Ways To Check If A Car Battery Is Good Or Bad

Providing the method of what you should do to check the battery if it works fine.

Have you ever been in a situation where you are not sure if your car battery is still good? There are many reasons for a car battery to not work well. That’s why it is important that you know the right steps so you can be knowledgeable on how to tell if a car battery is good. Let me help you in determining if your car battery is still in good working condition.

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Why Is It Important To Check The Car Battery?

The battery is a critical piece of a vehicle. Regular battery testing can guarantee you that your car battery is prepared to begin your car at any time. The entire arrangement of your journey relies upon it and appropriate support for its maintenance.

To maintain your car battery in excellent condition, it’s necessary to know the procedures in testing it. If you have not attempted it previously, here are some ways how.

How To Check Car Battery Using Voltmeter

Right off the bat, painstakingly check your auto ignition before the process. Ensure that the start key and each one of the lights are shut down. Furthermore, you should have the battery’s terminal cover removed, alongside checking these terminals and cleaning them thoroughly.

Thirdly, the positive lead of the voltmeter ought to be linked with the battery’s positive terminal which is colored red. Then the negative lead of the voltmeter should be linked with the battery’s negative terminal, which is colored black.

Fourthly, in the wake of finishing the procedure for these parts, you can observe that the voltmeter will demonstrate a result dependent on the battery state. A reading of 12.4 to 12.7 volts will tell you that vehicle battery is in excellent condition.

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Checking Car Battery Using Ammeter

An ammeter is ordinarily used to gauge any stream. In numerous vehicles, the ammeter is known to be exceptionally valuable. It will let you know about the battery charging state. This device additionally advises you that the charge is either flowing inside or outside of the battery. With this, you will know whether or not the battery is being charged by the generator.

On account of a substantial load, it will give a definite reading on the battery’s excellent condition. In the event that the charge is lower than the usual, then at that point, you will know that you car battery is losing power. While figuring out how to test a car battery, you will be needing this apparatus since it gives results substantially quicker than what a voltmeter can provide.

Ways To Use A Battery Health Indicator

This is a device that is already available for most vehicles. If you need to know how to test a car battery, this is a standout among the most critical gadgets for cars. Old vehicles do not have this built-in but instead, it tends to be added if needed.

The Battery condition is shown through the round glass cover and dependent on that to keep up your battery. Upon starting the engine, the bolt will point close to the division between the red and green groups. At the point when the circle indicates green shading then your battery is in a healthy condition. The red circle means that your battery is running in lower charge and need to give your battery a good charge to work excellently.

When seeing the dull dark or straightforward shading, it implies that the battery is chasing out its lifespan or near to being a dead battery and you have may have to get a replacement soon.

Checking Car Battery Using a Multi-Tester

Power test testing gadgets are a quicker way to know how to indicate if your auto battery is good. This is a lesser demanding approach to check the car battery than the voltmeter. Here are some general steps on how you can use a multi-tester.

To start, you should have the battery positive port protection removed. From that point forward, the positive lead of the gadget interface joins with the positive port of your battery. Later on, join the negative portion of the mutli-tester to the negative port. The endpoint of the device is then entered to the positive port of the battery.

Lastly, if the battery is under 12.2 or higher than 12.9, so I would recommend that you pursue the previously mentioned steps using the voltmeter technique. Being in a place with a climate that is generally cool will be additionally helpful for the power test.

3 Steps To Performing Battery Testing

Step 1: Grab the Appropriate Tools. Analyzing a car battery is easier than you think. However, you will require a bit of gear called multimeter. You can locate a modest one either at your nearby automobile parts store or on the web. It will help in telling you whether your battery is lacking juice already. Despite the fact that you can purchase a simple multimeter, I suggest spending somewhat more in an advanced unit so that there’s no misconstruing the readout.

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Step 2: Locate the Battery. Locating your car’s battery ought to be quite uncomplicated yet a few automakers place them in unusual places. For example, some batteries are located in the storage compartment, beneath the floor, or underneath the back seats.

You can locate most in the engine, to one side or left of the motor. You can distinguish the battery through positive (red/in addition to sign) and negative (dark/short sign) stations that either course to a rectangular lodging box or straightforwardly to the uncovered battery. Remember that in a few vehicles, the battery is inserted below a soft cover. Do go back to your owner’s manual in the event that you can’t find your car battery.

Step 3: Checking the Battery. When you’ve found the battery, ensure that your vehicle is shut down. In case you’re utilizing an advanced multimeter, set the knob to DC voltage. Then, move your multimeter’s dark prompt going to the negative battery station and the red prompt the positive station. Hold every one immovably until the multimeter gives a specific voltage readout.

In case you see 12.45 volts or more, your battery is fit as a fiddle, and it’s an ideal opportunity to check other regular guilty parties. In case you’re beneath a 75% charge, your battery may, in any case, breathe life into the auto, however not dependable. Beneath this limit, the battery may require energizing or you may consider buying a new one.


Now that you’ve read through this post, I’m confident that you now have an idea on how to check if a car battery is good or bad. If you battle with any step or part of this procedure, travel to your neighborhood car parts store and request for some help. Most shops are cheerful to enable test, to expel, energize, and replace your car battery. Or if you want to ask me anything about the steps I have shared with you, you can shoot me an email or you can write a comment in the comments section. I’ll get back to you soon!