5 Best Deep Cycle Battery Chargers Review For 2020

Reliable and tursted deep cycle chargers are the way to prolong your batteries.

Deep cycle battery chargers are specifically designed for deep cycle batteries. Not all chargers are the same. There is one charger that is suitable for your batteries needs. Deep cycle batteries have heavier and thicker plates than other types of batteries.

For these battery types, it needs a special charger that can support its needs and maintenance. Only deep cycle chargers are adaptable to provide the voltage support needed by a deep cycle battery.

So, what’ is the Best Deep Cycle Battery Charger in my opinion? Based on the information I have gathered online, NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger is the Number 1 and reliable charger according to Amazon customer review.

Why I went to Amazon to review the battery charger? The reason why I chose Amazon is because it is the top choice of people when it comes to purchasing items. They deliver fast and efficient. With that, I picked the top 5 choices of the Deep Cycle Battery Chargers based on people’s choice and positive reviews they give on the product below.

The Top 5 Deep Cycle Battery Charger Reviews

I will provide you with a list of the top rated and reliable deep cycle battery charger that you can get from Amazon. This list is based on the positive reviews of the clients who have tried and tested the product.

1. NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 A UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger

NOCO Genius G3500 6V/12V 3.5 UltraSafe Smart Battery Charger is considered one of the best in the market today. It is safe and one of the most advanced chargers in the world. It can maintain all kinds and types of motor vehicles including RVs, marine vehicles, cars, trucks, and many other vehicles. It has more than twice of its charging capacity than other batteries.

This chargers can minimize electrical consumption automatically and constant safety and protection. It can repair damaged batteries and a CANBUS electrical system. It has a built-in microprocessor that guides the charging for a safe and protected charging system. You can leave the charger on for 24/7 and never get a problem from overheating and short circuit because the microprocessor will guide them.

Its sleek design provides a slim, portable, compact and lightweight. This battery charger even has a rubberized base which avoids slipping and scratches with a led indicator that provides real-time diagnostics and charging mode.

You can buy this NOCO Smart battery chargers on Amazon. People who have tried this charger are satisfied with the performance of the charger. Customers claimed that they offer the best customer service. You may also use the warranty without having any problem supposing a problem resurfaces. What they like most about the product is its waterproof features and its ability to repair itself.


● Versatile. This charger is one of the most versatile chargers that allow you to charge quickly.
● It is best to use for all weather condition and for maintaining the batteries.
● Works compatible with all types of batteries.
● Keep your batteries fully charge after every use.
● You can use the repair mode.
● It has spark-proof technology.


● The repair feature only applies to 12V batteries.


Brand: NOCO
Model: G 3500
Weight: 1 lb.
Amperage: 3.5 A
Voltage: 12V

2. OptiMate 6 Ampmatic Battery-Saving Charger-Tester-Maintainer

There is one thing that OptiMate 6 Ampamtic Batttery-Saving Charger-Tester-Maintainer has advantage over the other chargers, it is its ability to diagnose a dead battery from a fully discharged battery that needs to be restored.

The weatherproof polycarbonate enclosure has wall mounts which are proven to be 100% safe. With a built-in Ampmatic processor that can choose the most adaptable program for discharged batteries. It can also check the cells for any unusual condition and damage.

It is one of the advanced chargers who does all the thinking for you. Battery size and shapes are no longer a problem. There are no more buttons to press, everything is prepared for you. It even has a 24/7 maintenance program with a 12-hour cooldown test.

The balancing mode of the cell voltage is the one that optimizes the battery’s performance. With this charger, your battery life can be extended for up to 400%. This battery charger may be applied for small size batteries as well.

Another Amazon best charger, people keep coming back for this charger too. It’s also waterproof that comes with a standard battery set with clip and plug-in connection on the charger. Clients claimed that it is a useful charger if you want to extend the life of your battery.


● It is the world advanced and fully automatic 12V charger.
● It saves more energy with a low volt start of 0.5V only.
● It is ideal for STD, Gel and AGM batteries from 3 up to 240Ah.
● It gives off the early warning for weak batteries.
● It has 24/7 automatic storage control.
● It can optimize power life and cell.


● No 6 V settings.
● It cannot be used in Life P04 batteries.


Brand: Tecmate
Model: Tecmate Optimate 6 Charger
Weight: 1.25 lbs.
Voltage: 12 V

3. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger

Battery Tender Plus Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Battery Charger is a fully automatic battery charger. This charger is 1.25 A charger which is mainly designed for charging batteries without the damaging effects of the trickle charge. It is a fast charger too. It can cost better and quicker than any 3 Amp charger available.

A quick connect harness included in the package for the hard to reach areas. It has 16 feet power cord length, 4.5 for DC length and an accessory DC length of 4.5 feet.

You will never go wrong with its reverse polarity protection. With these features, the users are safely protected with the green and red lights continually flashing to remind you of the wrong polarity of batteries. It also comes with a battery ring, terminals, and alligator clips.

To further protect its users, the charger goes fully automatic from being fully charged to a floating charge mode. It was also able to maintain the proper temperature and condition to store the full voltage of the battery. One good thing about this charger is that it comes with a ten-year warranty from Deltran.

People liked it because of the automatic floating charge mode. With this kind of feature, battery owners are secured that their batteries would never go wrong in case they left it charging. The trickle charges will not do any harm to your cells.


● Fully automated. It can store the voltage after being fully charged. It is not affected by the trickle charge of the charger, and it does not damage the battery.
● It is fast and efficient. One of the most rapid chargers we have around. It may only be 1.25 Amp charger, but it can charge faster than any 3 Amp charger.
● It is safe. You are fully protected from the reverse polarity. You can immediately see the green and red lights flashing alternately to tell you that you are placing the battery in the wrong position.
● It includes battery terminals and alligator clips.
● It will switch from a full charge mode to floating mode.


● This charger is not suitable for NiMh and NiCd batteries.


Brand: Battery Tender
Model: Tender Plus
Weight: 2.3lbs.
Product Dimensions: 11 x 4 x 11 inches
Amperage: 1.25A
Voltage: 12V

4. NOCO Genius GENM3 12 Amp 3-Bank On-Board Battery Charger

GenM3 On-Board chargers are taken to be the most rugged and waterproof chargers we have around for 12V batteries. This type of charger can be mounted into any kinds and variety of vehicles.

With this charger, you can leave it connected to the battery as long as you want, without the worries of overcharging your batteries. The charger can charge, diagnose and recovers Gel, Wet, AGM and MF batteries. It can also maintain all battery shapes and sizes.

Gen mini is one of the smart chargers that can handle charging in a very rough condition and environment. It even has multiple innovative features with 100% waterproof designs. One of the best features of these chargers is the automatic recovery of sulfated batteries. It can protect you against the abnormal condition.

When it comes to charging, this battery charger can charge twice as much as the traditional charger that we have. It can work with any AV voltages, and it is ignition protected. GenM3 chargers come with a five year warranty period.

GenM3 is the perfect combination of high-technology and rugged formation. This charger is fully sealed, and with its waterproof housing, these GenM3 can be easily installed to any kinds of vehicle. The waterproof design of this charger is merely incredible. You can continuously submerge it in water for about 3 meters in extended period without failing.

NOCO Genius is the charger that uses one of the most advanced technology in batteries. It can monitor the battery activity while charging, so you’ll never have to worry about overcharging. One good thing about this charger is the fact that it costs twice as much as the marine battery chargers.


● It can maintain a three 12V battery at the same time.
● It has spark-proof features that will protect the users all the time.
● It also has reverse-polarity protection.
● It is one of the most advanced and hi-tech battery chargers of this time.
● It can be submerged to 3-meter deep water without interrupting the charging process.


● It cannot be used for golf cart batteries.


Brand: NOCO
Model: GenM3
Weight: 8.6lbs.
Product Dimensions: 11.3 x 6.5 x 9.8 inches

5. CTEK (56-864) MUS4.3 12 Volt Fully Automatic 8 Step Charger

CTEK originated from Sweden. This Swedish company started manufacturing battery charger and gained popularity around the globe. They are the first to launch the first car battery charger using state-of-the-art technology.

To correct the notion, car battery chargers are not just for emergency purposes. CTEK battery chargers are used for maintenance, and it can save you from other problems that can stall you somewhere.

Based on the many reviews from sites like Amazon and eBay, CTEK battery charger is getting more and more positive reviews. Given this unit, it can optimize the power of a battery with different size and shapes. We may call it as an all-weather condition battery charger. If other chargers have precautions of using their charger against extreme weather conditions, CTEK battery charger can generally operate under this situation.

It cannot be easily damaged by dust or rain because it has built-in shock protection. This charger is straightforward to use, and you don’t have to be an expert to do this. It has an 8 step process that goes with it automatically. It also has the power to know what kind of charging your battery needs. There is also a LED display that will show you the charging percentage and what is going on with your battery.

This charger will also test your battery for sulphation issues. It is a combination of both convenience and functionality which makes it one of the best chargers to use.

CTEK chargers are more specifically built for maintenance rather than emergency purposes. Charging a battery that is drained will be hard to recover, but once it does it will add life to the battery. CTEK also possess protection against reverse polarity. Therefore, you can never go wrong when installing a new battery. It will warn you right away against reverse polarity.


● It has an eight steps process.
● Improves the lifespan of your battery.
● Reverse Protection. It saves users against short circuits.
● It is water and dust resistant.
● It can charge even the hard to reach area.
● LED displays that show the status of the battery during charging.


● Long charging time.
● No built-in fans, which means this unit becomes hot.


Brand: CTEK
Model: 56-864
Weight: 3lbs.
Product Dimensions: 10.9 x 2.4 x 5.9 inches
Amperage: 4.3A
Voltage: 12V

The Best Deep Cycle Charger Buying Guide & FAQ

Battery chargers are essential for people owning vehicles and other things that use batteries. Battery chargers prolong or extend the life of your cells, sparing you from endless spending against expensive rates and prices of assaults nowadays.

Here is what you should consider first when buying a battery charger. Knowing these things will spare you from spending on the wrong charger. All products have been widely scrutinized and checked well.

What Do We Need to Consider in Buying Battery Chargers?

Before buying any charger, you should be able to consider the following factors in purchasing a charger. It will save you a lot of time, effort and money once you learn the proper ways to buy a battery charger.

1. Environment

Batteries are significant hazards for the environment. That is why we are making all efforts to recycle used batteries, to avoid dumping them on sites where they will harm the environment.

In fact, not all batteries or cell can be used outdoors. You may consider using a battery charger that can withstand weather condition like a storm or while on the water.

2. Electrical System

You may want a charger that can charge batteries simultaneously. You may also consider using a solar panel in charging your batteries; in this case, you have to know whether it will accept that kind of load.

3. Dead Battery

If having a dead battery annoys you, then you must consider buying a battery charger which you can use and check the battery level charge of your cells. Consider purchasing a more advanced battery charger to serve you that purpose. Adding a little power to your battery may be necessary at times.

4. Extends Battery Life

If you want a charger that can extend the life of your battery, you should find something that can reverse the sulfation process of the cell. Sulfation is the process that kills the battery. Some chargers can change the sulfation process in batteries.

What Is The Difference Between Deep Cycle Charger And Regular Charger?

We need to find out the difference between a deep cycle battery charger and a regular charger. Choosing the right charger for you will help extend the life of your batteries.

● Charging Speed. The deep cycle battery charger should give a slow charging system. Rapid charging may not provide the real benefits of charging the batteries. It will just create damage to the assault by the non-penetration of acid. During a slow charging process, the acid can penetrate the plates and thus prevents the damage created on the plate.
A regular charger charges at 2 Amps and 10 to 12 Amps during fast charging. A deep cycle charger does not go beyond 2 Amps during the charging process which is relatively good for the battery.
● Float Mode. Deep cycle batteries are generally designed for maintenance or float mode purposes. Most of the deep cycled batteries were left unused for several periods leaving the charge intact. The deep cycle batteries naturally lose their cost over time. Once it loses its charge, it will be challenging to rev up or to crank the battery.
Floaters are usually attached to these batteries which automatically detects the battery if the charge is going low. Once it detects the battery is slowly going down the drain, it will automatically activate the floating device which will send trickle charge to maintain the battery’s charge.

The regular battery charger doesn’t have these features and will normally overcharge the battery if left unattended.

What Vehicle Needs A Deep Cycle Battery?

Deep cycle batteries are best used for certain types of vehicles only. These are the power hunger vehicles. Deep cycle batteries provide a tremendous amount of energy to power vehicles that needed one.

Here are the vehicle types which are best run by a deep cycle battery:

● Vehicles that use energy even during at rest, RVs and Show Cars
● Small RVs and Day-use camping.

How To Know What Kind Of Deep Cycle Cell Charger We need

You need to choose the right kind of deep cycle charger to maintain your deep cycle batteries properly. I suggest that you use a Smart Charger. These Smart chargers are compatible with flooded, AGM and wet batteries.

Smart chargers are able to detect the amount of charge needed based on the voltage of the batteries. Most deep cycle chargers are equipped with a reverse pulse technology that helps reduce internal impediments while you are charging your batteries. It also lowers the temperature.

Can We Use A Regular Charger For A Deep Cycle Battery?

The basic rule of thumb is to use the right charger for your deep cycle batteries. Deep Cycle batteries are designed for a slow charging process. However, most of the regular charging that we have as fast charged. Applying the speed of charging to a deep cycle battery may damage the battery itself.

How To Charge A Deep Cycle Battery Properly

Deep cycle batteries function extraordinarily. It provides our vehicle with the needed energy so it must be taken cared of and be well-maintained.

Here is how you charge with a deep cycle battery:

● Always check the charge of your batteries.
● Protect it against sulfation.
● Stratification should be avoided.
● Try to give your battery a cooling off period.
● Practice equalization in your battery.

Read the full post.

How Many Amps Should We Charge A Deep Cycle Battery?

A regular charger charges at 2 amps. Therefore it needs at least 24 hours to complete the 48 amps needed for a fully charged battery. There’s a vast choice of chargers around ranging from 2 amps to 10 amps. If you have a higher charge output, the faster the charging process will be.

Fast charging is discouraged because it will only damage the battery plates which will cause to shorten the battery life.

Choose the best deep cycle battery charger, and you can count on the long lifespan of your batteries. It pays well to have a charger at home which you can use anytime and during emergency purposes. It is just important to choose the right battery charger that will be compatible with working with your batteries.