Top 5 Black And Decker Car Battery Chargers Review For 2020

There are many reasons, and that can lead to an empty cell. Some reasons are as a result of self-negligence, while others are related to the vehicle malfunctioning. Whatever your reason might be, having a battery charger is the only remedy. It’s at this point that the name Black and Decker chargers come in the picture.

So, what are the top Black and Decker battery chargers in the market today? Here is a list of the top Black and Decker chargers that you should consider. They include:

1. Black and Decker BC25BD
2. Black and Decker BM3B
3. Black and Decker BC2WBD
4. Black and Decker BC15BD Bench Battery Charger
5. Black and Decker BC6BDW

First of All, Why Choose Black and Decker Car battery Chargers?

A car battery charger is a considerable investment not only because of the cost, but for the benefit, it can serve you when it’s there. Therefore, when shopping for one, it’s recommended that you go for the best of all. Currently, there are many brands in the market supplying the chargers. The presence of these brands means versatility. As a result, you can easily find a charger that matches your budget.

Despite many charger suppliers coming and leaving, Black and Decker has remained the same. By saying this, it doesn’t mean that their chargers are outdated. No, they have remained present in the game. With over a hundred years in the industry, the company can deliver high-quality chargers, which are safe and efficient to use. Without saying much, here is a review of the top five of their chargers you ought to consider in 2019.

1. Black and Decker BC25BD Battery Charger

First in the list is the Black and Decker BC25BD. It’s one of the powerful chargers that you ought to consider if you are looking for some extra power. The BC25BD models deliver up to 25A of power. Regardless of the additional ability, the charger works like the other versions and, thus, easy and reliable to use.

The 25A charger is fully automatic. Therefore, you only need to connect the charging clamps to the battery terminals and press a button, while it does the magic. The charger measures the amount of charge left and then picks a charging mode from the three available options. Therefore, you won’t have to stress over choosing the right charging mode for your cell.

The charger is also equipped with an LCD screen. The screen displays everything that you need to keep track of the charging process. Additionally, this charger can give a 75 Amp engine start. Have you ever found yourself stuck with a flat battery? It’s obvious based on the fact that you’re looking for a charger. With this model, you don’t have to worry about such instances. The 75 amps can kick start your battery in less than two minutes.


• Comes with a one-year replacement warranty
• Easy to operate and hence suitable for even the new users
• Fully automatic
• Has reverse polarity protection and thus safe for use
• CEC and ETL compliant


• It’s not resistant to water
• With the extra features, you can expect a high price tag

Who should use this model?

Black and Decker BC25BD is a powerful car battery charger, and anybody can use that, the newbies included. It’s easy and safe to use. However, it’s highly recommended for drivers with big batteries, which may require some extra power.

2. Black and Decker BM3B Battery Charger

Second, in the list is the Becker and Decker BM3B model. The charger is known for its convenience and multiple uses. With this model, your only work is connecting the battery terminals and choosing between 6V and 12V. The charger does the rest of the job hence, excluding the guesswork as it stops charging when it’s time.

Did you know that you can have the battery charged without having to open the hood? It might sound like magic, but with this model, it’s possible. It comes with three connection options, which include; the DC plug, battery clips, and O-ring terminals. You can plug the DC plug into your cigarettes lighter found in the car, and boom, the battery starts charging. The charger is automatic, and that means that it’s an item that everyone can use.


• With the DC plug, you can have your battery charged without opening the hood
• Shuts off once the battery is full hence, reduces cases of overcharging
• Comes with rugged and long cables
• Well-coated against dirt and water


• Heats during the charging process
• Takes a long time to top up the battery

Who should use this model?

The versatile nature of this charger makes it suitable for every individual, especially the newbies. However, the battery compacts well with the WET, GEL, and AGM batteries.

3. Black and Decker BC2WBD Battery Charger

The BC2WBD is also another model that you ought to consider if you’re looking for a safe battery charger. This model is automatic and can give your battery more power as opposed to the BM3B model. The charger can quickly bring back to life a dead battery within a few hours. When it comes to external appearance, this model is designed for all-season use. It’s well covered to prevent water and dirt from leaking.

Besides, the fantastic battery charger is magnetic. The magnetic feature is what many people find appealing. With the magnetism, you can easily mount the charger on the wall of the garage or even the truck. Its lightweight nature also makes it an ideal option for every driver. You can easily walk around with it without having to break in a sweat.

When it comes to tracking the progress, there is an LED indicator. Often, most people confess that the model has a complex LED screen. Well, at first, you might find the signs a bit tricky to interpret. However, once you get used, you will find it easy to understand what you see.


• Comes fitted with a water-proof cover
• Designed to last long
• Comes with three charging options (DC connection, clamp, and O-ring)
• Easy to hang at any position
• Has smart sensors that tell the amount of charge you need


• May not help you when in a hurry as it’s a bit slow to charge, especially the big batteries
• The LED display might be confusing for the newbies

Who should use this model?

The Black and Decker BC2WBD is recommended for AGM, GEL, and WET type of batteries.

4. Black and Decker BC15BD Bench Battery Charger

If you’re after speed, then the BC15BD model is one of the few car battery chargers from Black and Decker that you should check out. This model can give you up to 40 amps charge. The charger comes with three modes and which match your battery’s requirements. The charger has a fast-charge option and which means that you can revive your battery within 90 seconds.

More often than not, charging a battery can be a pain in the neck. Especially when you’re dealing with manual chargers, there is fear of overcharging the cell. Overcharging a battery is risky to both the battery and you. It can lead to an explosion, not forgetting that it can leave your battery dead. For the BC15BD, you don’t have to worry about overcharging problems. The charger chooses the perfect charging mode for you.

If you thought that charging was all that the charger did, you’re wrong. The BD15BD model can as well be used to reveal problems associated with your battery. The charger comes with an alternator check feature that allows one to tell how well the alternator is maintaining the charge. Besides, there is a large LCD that you can use to reveal your battery’s status and other helpful pieces of info.


• Presence of a fast charging option which can revive your battery in less than 90 seconds
• Comes with a large and comfortable to read LCD screen
• Comes with an alternator check feature as a bonus
• Chooses the perfect mode for your charging
• The optimization feature lengthens the life of your battery


• You can’t pick the charging mode manually
• With the additional features, you can expect a high price tag

Who should use this charger?

This specific is highly recommended for individuals using AGM, WET, and GEL batteries.

5. Black and Decker BC6BDW Battery Charger

Last in the list is the BC6BDW model from Black and Decker. It’s a 6Amp model and is meant specifically for those looking for efficiency, fast charging, and better performance. The charger is well sealed, and that’s to prevent it from being affected by moisture, dust, and corrosion. The tight seal ensures that the charger continues to perform well at all costs.

The BC6BDW model is also fully automatic. Therefore, you won’t have to monitor the charging process at all costs. With the charger, you can forget everything about cases of overcharging. Additionally, it’s designed to prevent reverse polarity and short-circuiting. These two incidences are known for killing the battery sooner than the expected timeframe.

Besides, the charger comes with long cables. With the wires, you can charge the battery outside the car. The charger has two connection modes. You can choose to use the battery clamps or the DC plug.


• Fully automatic
• Fully covered to prevent dust and water from interfering with its functionality
• Comes with long connection cables
• Can be connected either through clamps or the DC plug
• Light in nature as it weighs three pounds
• Has circuits to prevent short-circuiting and reverse polarity


• Comes at a higher price

Tips on How to Pick the Right Battery Charger from Black and Decker

Now, you have an idea of the top chargers, from Black and Decker that you should consider. The reviews should help you arrive at the exact charger that you require.
However, you might still find it hard to choose one charger over the other. As stated earlier, the platform has been in the game for an extended period, delivering quality products.

Without saying much, here are top tips on how to narrow down your options and arrive at the charger of your desire.

1. Price tag. Money plays a vital role when it comes to buying chargers, especially. When shopping, you will realize that all these chargers come with a unique price tag. You must take your time to consider the prices. It’s recommended that you go for a charger that matches your budget. However, you can adjust your budget based on the extra features you find in the chargers.

2. Voltage. When buying a battery charger, you must consider the electrical strength. Most car systems run on 12V. Therefore you will get it right when you buy a 12V charger. But, if you plan on using the charger on vehicles such as Jet Ski, it’s recommended that you consider a 6V charger.

3. Safety feature. Charging is a risky undertaking, especially when it’s not done with a proper charger. When shopping for a charger, always ensure that it has safety features. Good chargers should have circuits that prevent short-circuiting, reverse polarity, and even overcharging. With these features, you can help boost the safety of both you and the battery.


Buying a battery charger is a decision you have got to make on one occasion or another. Black and Decker’s chargers are well known in the industry for their top quality and safety. Listed in this article are the top five chargers from Black and Decker that you should consider. Read through each one of the reviews to get a clear understanding of the chargers.