Find Your Ford Focus Battery Light Issue

Gone are the old days when Ford Focus drivers had to wait for the headlights to turn shaky to confirm that the battery is about to die. In the recent past, cars come fitted with dashboard lights to warn you whenever your battery has an issue.

What does it mean when you have a Ford Focus battery light issue? The battery light issue emerges whenever Ford’s system detects a charging problem. It allows you time to fix the issue before the electrical components drain all the juice from the battery. As a result, you won’t be stranded because of a flat battery.

What Should You Do When Your Ford Focus Develops a Battery Light Issues?

The battery has one huge task within your Ford Focus, supplying the power. It charges the headlights, ignition system, radio, and any other electrical system attached. Whenever the battery light on your dash appears while you are driving on a highway, it means that there is a problem with the charging system. The light can put one on panic mode, not sure of what to do.

Whenever you experience a battery light issue, the first thing you should do is to avoid panicking. When anxious, your mind is usually clogged, making it challenging to come up with open decisions. Say, for instance, you are on a busy highway, and it’s in the middle of the night. Stopping on such roads, especially at night, can put you vulnerable to not only accidents but also attacks.

Once calm, you should start by turning off anything that sucks power from your battery. Talk of the radio system, AC, and any other electrical component that may be attached. By doing so, you will be buying your extra battery time to serve you until you find a place to stop and inspect the problem.

You can decide to take your car to the nearest garage and have the experts over there deal with the problem professionally. In any case, you should avoid shutting off the engine when the battery light appears. By doing so, you may end up in a fix, and unable to get the car back on the road.

Is it Ok to Drive Your Car With the Battery Warning Light Showing?

As said earlier, the battery’s warning sign appears when Ford’s charging system has an issue. Therefore, with the light on, it means that you are likely to become a victim of a flat battery, sooner than expected. Unless you don’t mind about the health of your battery, it’s not advisable to drive the car along with the battery light illuminating.

With the warning light on, the vehicle may stall you at the next stop. Besides, the unexpected drains of the battery risk damaging your battery. Therefore, if you mind about your battery’s lifespan, you should avoid driving your car with a battery light issue.

For How Long Should You Drive Your Ford Focus With a Battery Light Problem?

It’s not about how long you should drive the car; it’s about how much you value your battery. If you care much about the battery, you should put the vehicle to a stop once the battery warning light emerges. With the light on, it means that you will have at least 10-20 minutes before the car starts stalling.

You can buy some extra time by turning off everything that sucks power off the battery. If it’s at night, the only thing left should be your headlights. With the trick, you can buy enough power to drive you to the next auto shop or garage.

What Causes the Battery Light Issue in Your Ford Focus?

Noting the battery light issue on your dashboard is one thing, and diagnosing it is another. Below is a list of top reasons why you may experience the problem with the battery while driving. Sometimes, the issue may arise because of several reasons. It would be best if you understood all of the problems to have a rough idea of what to look for in your Ford Focus.

1. Terminal Corrosion

After how long do you inspect and clean your battery? Sadly, for most people, they only remember about their car battery when a problem such as the warning light appears. It’s recommended that you clean the battery now and then, to take care of the corrosion buildup.

Corrosion is the whitish or bluish substance that often forms around the battery cables. What the corrosion does is that it interferes with the continuous flow of electricity. It can interfere with the alternator’s functionality. As a result, you may start experiencing a battery warning light when the corrosion buildup exceeds. If the corrosion causes your problem, you can clean it professionally using baking soda and water.

2. Loose Battery Cables

Where often do you drive your car? Are you an off-road kind of a guy? Are your roads often bumpy? If that’s your day-in situation, then you could be experiencing the battery warning sign because of a loose battery cable. Therefore, if you notice the sign, you should go ahead and inspect the battery for any loose terminal cables.

If you have any loose wires, use a wrench to tighten the nuts. It would help if you made it a habit to tighten these nuts now and then to prevent the light from appearing again in the future.

3. Bad Alternator

Your Ford Focus is designed to have the alternator charge your battery when the car is on the road. That’s why you don’t need to charge the battery now and then. As long as the alternator is working, the battery will always stay full. Whenever you have a faulty alternator, the battery’s warning sign may appear since the battery won’t be getting enough charge.

You can tell if the alternator is at stake through its age. An alternator is supposed to last for about five to seven years. Therefore, if yours has surpassed that age, it could be the reason you have the warning light in your Ford.

4. Old Battery

With old age, cells start developing charging problem. Therefore, whenever the battery light issue starts to bother, you should consider the age of the battery in your Ford. If you notice that the age is past its lifespan, then your only solution is to have the battery replaced.

5. Broken Alternator Belt

The crankshaft is usually connected to the alternator using the alternator belt. Many are times, this belt develops an issue and hence making it difficult for the alternator to function.

If that’s the case, it means that the alternator won’t be in a position to drive charge into your belt. As a result, the Ford’s battery warning light will start showing. The only solution to this problem is replacing the belt with a new one.