Who Makes The Best Car Battery For The Money?

Car Batteries Comparisons

Determining who makes the best automotive battery seems to be a complicated question with many factors to be considered, but it is of course an important question. Perhaps you are looking to replace your old, failing battery, or maybe you are just curious as what to get for the next time you need one.

Nevertheless, the question can be answered objectively, and these answers are what this article aims to deliver!

There are many brand names to choose from, like Optima, Exide, Bosch, Odyssey, and Shuriken. However, these brand names offer different caliber batteries, and not all of them are created equal. You should also consider different factors. It is not enough to find “the best” battery— you also need to make sure that it is the right type of battery for your purposes, and that it is in the right size group for your vehicle.

And so, without further ado, we present to you the top six batteries from the best car battery-makers around the world.

Best Batteries From Reliable Companies

1. Optima Yellowtop 8014-045

The iconic Yellowtop from Optima, so named because of its trademark yellow top panel, is favored by people who tend to do heavy duty work away from the confines of city life. This deep cycle battery is a boon for those who like to camping or off the road, as it has a long lasting 55 amp hour capacity. It also has 750 cold cranking amp beside the 870 cranking amps, plus a reserve that lasts two hours, and is reliable even in the coldest of weathers.

The Optima Yellowtop ‘s self discharge rate is really low, and this means that it will take a long time to deplete its remaining energy even when stored for long periods of time. This also means that a trickle charger will not be as necessary when putting the item in stock.

Plus, Optima’s “SpiralCell” technology coupled with the sealed construction makes acid spills a thing of the past. The battery’s construction just lowers the risk of its acid spill to near zero percent.

Another advantage of this battery is that it has a compact design. You can mount it in any position, and in any angle the user needs it to be. The dual cable post design also makes it so that the battery will be compatible with most cars and other vehicles.

The Optima Yellowtop comes with a free replacement warranty that lasts for three years from the date of purchase.

2. Exide Edge Automotive Battery FP-AGM24

The Edge model from Exide is another excellent choice for those who want to buy a battery especially made for dual purpose. This absorbed glass material (AGM) battery can be used for cars, but using it to provide power in small boats is not unheard of.

The dual purpose means that the Exide Edge can be used for both deep cycle functions and engine cranking. This has the advantage of saving space, because this battery can actually be used for the purposes of two battery types all by itself.

The sustainanbility on the Exide Edge is no pushover, as well, because it boasts a capacity of 72 amp hours. It also comes with a whopping 775 amps of cold cranking, plus 930 cranking amps. To top it all off, it has about 2.3 hours of reserve capacity, rated at 25 amps.

Just like the Yellowtop above, the Exide Edge design is compact, and is in fact built so that it will be easy to carry around. It can also be mounted in any angle and in whatever position as the user decides, and is maintenance-free.

The Exide Edge comes with a non-prorated guarantee that lasts for four years from the date of purchase.

3. Odyssey Extreme Automotive Battery 34R-PC1500T

The Extreme model form Odyssey is another battery that off-road enthusiasts are fond of. However, this one is a monster battery that can keep up with equipment that hog and demand such huge amount of power. As such, it can be seen powering heavy equipment like off-road light bars and winches.

The cranking power is exceptional at 1500 amps, with cold cranking rated at 850 amps. The capacity is lower compared to the previous two entries in this article, at 68 amp hours, but its reserve capacity is almost the same— approximated at two hours and 15 minutes.

However, the design of the Odyssey’s lead plate is unique, so overall it gives off twice the power rating compared to most other batteries in the class type it belongs to. It also boasts about three times longer lifespan compared to other batteries of its type.

It can last for 400 discharge cycles even to eighty percent of discharge depth, and it can fully recharge anytime within six hours. The Odyssey can also be put in storage for up to two years, even in an open circuit and with no charger support.

The Odyssey Extreme can be mounted in any angle or position except when inverted. It also has a full replacement warranty that lasts for four years from the date of purchase.

4. Bosch Flat Plate Battery S6585B S6

Probably the most popular brand on this list, Bosch is a name that has been associated with quality automotive products as well as electronics and associated equipment. This flat plate AGM battery is another testament to the excellence of Bosch.

The S6585B is actually part of Bosch’s S6 series of batteries, which include absorbed glass material batteries that are sealed and maintenance free. These batteries can be mounted in whatever position or angle as the user desires. This series of batteries are intended to be used in the passenger compartment of the vehicle.

The S6585B itself boasts a cranking power rated at 860 amps, with cold cranking rated at 750 amps. The capacity is impressive at 75 amp hours, but the real advantage is in its reserve capacity, which lasts for approximately two hours and 30 minutes. This makes it the longest reserve capacity on this list so far.

This specific product from Bosch can handle deep cycle applications, and it is commonly seen in family minivans and in touring sedans with European designs. It is also designed to handle quick start and stop use, which may put unusually high amounts of stress in other battery types.

The Bosch S6585B can support fast recharging. Being a part of Bosch’s S6 series, the battery includes a free replacement and pro-rata warranty that lasts for four years from the date of purchase, and it is supported under the Bosch Roadside Assistance service.

5. XS Power S680

The XS Power S680, from the brand’s S Series, is a different kind of beast in that it is built for speed. This compact, lightweight battery can be commonly seen in use with street racing cars, compact cars, audio builds—or just about any vehicle type that has concerns for streamlining, compact design, and weight reduction.

It has 320 cranking amps, which is low compared to other batteries described on this list, but it still is enough power to work with a V8. The reserve capacity is also low, which is a mere 28 minutes. The XS Power S680 shines in its charged state, however, and the 1000 amps of overall throughput will be enough to put juice into any high-power audio set up you throw at it.

The main advantage of the XS Power is its weight savings, really. The power it puts out is impressive considering it only weighs about one-third of standard car batteries.

The batteries will most likely fit under your hood as it is designed with the terminal adapters optimized towards that configuration. It also has a warranty that lasts three years from the date of purchase.

6. Optima Redtop 8020-164

Here we conclude with another Optima battery, this time with the iconic Redtop battery. This one is a pretty standard battery that is commonly seen powering up cars, trucks, and SUVs.

It has a capacity of 44 amp hours, slightly lower than its Yellowtop cousin. It boasts 910 amps of cranking power alongside 720 amps of cold cranking. Its reserve capacity is also lower than most batteries in this list, which lasts approximately one hour and thirty minutes.

The Redtop is known to be capable of the fastest starting burst in its battery class. It also features Optima’s SpiralCell technology, which means that there will be minimal to zero risk of spillage when using the battery. It does not require maintenance, and it can be mounted in whatever position or angle as is needed.

This battery does not have deep cycle capabilities, but its intended use is really as a starting battery. It supports fast charging and like the Bosch S6585B, it can handle start and stop use.

The life expectancy for the Optima Redtop is impressive, which is ten years. It has a free replacement warranty that lasts for three years from the date of purchase.


When it comes to car batteries, these six products are at the type of their game. It is not hard to determine who makes the best vehicle batteries for specific uses using this list— the brand names should speak for themselves.