Does Airplane Mode Save Your Battery?

There is nothing that feels worrying than your smartphone showing low battery signs when you are in the middle of a journey, for example. You will find yourself looking for a way to conserve the left charge so that it can serve you for the rest of the trip.

So, does airplane mode save battery charge? Yes, switching your device to airplane mode helps lower battery consumption. When in this mode, it means that things such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data will be deactivated.

These are notorious for sucking battery power, and the fact that they are restricted means that your remaining charge will last a bit longer. Also, calls contribute significantly to the reduction of battery charge. The fact that they are as well limited in this mode means good to your battery charge.

What Is Airplane Mode on Smartphone?

As the name suggests, airplane mode was introduced for smartphones and laptops for use while you are flying. Instead of completely shutting down the device, you only need to switch to the mode, and you are set to go. What this feature does is that it restricts the essential functions within your gadgets such as Cellular data and wireless connections. If not switched off, such features can interfere with the plane’s radio communication.

As said earlier, the trick can help you save some battery in away. However, switching to airplane mode doesn’t mean that you can’t play that offline game you have got installed. Besides, you can still take those fantastic photos using the same device. You can, as well, listen to the playlist saved on your phone. So, it’s evident that the mode doesn’t help with protecting the battery power effectively.

So, How Can You Save Battery Power Like a Pro?

1. Reduce the Screen Brightness

Did you know that your screen’s brightness has an impact on your battery life? Most likely, you had no idea. If you are the kind of people that use gadgets while the intensity is at peak, then you ought to consider reducing.

When you realize that you are running out of battery power, the first thing to do should be lowering the screen brightness. By doing so, you may be forced to strain while going through the screen, but that can save you significant time.

2. Switch the Device to Battery Saving Mode

Today’s laptops and smartphones come fitted with a power-saving feature to help prolong battery life. Modern gadgets even switch to this mode automatically when the battery charge drops below a specific level. With the mode activated, it means that you buy more time to use the device.

In power-saving mode, you are limited to the essential functions of the device, such as making calls and texting. If your phone or laptop doesn’t offer automatic switching, then you can go ahead and do so manually. Besides, you don’t have to wait for the charge to drop to a certain level to activate the mode; you can switch it as early as you wish.

3. Could You Turn it Off?

Say, for instance, you are in the middle of a trip when your phone starts showing signs of a low battery. You don’t have access to power, and that means that you will be off in the next hour or so. If you need the phone, later on, to confirm your lodging, for example, you should turn it off.

When off, it means that all the battery suckers will not get the chance to siphon the remaining charge. Therefore, you will have something left to perform the task you intended at the end of the trip.

4. Let the Device Go to Sleep Faster

You must know that your laptop’s or smartphone’s display suck much power. Therefore, if you are looking to save some battery power while out there in the jungle, reduce the idle time. Most devices have their display time set to two minutes as a default.

You can change the time to thirty or even 15 seconds. The timeframe may sound little if you are using the device now and then as the screen tend to go off before you do with the task ahead. However, it’s worth the effort as it means increasing your battery’s run-time.

5. Disable Background Data

Applications such as Whatsapp, Messenger, Netflix, and Gmail are designed to operate even in the background. If permitted, they can continue to update you with info, some of which might not necessary.

One thing to note is that these notifications consume your device’s battery significantly. To reduce consumption, you should, therefore, start by disabling this background data. The trick can help you save a considerable amount of charge.

6. Disable GPS Services

One advantage that comes with having a smart device or a computer is the GPS feature. With a phone, you can use the GPS on the map to travel in any part of the world. GPS location services use antennas to pick up your location. The process can consume all the charge left in your battery. Therefore, you must begin by turning off this service if you wish to save the battery charge.

7. Stay Away From the Internet

In the modern world, it’s hard to stay even a single day without accessing the internet. Whether you are out there trying to stream a movie or upload that recent project to your lecturer’s mail. It doesn’t matter. These are the many ways the internet can come to your rescue. However, enabling cellular data can contribute significantly to draining your battery.

Therefore, if you wish to conserve the remaining battery charge, the best remedy is avoiding any connection to the internet at all costs. Netflix can wait until you find a place to boost your charge. You don’t have to stay off the grid all because you wanted to catch up with the latest episode on Power TV show.


Many are times you find yourself off the grid, with projects/tasks to accomplish, yet your phone or pc is showing a low battery sign. The experience can be worrying. Many are always asking if tricks such as switching the device to airplane mode can help with preserving the battery.

Well, the methods among the seven other hack explained in this piece can help prolong the life of the battery. Read through the whole article to understand the many ways you can continue operating the gadget. It would be best if you utilize the tricks simultaneously to increase the battery’s run-time.