How To Change The Battery In A Jeep Key Fob

It feels so good being able to unlock the doors to your Jeep with a key fob. Today, with technology advancement, you don’t need to press even any button, as long as the fob is near you, the door can pop open. Unfortunately, all these fantastic features can be cut short when the battery in your fob runs out?

So, how can I change the battery in a Jeep key fob? It’s quite simple; you only need a flat object to slice open the fob case. When open, you can easily see the battery, which is to be swapped with the new battery you just acquired.

Tools you needed to perform the task:

● Flathead screwdriver
● New CR2032 Battery

4 Steps to Replace the Jeep Key Fob Battery

1. Open Up the Remote

To access the old battery, the first step you need to carry out is pop open the key fob case. The fob key to your Jeep is usually made of two parts. There is one side and which holds the circuit board. The other end usually contains the keypad. The parts can be separated by inserting your screwdriver in the hole you will find somewhere near the key ring mount.

Once the screwdriver is in place, go ahead and press it down. You should see a gap creating to separate the two parts. You should be gentle with the screwdriver as the key fob is made of plastic, which is prone to breaking if you apply some extra force. Once the parts are separate, place the end with a circuit board nearby to avoid misplacing it. However, the procedure doesn’t take much time.

2. Remove the Old Battery

On the other side of your casing, you should see the battery, which is to be replaced. It’s time to remove it from the housing. While removing the battery, you should also be gentle, not mess with the tiny metals beside and below the battery. Also, you should note how the battery is positioned for the sake of the terminals.

3. Install the New Battery

Once the old battery is removed, and out of the picture, it’s time to install the fresh battery. Go ahead and remove the battery from its wrappings and then place it in the same way as the old one. As long as the battery is CR2032, it shouldn’t have any problem fitting in the battery housing.

4. Reattach the Two Halves of Your Key Fob

Now that you are sure that the battery is in position, your next move should be to stick back the two halves together. You should start by placing the circuit board into the keypad, and then attach the key to the same keypad. This should give you one complete side. Next, you should hold and press the two halves together to provide a full key fob.

With the new battery in position, your door locks should start responding the moment you press the open button from a distance. In case that isn’t the case, you should reopen the fob to confirm that the battery was placed in the right way.

Here is the great YouTube video I found for you below:

What Should You Know About the Fob’s Battery-Low Warning Sign?

There is much fun that comes with being able to unlock the doors of your Jeep from a far distance. It’s this fun part that most drivers don’t want to miss. That’s one reason why most drivers will always ask how they can tell when the key fob battery is about to run empty. Well, for that part, you don’t have to worry because the key fob will illuminate the battery-low warning light whenever the battery is about to run empty.

So, how does this work? Whenever the key is used, the computer keeps track of the output voltage of the battery in your Jeep fob. Hence, whenever the charge goes below a certain level, a warning light will appear to remind you that you should prepare to replace the cell.

You don’t have to worry about these signs because the cells are quite affordable. Besides, with the guide I just provided in this article, installing the new battery is a walk in the park. You only need to follow the manual, and the warning will be gone.

Is it Okay to Drive Your Jeep With the Key Fob Low Battery Warning Sign On?

As said earlier, the purpose of this warning is to inform you that a new battery is needed. However, it doesn’t mean that the battery is empty. It would be best if you didn’t allow the light to illuminate for a long time. The light starts to light when the voltage drops to the recommended level. You must have in mind that experts are always against drivers who allow the battery voltage to shoot past a specific level.

If you allow the battery to run dry, you may end ruining the key fob’s sensitivity, and this can cost you more as you may require reprogramming the fob once you get the new battery. Besides, a battery with low voltage can see you struggle to open doors or even start the Jeep. Unless you don’t mind having to press the door lock button up to five times, you should replace the fob’s battery once the low battery sign shows up on the dash.


Currently, almost every car comes with a key fob, the Jeep included. These gadgets always make it fun to drive around as you can have things such as doors opened while you are at a distance. The fob requires some charge from the battery to perform all the magic.

Therefore, the more time you use the fob on the car, the more load is to be drained. It’s at this point that a battery replacement is needed. Swapping the old battery for a new one is easy. You only need to follow the guide given in the article.

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