with corrosions on the terminals.

The battery has an LED test gauge built into it. This unit doesn’t have heavy metals or any hazardous acid so shipping is easy because there won’t be any restrictions on this battery.

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There you have it, the top 10 best car battery brands on the market today. If you have more questions about car batteries and other brands, don’t hesitate to email us and we’ll send you more information about them.

If you have experienced using the brands we included on this list, do share your thoughts about them in the comments!