5 Best Car Batteries For Cold Weather

buying a battery that can be greaT for cold weatherThe automotive battery is the vehicle’s component that provides the electricity needed for the vehicle’s engine to start. It also supplies the vehicle’s electrical system the power that it needs to run each component. So it is very important that it is always in good condition to avoid having a failing battery that may render the vehicle useless.

One of the factors that contribute to a failing car battery is cold weather. Low temperatures freeze the battery and force it to work harder to get the engine starter. To keep this from happening, one of your options is to purchase a battery that performs great in cold weather. So here are the top 5 best car batteries for cold weather for 2018.

We listed the top 5 car batteries that offer better performance on cold weather available this 2018. This is to help you pick the right one that will suit your car if you are looking to buy a new automotive battery for a vehicle. This article will also provide you the vital information that you have to know about each battery model and why they should be on this list.

So to get to know what are the ones that made it through this list, just continue reading below:

The Top 5 Auto Batteries for Low-Temperatures Available Today

In the list below, you will find the five best automotive batteries that promise to deliver optimum performance even in cold weather. All the battery models on the list below are carefully picked based on the results of the professional and real-life test conducted by different organizations. By checking out the list below, you will learn what each model offers and the features that each of them provides.

So feel free to check out the entire list below:

The 34 RedTop (8002-002) by Optima – $237

Optima is a well-renowned car battery manufacturer noted for their highly rated products that offer powerful and long-lasting performance. This RedTop 34 car battery model from Optima is a great product that can deliver up to 800 CCA. It is battery engineered and designed to deliver optimum performance even in bad or drastic weather conditions.

This battery is built to fit most types of vehicles, and it is even compatible off-road vehicles and hot rods. Built with excellent superiority, state of the art engineering and designed to provide long-lasting performance, this Optima 8002-002 34 RedTop Battery is a great investment to have in your car.

Key Features:
● Built with a leak-proof technology
● Offers high power up to 800 CCA
● Provides optimum performance impressive start ability
● It has the strongest starting burst
● Mountable in any position to suit all types vehicles
● Fast recharging and features 100 minutes reserve capacity
● Comes with three-year warranty

Battery Specs:
● Model: 34
● Weight: 37.9 lb
● C20 Capacity: 50 Ah
● Post Type: SAE Post
● CCA: 800 Amp
● Width: 6.88 in
● Length: 10.06 in
● Height: 7.88 in

The 65-PC1750T Extreme Model by Odyssey – $279.74

Next to the list is the Extreme 65-PC1750T car battery manufactured by Odyssey. Noted for automobile batteries with panels or plates completely made of pure virgin lead, Odyssey’s range of batteries are perfect for vehicles packed with electronics.

This particular model offers more power, longer life, and higher reserve capacity. This is considered to be the ideal battery for diesel vehicles and large engines due to its exceptional CCA.

Key Features:
● Capable of providing a CCA up to 950 Amps
● 145 minutes reserve capacity
● Massive starting power and rapid recovery
● Offers up to 400 cycles with 80% discharge depth
● Includes THREE and FOUR years restricted warranty

Battery Specs:
● Pulse Hot Cranking Amps: 1750
● Cold Cranking Amps: 950
● 20Hr Minimum Capacity (Ah): 74
● Reserve Capacity Minutes: 145
● Dimensions (in): 11.83×7.20×7.43
● Metric Dimensions (mm): 300.5×182.9×188.7
● Weight (lbs): 58
● Weight (kg): 26.3

The Flat Plate – S6563B AGM (S6) by Bosch – $168.11

Coming from a well-respected company that caters to a huge clientele. This S6563B S6 Flat Plate AGM automotive battery from Bosch claims to outlive the typical batteries available in the market today twice their typical life.

It features a state of the art Energy Life advancement, and it built to provide optimum service for a long time. The batteries in the AGM series of Bosch are also built with an excellent vibration resistance and designed to eliminate freezing potential. Which makes this model perfect choice for “start-stop” applications.

This battery model is also the cheapest one on the list. So it this is a battery that can provide the best value for your money. It is such a great investment to be placed on your car.

Key Features:
● Capable of providing up to 770 CCA
● Twice longer battery life compared to conventional batteries
● Equipped with the Energy Life tech to last longer
● This is a maintenance-free battery
● Features a 100% spill proof design
● Comes with a four-year FREE replacement warranty

Battery Specs:
● Brand: Bosch
● Model: S6563B
● Item Weight: 21.5 Kg
● Parcel Dimensions: 30 x 29.5 x 24.6 cm
● Item model number: S6563B
● Part Number: S6563B

The PC1200MJT Battery Model by Odyssey – $231.43

Odyssey’s PC1200MJT car battery model is an extremely reliable and long lasting product that offers around three to ten years service life. Making it a great investment that you can rely on for years.

As one of the best-rated car batteries available in the market today, this model has a 540 CCA that makes it very resistant to drastic temperatures. This is also an AGM battery the eliminates the risk of spills as well as corrosion. It also has a quick recovery rate, and it is considered as one of the best long-lasting battery in the market.

Key Features:
● Impressive starting power with up to 540 CCA
● Works fine in extreme temperatures, Works at -40°F and 45°F
● Fast recharge rate (it can be fully charged in 6 hours max)
● Twice longer battery life compared to conventional batteries
● Approximately 3 to 10 years service life
● Amazing deep cycle capacity (up to 400 cycles at 80% discharge depth)
● With a limited three and four years replacement warranty

Battery Specs:
● Pulse Hot Cranking Amps: 1200
● Cold Cranking Amps: 540
● 20Hr Minimum Capacity (Ah): 42
● Reserve Capacity Minutes: 78
● Dimensions (in): 7.87 x 6.66 x 7.60
● Metric Dimensions (mm): 199.9 x 1691 x 193.04
● Weight (lbs): 38.2
● Weight (kg): 17.4

The 78AGM Professional of ACDelco – $176.29

The 78AGM car battery model of ACDelco features a 100% spill-proof design. It is specially designed to permanently hold the electrolyte in a matted glass container to eliminate the risk of having a leakage.

It is also engineered to have a longer shelf life that will outlive any conventional battery out there. This battery also features an alloy with calcium stamp and lead-calcium grid that increases conductivity. With a cold crank amp rating up to 720 amps, this is a great battery that will provide excellent performance even in cold weather.

Key Features:
● Featuring a 100% leak and spill proof design
● Longer battery life compared to other conventional batteries
● Improved battery performance and life expectancy
● Offers up to 720 CCA for better starting in low-temperatures
● Silver calcium stamped alloy to increase the life cycle
● Equipped with a lead-calcium positive grid to enhance conductivity

Battery Specs:
● Brand: ACDelco
● Item Weight: 39.3 pounds
● Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 7.3 x 7.2 inches
● California residents: Click here for Proposition 65 warning
● Item model number: 78AGM
● Part Number: 78AGM
● OEM Part Number: 88863999
● Voltage: 12 volts


Those are the top 5 best car batteries for cold weather this 2018. As you can see each of them showcases their distinct feature and all of them offer exceptional Cold Cranking Amps. This only means that they are well capable of igniting the vehicle’s spark plug even conditions with low temperatures.

Most of them are used for large engines and diesel automobiles because of the CCA that they offer. So, if you are planning to purchase a new car battery that will perform during the winter.

Take your pick from the list above, all of them are well worth the money that you will spend. You can also check them out one by one to make sure that you will get the right suitable car battery that will satisfy all your needs.