What Is A C4 Corvette Battery Size?

Different cars have different car battery demands and this is the same for the C4 Corvette battery. Some cars will work comfortably if they are connected to a juice box with a great capacity while others could work with just any.

What is a C4 Corvette Battery Size? Approximately 75 or above. The C4 Corvette will be quite comfortable with a battery size ranging from 75-630.

In terms of Cold Cranking Amps, 630 works great as it is an optimum level. A good battery is identified if it has a relatively high CCA level. The battery Amp hour rating also needs to be high as these two combined indicate just how great performing a car battery is.

What is Cold Cranking Amps?

The CCA is used to describe the amps that a battery can give when at a 0-degrees Fahrenheit temperature reading for a time interval of thirty seconds. This is done as the battery does not drop beyond the 7.2 volts’ level.

This is usually an indicator of the performance of a battery when under load while at a low temperature. Needless to say, when a battery’s CCA is higher than another, it will start quicker.

Battery Amp Hour Rating

This term is used to describe how long your motorcycle battery is able to last if subjected to a fixed discharge rate. In the case of a small one, the Amp hour rating is calculated over a ten-hour interval. Take the example of an 18 Amp-Hour rating, this means that the battery in question is able to discharge 1.8 amps for ten hours.

The two, Amp Hour rating and the Cold Cranking Amps, determine the performance of your car battery. if both of them are high, then that is good news and the battery is great for your C4 Corvette.

How to Replace the C4 Corvette Battery

Replacement of a car battery can be done easily at the comfort of one’s home. Actually, you do not need to be an expert to go through with it, you just have to know what you are doing and you will be done. For starters, you will need the appropriate tools for this task, these include:

• A socket
• Ratchet
• An Allen wrench
• And your new battery

The following steps should be followed to the latter:

1. Make sure you have to change the batter. Before you even decide to replace the battery, make sure that it is the one with the issue; you would not want to replace it if it is in good working condition. This would be a major waste of valuable time and money. Checking the battery can be through observing the voltmeter reading on your car dashboard. If it is below the advised level, then you actually have to replace the battery.

2. Take out the body panel. If the decision is to remove the battery, then you begin by opening your car hood and locating the battery. loosen the bolts and take them off making use of the tools you have with you.

3. Removing the old battery. Taking of the battery is not a difficult task, you just have to remember taking off the negative end before proceeding to the positive terminal. This will help avoid cases of shorting a battery; even if yours at the moment is dead; you need to be careful.

4. Place the new battery. The battery you have to replace your old one should be compatible to the latter, otherwise it would not be able to work well in the C4 Corvette. You will have to place the battery in an insulator and then just let it slide in. Make sure that the battery is held intact to avoid moving from side to side as you drive. Place the terminals tightly and not too tight as this may damage them.

5. Put back the panel. Put back the body panel in position once assured that you have connected the new battery well. Tighten its bolts and screws using an appropriate tool. This will help avoid accidents when you are driving at a high speed. Thereafter, you can check if the new battery works well. Run the engine and you should also check the voltmeter reading on your car’s dashboard.

Tips for a Better Time With Your C4 Corvette Battery

The car battery is one important component that is mostly taken for granted. Many experience complications as a result of poor maintenance and hence the reason for most batteries dying prematurely.

For one, you need to use an appropriate car battery. the car battery should be able to suit the needs of your car; this is as some cars demand more power than others. The size and the cranking power matter a lot in determining the capability of the battery.

It is also important that you disconnect your car battery if you are not going to use your C4 Corvette soon. (Here is Why). This should be the way you leave your battery in the garage if you are going for a trip out the country or if you want to use another means of transport.

This prevents and incident of discharge that tends to drain the battery significantly. You will also have to charge it monthly even if you are not using it.

Regular car battery inspection is another maintenance procedure that will enable you experience an enjoyable battery life for your C4 Corvette. This helps identify corrosion on the terminals or even physical damage on the surface of the battery. This is an effective way of making sure that your battery does not get damaged wherever it is.


All in all, a C4 Corvette car battery should be able to meet its demands. This is because this is a great car that needs to be at the best performance possible. This helps avoiding complications when driving yours. You should also observe the above maintenance measures to ensure that your car battery does not get damaged in its lifetime.