BMW Battery Replacement Cost & The Best Car Battery For BMW

Knowing the price range of changing a bmw battery is very helpful to determine what brand of a new battery to buy.

Brand new BMW owners don’t have any idea of the price for battery replacement. BMW’s battery replacement cost is expensive and pricey. BMW’s are considered one of the luxury vehicles. The amount of the battery itself is quite costly than ordinary car batteries.

Yes, it costs that much compared to other regular car battery. Considering that BMW is a luxury car, every part of it is expensive too, and that includes the array.

What is the BMW Battery Replacement Price Range? A BMW battery price usually ranges between $217 to $350. It is seven times higher than the cost of regular car batteries. Luxury vehicles are a top maintenance car. BMW is one of them. Since luxury car owners can spend on their car and so with its maintenance.

The high operating cost of a BMW makes maintaining it a complicated and complex one.

However, if you will be talking about expenses, BMW owners would usually ignore the price and cost of maintenance. They could afford to buy a luxury car. Therefore, it follows that they can also shoulder its high maintenance fee.

Several Reasons Why BMW Have A High Battery Replacement Cost

1. Battery Change Would Mean Reprogramming Again

BMW battery replacement means you have to reprogram the system again. Usually, when we change our car battery, all the presets are deleted. All you have to do is to set it back, like the clock and the radio settings.

In BMW, you have to reprogram everything once again. It is true for the high-end BMW series. However, for the three rounds, manual reprogramming may still work. Some battery shops will charge you for the labor cost of reprogramming.

Though BMW is not that complicated compared to ordinary vehicles, computer programming is slightly different maybe this is to justify being a luxury vehicle in the first place.

2. Service Diagnosis

I think this is the difference between BMW with other vehicles. They offer you luxury and first -class service, unlike regular cars. When you purchase a car battery for BMW, they conduct a full system diagnosis to your vehicle. They checked the alternator if it is working correctly. They also test the electrical wirings to ensure that it will not drain your battery.

They do this before installing your new battery, and they add this up to the price of the cell. So, a price marked up of $300 includes the array and all the service check and diagnosis. Does it make sense? Well, you owned a BMW car; therefore, you should be ready for a prohibitive cost.

3. Battery Registry

Latest BMW models would require owners to register their battery replacements after the installation. Battery registry is needed to match it with the ECU of the vehicle. Matching the battery with the onboard ECU of the car will ensure the longevity and the correct operation of the cell.

Advantages Of Registering Your Battery

• It lengthens your battery life
• It promotes fuel efficiency

Can you skip registering the BMW battery?

No, you cannot skip this part. Doing so would mean that you need to change your car battery more frequently. The more you will double your expense when you do this. The BMW computer box will not identify the newly installed battery, so you will end up changing your batteries now and then.

Since battery shops do the registering job, they will add another labor cost for this. In general, BMW battery replacement is costly because of the add-on labor service.

That is the difference of BMWs from other ordinary cars; installation of the battery is not as simple as you do it with an average car. Luxury cars like BMW have electrical components more complicated than ordinary vehicles. Well, that is where your money goes. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a luxury car if it’s like any other car.

BMW owners should be ready for the high-maintenance value of the car they selected. They knew right from the start that everything comes with a price in a luxury vehicle. It is not a car for the masses. Only a few rich and financially abled can afford a luxury car like BMW.

What Is The Most Recommended Battery For BMW?

Several battery brands can best be used for a BMW. However, prices of these batteries are still within the price range of $270 to $300 or even higher. Some can even reach up to $600. See and check if it is worth your money to be spending for expensive BMW car battery.

North star Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R (L4) Battery

It is one of the top choices in amazon battery for BMW. One of the best options that fit any BMW vehicles. Latest BMW models already used the AGM technologies in cells.

BMW models 2002 and below can use the North star Pure Lead Automotive Group 94R (L4) battery without having to change the code registry. The price range of this battery is between $220 to $270.

Excide Edge 94R Battery

This battery is one of the longest existing brands in the world. It is tailor-made for BMWs. Excide is one of the most reputable battery company. If you are looking for a battery for your BMW, you have Excide Edge 94R Battery for your option.

The price of this battery is lower at $200 to $270 only. You get the value of your money for a quality battery for your car.

XS Power D4900 Group 49 Battery

This brand is new in the market, but considering the specs, it can be considered for your BMW car. Though it is new in the market, the price range for this battery is quite expensive. With a price range of $400 to $500, XS Power D4900 Group 49 Battery is something to consider. However, BMW experts say this one is worth your money.

Auto Craft Gold 94R Battery

You can order this battery online. You may also have same-day pick-up on local stores. However, the best deal with Auto Craft Gold 94R Battery is that they offer it on a 25% discount when purchased online.

Auto Craft Gold 94R Battery offers the best price if you are tight on the budget. You can purchase this one between $150 to $180, with a 25% discount when you purchased online, that’s an excellent value for your money.

OEM BMW Battery

This OEM BMW battery is always the best choice for your BMW. Specifically made for your BMW cars, so you can be sure that it is tailored to fit the needs and specification of your vehicle’s requirements.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Buying OEM Batteries?

Learn about the positive and negative side of OEM batteries; here are the pros and cons of buying it.


– It is easier to choose the part you need. You know that when you walk to your dealers and ask for the region, they always have it. You have lessened the burden of requesting every shop for the price.

– Assurance of quality. OEMs give you the peace of mind that it will work for your car model. You know that they have built it specifically for your BMW car.

– All purchases are warranted. These purchases are the best part of purchasing right through your dealers; everything you buy is under warranty. Car dealers usually give a one-year warranty for every purchase.


– It is a lot expensive than other brands. OEM is manufactured initially by BMW itself, consider the price of its exclusivity. Only BMW cars can use and purchase this battery, so expect the rate to be a lot higher than the usual price.

– It has Limited Outlets. The exclusivity of the dealership makes it limited. Unlike other car battery brands that you can purchase in any battery shops, OEM brands can be bought in the dealer store. Though there are online platforms where you can buy OEM batteries, the majority of the car owners would like to buy it through the dealers personally.

– It Can’t Always be a High-Quality Battery. Though some dealers would claim that they have the best fit for your car, that is not always true. Other leading battery brands are way far better than the OEM batteries. What makes the price high is the brand name.

Given the above information, you as the car owner is the one who should make the best decision. BMW is not an ordinary car. A luxury car deserves a luxurious service, but if there are affordable ones available that works as the best batteries in town, then go for it.

So, What Are The Tips In Choosing The Best BMW Batteries?

Remember that BMW models 2002 up to the latest will require you to register your cells. This registration process is for the car to identify the newly installed battery for proper charging.

If you got the same battery specifications as the old one, you can quickly get away with the registration part. However, if the battery has the same size but with different specs, then you must perform the registration and proper coding for your car.

So, there you go, the next time you go for a battery change, you have these tips to look out for to identify how much BMWs battery replacement cost. Owning a BMW is not easy.

However, knowing the right details and specifications, you can save yourself from the lavish spending for your BMW car.