What Are The Best Car Batteries For Peugeot?

We often associate the name Peugeot with luxury cars because of its prohibitive cost. Only the rich can afford a car like Peugeot. If it is something valuable like Peugeot, then we should expect a first-class feature and high technology car specifications.

Luxury cars like this are often loaded with a lot of accessories. The demand for power is indeed high and very strenuous to the battery.

What are the best car batteries for Peugeot? Luxury and expensive cars like Peugeot demands an array that could keep up with their demands. We expect that the battery compatible with Peugeot is as costly as the car is.

But, it is not necessarily that way. There are many batteries which are incomparable with the best and still goes within the price range of other cells.

Well, here are the top three batteries for Peugeot: Neuton PowerRevolution, Varta, and Century Hi-Performance. We will discuss the advantage of each array as well as the consequences. In the end, you will still decide which one is best for your Peugeot.

List of the Top 3 Batteries for Peugeot

1. Neuton Power Car Battery K55519

With this battery, you will forget that expensive cars need expensive batteries. Neuton PowerRevolution is a very affordable battery. The battery’s low price should never mistake you.
The quality can be compared with those expensive ones. Neuton Power manufactures it.

Neuton Power is one of the world’s biggest battery manufacturer. They sell these batteries in volumes so people can avail of a significant discount. It has a high output for its CCA or Cold Cranking Amp.

Its heavy-duty design comes with a good quality case and a solid handle. It also has an indicator for the SOC or the State of Charge, where it changes in color. The best thing is the full two-year replacement warranty.


● It is completely maintenance-free
● It has a full two-years warranty
● It has a high CCA or Cold Cranking Amp
● It comes with a heavy-duty case and a solid handle
● It has a built-in SOC indicator
● It gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee


● No known issue yet

Product Specification:

Brand: Neuton Power
Model: K55519
Voltage: 12V
Width: 173 mm
Height: 175 mm
Length: 242 mm
CCA: 480
Reserve Capacity: 90 minutes

2. Varta Car Battery D21

Varta is a battery manufactured in Germany. It is one of the batteries highly recommended for luxury and premium vehicles like Peugeot. The modern European cars and cars are also using Varta for their cells.

This battery is ideal for cars with a high demand for power and energy because of its fully loaded electrical system. It can fit in most European cars of today. It is maintenance-free with a 38 months full replacement warranty.


● It bears the original specification from most premium cars and vehicles
● It is a standard fit for most European cars
● It is ideal for vehicles with loads of electrical gadgets and diesel
● It is maintenance-free
● It is made in Germany
● It comes with a full 38 months replacement warranty


● No recorded issues or complaints

Product Specification:

Brand: Varta
Model: D21 Silver
Weight: 15.5 kgs
Length: 242 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 175 mm

3. Century Automotive Car Battery 57

This battery is just one of the high-quality cells from Century’s Series of high-performance battery. It is one of the best-known brands in Australia. The Yellow and the blue cased batteries still come from Australia. The prices of Century batteries are one that anybody can afford.

Though it works best with the finest and luxurious vehicle in the world like Peugeot, the price range remains like those ordinary batteries in the market. It comes with a two-year full replacement warranty.

It is known for its high power output or CCA. It also has a built-in indicator to show the battery’s state of charge.


● It comes with a two-year full replacement warranty
● It has a high CCA or Cold Cranking Amp
● It has a heavy-duty construction
● It comes with a good quality case and handles
● It has a built-in SOC indicator that changes in color
● It gives you a 30-day money-back guarantee


● Battery Failure in a few months

Product Specification:

Brand: Century Hi-performance Battery
Model: Hi-Performance 57
Width: 171 mm
Height: 184 mm
Length: 231 mm
Cold Cranking Amp: 470
Reserve Capacity: 95 minutes

Does My Peugeot, Which Has a Good battery Start Ontermittently?

When your battery is perfect, it will be sending power to its starter motor. If it is not starting, then the power is not enough to reach the starter solenoid. Your car solenoid needs to be replaced if the starter is already showing signs of weakness or failure. Make sure that you have check all your connections to the starter to be sure that the battery is good.

Peugeot battery problems are sometimes confusing. Some issues are not really battery related. If you want to be sure, consult a Peugeot expert to have your questions answered.

My Peugeot Has just been Replaced With a New Battery, but it Doesn’t Start and Makes a Clicking sound, Why is it Happening?

There are two possible causes for a new battery not to work. One is if the post connections of the cell are not right. You must remove the terminals. Clean the battery posts and terminals before you reconnect the battery. Make sure that the connections are well-secured.

The second cause could be the solenoid of the starter has failed, and you need to replace it at once.

What is the Connection of the Economy Mode With the Peugeot Battery?

The economy mode is the Peugeot’s safety measure in conserving electrical energy through its battery. When the car is in the economy mode, all the non-important electrical connections will be turned off. It is done so the battery can retain its charge to be able to start the engine.

Once the car has started and the alternator begins charging the battery, the economy mode is automatically shut off. If your Peugeot’s economy mode continues while the car is running, it suggests a problem or an issue.

It may have changed your mind into thinking that Peugeot has to use expensive batteries to be efficient and powerful. These top three batteries are within the average price range and are very affordable.

It is good to learn what are the best car batteries for Peugeot. At least now you can save much from getting the best cells.