What Are The Best Car Batteries For Honda Jazz?

We all know that the name Honda is prestigious and promising in the car industry. Honda Jazz is one car make and model from Honda Cars. To make it work and run efficiently, it needs a battery that will complement the added features in this model of Honda.

So I gathered the best cells that you can use to make your riding experience with your Honda Jazz a good one.

What are the best car batteries for Honda Jazz? Based on the information I gathered on different battery shops online and worldwide. I choose the best three cells that are suitable for the Honda Jazz.

These are the Ultra Plus, Bosch and Lucas Batteries. These three battery names and brand are proven by the car makers and users as well. So if you want to experience the best in your Honda Jazz, try any of these three batteries.

There are significant other choices. But, if you want the best and the trusted choice of the people who have tried the battery, these names are the ones you can choose from. I have narrowed down your options into three to make it easy and straightforward to choose from.

List of the Top 3 Batteries for Honda Jazz

1. 12V Ultra Plus 063 Car Battery

You can trust the Ultra Plus Car Battery for the quality and the value for money. It is a maintenance-free battery that comes with a four-year warranty.


● It is a 12V battery
● It has a 40AH with 380 CCA
● It comes with a 4-year warranty
● It has a nationwide delivery service


● Battery failure before the warranty ends

Product Specifications:

Brand: Ultra Plus
Model: 063
Voltage: 12V
Height: 225 mm
Weight: 8 Kg
Length: 190 mm
Width: 130 mm

2. Bosch S4030 S4 054 Car Battery

Bosch is one of the best battery brands in the market today. It is maintenance-free that comes with the PowerFrame Technology for a more efficient starting power, longer lifespan, and can withstand extreme weather conditions. It also has a high-resistance to fluctuations in temperature even during prolonged storage.

PowerFrame Technology uses a new development for its battery by using its patented stamping procedures. Compared to other cells in the market, It offers better performance and improved quality. You can be sure that your Honda Jazz will be performing its best with this kind of battery.


● It has a dimension of L187xW127xH225mm
● It has a 40Ah Amp Hours
● It has a 330 CCA or Cold Cranking Amp
● It comes with a four years warranty


● No known issues about the product

Product Specifications:

Brand: Bosch
Model: S04 054
Voltage: 12V
Height: 225 mm
Weight: 9 Kg
Length: 187 mm
Width: 127 mm


Lucas brand is also one of the leading brands of batteries in the market today. It comes with a great price. It adheres to the highest European standards. It has a vibration resistance, and it is a brand that is recognized worldwide for its quality.


● It is a 12V Sealed lead-acid battery
● It is a brand new and freshly stock battery
● It is a high-performance
● It is a rechargeable battery
● It comes with a one-year replacement warranty
● It has a 35 Ah capacity


● Battery failure before the warranty ends

Product Specifications:

Brand: Lucas
Model: LSLC55-12 Battery
Voltage: 12V
Height: 223 mm
Weight: 8 Kg
Length: 196 mm
Width: 127 mm

Honda Jazz Battery Specifications

Honda Jazz has the following specifications for its battery. For you to use your Honda Jazz in its maximum performance, you should be able to follow the battery specifications.

Capacity and Type:

– 27AH (5) / 30 AH (20) x 1
– 28AH (5) / 35AH (20) x2

How Long Does a Honda Jazz Battery Last?

The depth of discharge has something to do on how long your battery would last. Depth of release is the manner on how you allow the charge level to go before charging it.

If you can manage to keep your batteries always fully charged, it could last longer. You should never let your battery charge to go down below 60% of its cost.

If you do allow it to go down beyond 60%, it will create permanent damage to your battery, which will shorten its battery life.

The average life span of car batteries for Honda Jazz will usually last for a maximum of 5 years. If the battery is well-kept and maintained, it can even go beyond five years.

However, cells that are being subjected and exposed to different situations and conditions may shorten their lifespan. The longest it could stay alive is at two years or even less.

How Do You Jumpstart a Honda Jazz Car Battery?

Jumpstarting a Honda Jazz is both similar and different from the other cars. There can be a slight difference due to the mechanism of the Honda Jazz.

At first, you need to turn off the power to all electrical devices like radio and lights. You must shut off the engine and open the car battery bonnet.

1. You have to attach the jumper cables first to your car battery’s positive terminal.
2. Attach the second jumper cable to the positive booster terminal of the battery. You can only use a 12V booster battery. Remember that when you are boosting your 12V battery, you must select a low charging voltage. Check your charger manual to be sure.
3. Attach the second jumper cable to the negative booster battery terminal.
4. Attach the second jumper cable in the stud bolt. Do not attempt to connect this jumper cable to any part.
5. If your jumper wire is connected to another vehicle, start the other vehicle’s engine and slightly increase its revolution.
6. Try to start your car engine. If it responds slowly, check your cables if it is connected well.

What Will You Do After the Car Starts Again?

Once you have revived the engine, try to disconnect the cables in this order:

1. Detach the jumper cable from the stud bolt of your car.
2. Detach the other end of the jumper cable from the negative terminal booster.
3. Detach the cable from the positive terminal of your battery.
4. Detach the other end of the cable from the definite terminal battery booster.
5. Make sure that you bring your vehicle to your trusted dealer or mechanic.

Those asking what are the best car batteries for Honda Jazz have finally found the answer here. Weigh the pros and cons of each battery brand. Learn the best thing and know what really could be the best for your Honda Jazz.