What Is A Group 27 Deep Cycle Battery?

When talking about growth, the battery sector is one of the few in the industry that has significantly advanced. Talk of the gel batteries, AGM batteries, and the flooded batteries, today; there are many options to invest.

The manufacturers have probably increased because of the increase in demand for power to power the growing number of cars, and boats, for instance. Despite the many brands in the market, one thing remains still, the group size. You have probably seen batteries written group 24, 27, or group 31 in their descriptions.

What does it mean when I find a written group 27 deep cycle battery? Group 27 are batteries categorized in group 27 as per the Battery Council International (BCI). The body is tasked with grouping batteries according to their specs (size, and weight) and not the manufacturer.

Therefore, when we talk about group 27 deep cycle batteries, we are talking about cells in group 27 according to the BCI chart, which can sustain the regular discharge situations without failing.

Is it necessary to Know the Groups?

As stated earlier, the batteries in the group don’t belong to a specific manufacturer. The Battery Council International (BCI) uses these numbers, for instance, group 27, to indicate the size of the battery that you may require if your old one fails.

The BCI chart help reduce the confusion that may arise when shopping for a new battery. We both know that recently, there are many brands in the market, and this can be confusing for the latest drivers, especially.

Characteristics of Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries

Although the batteries in this group may vary a little bit regarding the weight, size, and capacity, they still have a lot in common. For instance, they are known to be large and powerful batteries as compared to the group 24 batteries.

Their reserve capacity ranges between 140 and 220. Their cold-cranking amps range between 600 and 1000 and have a 20-hour capacity when discharged in 66 to 110 current ranges.

When it comes to their weight, a lot of things are factored, for instance, the design. They are about 54-70 pounds. Group 27 batteries fall under three major categories, which include; group 27, group 27F, and group 27H. However, most manufacturers label all of them as group 27 as the only difference is their dimensions.

On one end, the group 27F measures 318 x 173 x 227 mm. On the other end, the group 27H batteries measure 298 x 173 x 235 mm. The third category that is group 27, measures 306 x 173 x 225 mm. As you can observe, the length, especially, varies, and that’s why you need to know the exact size that fits in your car or boat.

Today, you will find most battery brands in the market labeled 27 on their sides. The popularity is because these batteries are used in many applications, from cars, RVs, and even marine purposes.

Top 5 Brands in Group 27 that You Can Consider

1. GreenLiFE Battery GL80-80AH

Often, the 12V lithium-ion battery is used as an ideal replacement for the lead-acid batteries. The reason behind this idea is because it’s efficient and cost-friendly.

As compared to AGM batteries in the same class, this lithium-ion battery is about three times more regarding the price. When to the charge/discharge cycles, the battery can sustain up to 5000 cycles, which is more as compared to AGM SLA batteries.

This cell comes with an in-built protection system (BTS). The system includes features such as; auto over-voltage protection, auto short-circuits protection, and reverse polarity protection. Also, the battery has an automatic fault recovery and internal cell balancing.

All these features in one package promote the battery’s life. Despite the design, the battery is among the lightest battery you can ever find falling under group 27 in the BCI chart.

2. VMAX MR127

Having a sizeable trolling motor? If the answer is yes, then you ought to have considered this kind of battery. This AGM deep cycle battery is widespread in marine applications owing to its design and power. It’s heavy-duty as it has a reserve capacity of 200 minutes providing between 50 and 100-pound thrust.

With a rating of 100AH, the battery is shock-resistant and has low self-discharge as opposed to the other cells in this group. With all these features, you can expect the price to be much higher. The battery features lead-tin alloy grids, which boosts the lifespan of the cell and deep-cycle state.

It measures 12.1 x 6.7 x 8.2 inches and can fit in any compartment designed for group 27 batteries. When it comes to weight, the VMAX MR127 is a bit heavy. It weighs 68 pounds. But, that shouldn’t scare you at all as the battery comes equipped with carrying handles that make it easy to carry around.

3. Fullriver DC105-12

As a deep cycle battery, the Fullriver DC 105-12 is designed to survive the regular deep discharge moments. When compared to the typical cranking batteries, this specific model is much different. For instance, the model uses more lead and more massive plates, which allows them to deliver power capacity, as well as a long lifespan.

Their unique design makes the battery suitable for wind power, boats, and recreational vehicles. The battery is maintenance-free, and that means you won’t check the electrolyte levels regularly. It’s sealed and spill-proof and thus safe in case of an accident.

4. Northstar NSB-AGM-27

If you’re looking for an ultra-high performance battery, then you ought to consider this model. The pure lead AGM battery is designed to meet one’s need for electric power in addition to many years of service. It perfectly suits high-end cars, off-road vehicles, and SUVs.

The battery comes with an upgraded plastic casing for durability and heat resistance. When it comes to recharging, this model charges quicker as compared to the typical cells. It offers a fast start and thus suitable for many situations.

5. Optima D27M

Last in the list is this high-power AGM battery. The battery is known for offering more recharge and longer deep-cycle run time as opposed to the typical cells. It’s vibration-resistant, thanks to the SPIRALCELL tech implied in the design.

Also, the design makes it easy for the battery to be mounted at any position. It’s sealed and maintenance-free hence ideal battery for your boat out there.

What Are The Pros and Cons of Using Group 27 Deep Cycle Batteries?


• Work well for deep cycling purposes
• They are maintenance-free
• Can be used for various purposes
• Most cells in the group have a fantastic construction
• They are designed to last longer
• They are powerful as compared to the group 24 batteries

Cons :

• They are heavy