Does Target Sell Car Batteries?

Among the parts that are most important to cars are batteries. Without one, your car can’t start to leave alone, moving an inch. It’s, therefore, every driver’s will to have their car batteries in the best state.

However, that’s not always the case since cells are prone to dying. When a car battery starts showing signs of dying, that’s when people start running every corner, looking for stores that offer quality batteries. Often, Target is one of the few stores that individuals walk in asking for batteries.

The big question is, ‘does Target sell the batteries your car needs?’ Unfortunately, for now, perhaps, Target doesn’t stock the high-performance batteries you need to run your car. In the recent past, Target has not less than 1800 stores scattered around the US. It’s ranked as the second-largest retailer in North America. The discounts that come with shopping with them are incredible.

The discounts, plus the accessibility, are two things that see most drivers hope they would find battery from their car from the store. However, that’s not the case for now. You may discover batteries stocked in their auto sections. It would be best if you didn’t allow those models to confuse you.

They are usually low-performance and are specifically designed for things such as; toys, musical equipment, home appliances, and video games. Therefore, unless you are looking for a battery to power up your kid’s mobile car, you should shop, consider another location.

Some of the Top 5 Places You Can Buy Your Car’s Battery Besides Target

1. Amazon

Unless you just landed from another planet, you have heard of the online store, Amazon. Since the year 1994, this store by Jeff Bezos has continued to make the shopping experience pleasant. Amazon is known for the supply of electronics. However, as they say, if you can’t get it on Amazon, it doesn’t exist. Therefore, you must know that you can find any battery brand at the store without hesitation.

The fantastic thing about shopping at Amazon is the presence of many suppliers. You can access different brands at competitive prices. Besides, the filter options available at the platform make it easy to get a battery that matches your car. Moreover, the safety of your money and online transactions are guaranteed. Therefore, you shouldn’t get scared to attach your VISA while placing your orders.

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2. Walmart

Second, in this list of top places to shop for your car’s battery is Walmart. The high chances are that you live around one of their physical stores. Therefore, when it comes to accessibility, there won’t be any problem at all. Walmart is an ideal location if you are looking to pinch your new battery locally.

The store has an online platform as well, where you can place your orders. However, most people prefer their in-store pick-up when it comes to auto parts such as batteries. They have customer service agents who can help you with the shipping experience regardless of your experience with cars. They stock different powerful brands, which you might find interesting. Also, you can have the battery professionally installed in some of their selected locations.

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3. Advance Auto Parts

Now and then, new auto suppliers hit the market intending to set a difference. Some last, while others crash even before enjoying the sweet fruits that the industry has to offer. Advance Auto Parts is one of the few auto stores that has been there for the longest time and never stops to amaze.

Currently, the store is known for owning the largest physical auto store around the US. Therefore, you can try and imagine what it means to shop with such a fantastic store. You should expect nothing but the best services, and at an affordable price. Many people term it as the ‘hardware store’ for the car owners. Therefore, you can expect to find your battery of desire over there.

Also, if you are looking for an urgent battery replacement than the online ordering allows, there is a better chance that this store is the one to try. It stocks an extensive of AutoCracft batteries, which come in different sizes. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality cell that will serve you best, don’t hesitate to pay the store a visit.

However, the store deals more with the supply. Thus, if you don’t know how to install the battery of your car, you should be prepared to consider a different location for a professional installation.

4. Pep Boys

If you are looking for the real boys to run your car, then it’s time you visited Pep Boy. As many people would say, this is the place to go when you have no experience with the world of automotive. The store tries to balance its online presence, as well as the physical locations. But, they excel in the physical store based on their in-store assistance.

It’s one of the few locations that don’t require you to research the batteries before visiting them. They also specialize in a vast line of battery brands. That means that you can easily find that one battery that you desire. They as well install the cells for their clients at an additional cost.

5. NAPA Auto Parts

NAPA Auto Parts is also another store that you ought to consider for your battery buying experience. The store is known for having a well-balanced offline and online shopping experience. Although it doesn’t have as many physical locations as its competitors, the few that are there offer the best services and auto parts.

The store stocks notable brands and which come with the most extended warranties. Therefore, if you are looking for an exciting deal when buying your battery, you ought to give NAPA Auto Parts a trial.


When the time to replace the battery of the car nears, many people always think of Target because they assume that the store has the battery they desire. However, they are met by surprises when they learn that this fantastic store doesn’t stock the high-end batteries that car needs. Luckily, there are many other amazing places you can find quality batteries at an affordable price. Listed in this article are five top locations you ought to consider. Read through the entire article to understand how each store is unique and why it’s worth your attention.