Can You Drive A Toyota Prius With A Dead Hybrid Battery?

When Toyota Prius was launched, many people were worried that the battery would fail and cost them a fortune. Well, with a price tag of around $4000, for the replacement, it’s ok to be cautious. But, a decade down the line, we can still see these vehicle models on the road.

After observing their growing demand, I asked myself a question. Can I drive a Prius with a dead battery? Yes, the Prius will still run, but with a lack of power. Also, the starting and stopping of the car won’t be that smooth.

How the Engine of a Toyota Prius Operates

When it comes to the history of motor vehicles, Toyota Prius is one of the few models that you can’t fail to mention. It came to the market and caused a stir owing to its engine type, which assures efficiency and excellent performance. So, how does the engine operate, you may ask?

Upon opening the hood of this model, the first thing to see will be a gas engine and an electric motor. Those are the two components that your car uses to ensure that your vehicle saves on fuel. With the engine design, it means that you can be able to drive at the speed and distance necessary while still cutting on the emissions.

The vehicle also allows you to enjoy those smooth and quiet rides, especially during low speeds. This model is usually a parallel hybrid. When you say parallel hybrid, it means that the car has an electric motor and a gasoline engine, both of which separate from one another. The vehicle can choose to run on battery, for example, instead of gasoline power, depending on the situation at hand.

Say, for instance, when you are driving out of the basement parking, the car will use the power from the battery. But, when you hit the highway, and your foot is pressed hard on the gas pedal, it switches to the gasoline engine.

However, this hybrid car can still utilize both the gasoline engine and the battery, and that’s during the light accelerations. The ability to switch between the engines is what makes the car fuel-efficient, and hence the love by many drivers out there.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace the Battery of a Toyota Prius?

When it comes to buying a car, there are many factors that one has to put into consideration. Apart from the design and price, one has to evaluate the cost of replacing the vehicle components, if they fail. Say the battery, for instance, you can never undermine the value of replacements, especially when the car in question is a hybrid model.

So, how much does it cost to get a new battery for your Toyota Prius if the old one dies? As you are aware, cells are one of the most expensive components you can ever find in a car based on the fact that it holds a superior role.

For the Toyota Prius, you can expect to part with a bit more. The cost of replacing the battery of a Toyota Prius ranges between $1000 to more than $6000. The price is dependent on your car’s year of the model, plus the cost of installation. Also, this price tag varies from one dealership to another.

It’s this price that many people are scared to face. Some even argue that it’s higher as compared to the old vehicle models. Well, it’s the truth. However, there is still some hope as carmakers are set to see the prices reduce significantly. You would ask yourself a question on why the manufacturers would do that. Well, one thing you should know is that the car manufacturers and battery manufacturers are different entities.

For car manufacturers, they intend to see their sales shoot high. But, the fear of having a dead battery has seen most potential buyers run away from these models. The only way they can help in such a scenario is by working on tricks to help reduce the price tag while boosting the battery’s lifespan.

In the recent past, the majority of the car cells were designed using the nickel-metal hydroxide (NiMH) formula. Well, technology is known to be efficient and perfect for hybrid cars. Unfortunately, it’s not usually that cheap. In the recent past, the introduction of lithium-ion batteries has come to the rescue.

With these battery models, there is still some hope. This new design in the streets is likely to take control of the hybrid world in the future. Therefore, you can expect the price of replacing the battery of your Toyota Prius to reduce when the technology makes its way into the market.

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How Long Should the Battery of a Toyota Prius Last?

Toyota Prius is an excellent model. A glance at the number of cars you see on the road should tell you that the model is reliable. However, there is a fear of having a battery problem. By now, you understand the cost of dealing with the replacements isn’t cheap.

It’s at this point that you should ask yourself the question. How long should the battery of this hybrid car last? The good thing is that the cells of a Toyota Prius are designed for long-term service.

Not long ago, the battery manufacturers announced that these batteries are warranted for 150000 miles or one decade. That’s as per California-compliance states. When it comes to the non-California compliant states, the cells are warranted 100000 miles or eight years.

From the estimations, you can expect the battery to serve you for at least 12 to 15 years. These estimations are good news for the lovers of the Toyota Prius. Today, we have Toyota Prius on the roads, which are 20 years old or more.

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Owning a Toyota Prius is usually a dream come true for many people out there owing to the many benefits that tag along as the car is fuel-efficient. However, there is a fear of the high cost of battery replacements. Luckily, having a dead battery doesn’t mean that the car idles in the garage. You can still run it on the gasoline engine.

As explained in this article, the use of a gas engine alone isn’t efficient and hence, the need for a quick replacement. Read through the entire piece to know the cost of replacing the battery, as well as, the period at which the battery should run.