What Are The Best Car Batteries For VW Golf?

The number of benefits that you get from your Volkswagen Golf is a long list of practicality, economy, comfort, and its sporty style. Alongside with this benefits is the choice of a perfect battery that will enhance the performance and lasting endurance of your VW Golf.

Shop for the best cells that will be adaptable to the practicality and comfort of your VW Golf. Find out which ones will work best for your golf vehicle.

What are the best car batteries for VW Golf? Three batteries came up to be the best batteries for VW Golf. These three names are based on the surveys made from the online shop and physical battery shops worldwide.

People have spoken, and they made their choice and voted for these car battery names: Duralast Platinum, Duralast Gold, and Valucraft. If you are looking for a specific batteries for your VW Golf, these three batteries are trusted in the market today.

VW Golf is not very exhausted in terms of usage. However, the number of times that you need to start it may shorten your battery life. You will need a battery that can withstand the amount of cranking or starting.

These brands are already tried and tested by people who use the same VW Golf. Now let us see how these batteries differ with one another. You can make your choice from there.

List of the Top 3 Batteries for VW Golf

1. Duralast Platinum Battery H7-AGM Group Size 94R 850 CCA

This battery, Duralast Premium is another AGM designed battery. An Absorbed Glass Mat technology which is designed to provide with the combination of ultimate power, flexibility, and durability.

It can deliver a maximum CCA or Cold Cranking Amp and its Reserve Capacity. It is safe and reliable to all vehicles bearing electronic gadgets and accessories. It is also leak and spill-proof to give you that maintenance-free advantage.


● It is created to give you the maximum cranking power and capability for a deep cycle
● It is a leak and spill-proof battery
● It is maintenance-free
● It is specially made for vehicles with a higher demand for power
● It can resist vibration
● It recharges twice faster than other batteries
● It can cycle more
● It has increased its lifespan twice than other conventional batteries


● No known issues as of this time

Product Specification:

Brand: Duralast Platinum
Model: H7-AGM
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 53.56lbs
Length: 315 mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 190 mm

2. Duralast Gold Battery H7-DLG

This battery is crafted to provide you with the maximum CCA or Cold Cranking Amp and Reserve Capacity that will meet the original specifications of your vehicle. It was proven even during an extreme condition.

It is specially made to provide you with the starting and cranking power that you need for your VW Golf. Combined with the robust design for dependability and longer life span. You can easily install this battery. The maximum number of plates and grids will give the most necessary power during cranking time.


● It has the maximum number of plates and grids to provide the needed power for a start-up
● It has the specially designed pasted for improved performance
● It has an impact and vibration resistance to lessen the damage
● It has vent caps for safer operation


● No recorded issues or problems

Product Specification:

Brand: Duralast Gold
Model: H7 DLG
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 38.81lbs
Length: 306mm
Width: 175 mm
Height: 190 mm

ValuCraft Battery H6-VL Group Size H6 615 CCA

You made the right choice by choosing ValuCraft battery. It is modernly designed with the right amount of Cold Cranking Amps or CCA and its Reserve Capacity to create an efficient performance for your VW Golf. It is suitable for vehicles with only a few electrical loads, usage and even mileage. It is perfect for VW Golf.


● It has the best-in-class vent caps for safer operation
● It has a patented grid technology that produces grids that are highly engineered for optimum power and performance
● It has enough CCA or Cold Cranking Amps
● It is best for vehicles with minimum electrical loads, mileage, and usage


● It has some warranty issues

Product Specification:

Brand: ValuCraft Battery
Model: H6-VL
Voltage: 12V
Weight: 35.90 lbs

What is the Average Lifespan of a VW Golf Battery?

VW Golf and other vehicle owners would expect their batteries to last a lifetime without caring and maintaining for the battery. Batteries can continue if they are cared for and maintained well.

However, if you neglect your cells, it will not even last for a year. A Volkwagen battery is estimated to last until six years.

It can change depending on the kind of climate you are in. Like, if you are in Rhode Island where the weather is freezing during the wintertime, it’s going to give your VW battery a hard time surviving.

It will lessen the expected lifespan of your VW battery. One more thing, the battery also depends on how well you drive and the way you maintain your battery.

What Can I Do to Maximize the Life of My VW Golf Battery?

Certain things can be done to maximize the life of your VW Golf battery. You should do the following:

● Always make sure that you turn off the headlights and other interior lights as you go out of your car or vehicle. Some modern cars have an automatic shut off as you turn off the ignition. But it will always be better to double-check and actually to shut off the switches.
● Always parked your VW Golf in a garage and far from the elements.
● Always make it a habit to do the maintenance check on your VW Golf.

How Often Should I Checked My VW Golf Battery?

Checking your battery should be part of your everyday routine. However, a thorough checking must be done once the battery has reached three years. I would recommend that VW expert or professional do this. After entering the third year of the cell, check-ups must be done twice a year.

Knowing what are the best car batteries for VW Golf is like knowing the best for your vehicle. Now that you have the best three choices of batteries to go well with your VW Golf, you can never go wrong.