Your Car Won’t Start Clicking Noise But Battery Is Good?

Learn why the reasons your automotive does not making click sounds even though the battery is healthy.

Have you ever noticed your car making a different sound when you try to start it? Or maybe worse, it doesn’t make a sound at all? Each car has a unique sound which the owner gets easily familiar with. When it starts, you know if it’s doing well or if it’s having a problem. When your car won’t start clicking noise but battery is good, there are many other factors that ought to be considered. At the point when your vehicle won’t begin the clicking sound, it could show issues with a few of its parts.

Here is the most basic culprit as to why your car won’t start. The motor needs a push from the flywheel. The flywheel, then again, relies upon the starter engine. The battery is the foundation that provisions control for every one of these segments. In this way, when the car clicks but it still won’t start, there could be a few other sources of the problem.

Why Car Won’t Start Even If It Makes Clicking Sound

While an awful battery is the most widely recognized issue that you would immediately check when your car won’t start, there are some other conceivable issues that you might need to investigate.

Is The Starter Solenoid The Problem Why Car Won’t Start?

On the off chance that you hear one boisterous snap or no snap as opposed to quick clicking sounds when you begin your car, you may have an issue with your starter solenoid. It is also known as the starter hand-off.

The starter solenoid is the piece of your vehicle which switches a substantial electric current to the starter engine and gets the motor underway. In the event that your battery is fine and despite everything, you’re still having issues, you’ll need to check the solenoid first.

Car Has Consumed Or Loose Cables

Now and then, the problems is as straightforward as having some consumed or free wires to deal with. On the off chance that you see that a portion of your battery terminal links is consumed or exhausted, you can test regardless of whether this is the issue by setting a screwdriver (with a protected or wooden handle) between the connector and terminal post and wind it to keep it immovably set up.

If you attempt and begin your vehicle now and it works, then you’ll know your battery is fine, yet the connections should be checked and fixed.

Causes Why Car Doesn’t Make Clicking Noise At All

The causes of your vehicle won’t start clicking noise is that, it may be a starter issue when the car clicks when trying to begin the motor yet declines to react. The motor turning up includes a progression of chain reactions. Issues with a solitary gadget or a damaged segment can cause your vehicle to not start at all.

Here are a few indications below, if your car has a weird sound or won’t begin clicking sound at all and their probable causes.

Car Has Rapid Clicking Sound

If there is a quick-fire clicking when you turn the start key, low voltage or high opposition is the issue. Even more, the main explanation usually behind this inconvenience is a bad battery.

The battery issues could emerge from two sources:

The battery is not functioning. It could occur for a failing alternator or low battery charge. Check its yield voltage using a voltmeter. It is undoubtedly the main source of inconvenience if it comes under 12 volts. A dead battery isn’t really terrible or damaged. If it isn’t transmitting power because of low electrolyte levels, reviving electrolytes will take care of the issue. You ought to go for the best auto battery service center to evade this disappointing circumstance.
A damaged alternator could be another reason why your car won’t start. The car won’t begin its clicking sound will because the alternator can’t give the essential voltage yield. Settling or replacing it is the central solution here.

On the off chance that the auto won’t begin clicking noise yet the battery is excellent, the genuine guilty party is the parasitic deplete. Flawed alternator diode or some sort of electrical issues are the primary drivers. You can take the vehicle and drive it to a carport to analyze the issue.

Car Problem Because Of Consumption Of The Terminals

When you start your car and it has a clicking sound but won’t start, it may be that the starter engine is not getting an adequate power supply yet. The most likely reason for this is the eroded battery terminals.

Inspect the battery in the engine. On the off chance that the terminals have green, blue stores or rust development, you ought to get them cleaned to reestablish the voltage supply and breathe new life into your motor.

Is The Starter The Problem Why Your Car Won’t Start?

There are different starter issues that could probably prompt high obstruction, and the vehicle won’t start. What you can do is to search for a dead starter engine. The reason why it’s dead could be because of damage or a blemished activating system.

All things considered, you need to discover the defective wire circuit and look at it with a voltmeter. Settling the engine will require some expert ability yet you can repair it by yourself as well.

You should check the engine, every one of the connections and parts as well as the whole circuit to discover the foundation of your car’s problem.

Car Only Gives A Single Click When Starting

When you hear only a single tick at the moment of turning the start key, it could be the defective high energy and flow links within the starter solenoid. A breaking down solenoid could prompt a similar side effect of clicking sound when starting the engine.

At the point, when the links build up a high obstruction when they are damaged or consumed. When you switch the start key and start to begin the motor, the high obstruction gobbles up the voltage expected to stream to the starter, bringing down its capacity supply and counteracting it to wrench up the motor.


So, what do do when your car won’t start clicking noise but battery is good? Preventing your car from having this issue is the best thing that you can do. This means regular checkup, as well as maintenance of the different car parts, is essential. Do this annually so that all the parts are examined and prevent you from having this issue.

But if this is your current problem, then see if there are any of the causes I have stated in this article that matches with your situation and perform the necessary steps to remedy the issue.