Honda Battery Warranty {Everything You Should Know About!}

Honda is one of the most popular brands in the automotive industry today. Apart from their comprehensive selection of vehicles, the company also produces top of the line automotive batteries as well as auto parts.

One of the best things about Honda is they always stand up to their reputation by backing up their products with excellent warranty policies. That is why a lot of experts recommend their replacement batteries.

What should you need to know about Honda battery warranty? All genuine replacement parts from Honda are covered by different warranties varying in coverage and time. For replacement batteries manufactured by Honda, they are covered by a prorated 100-month warranty.

This prorated policy has varying terms for the first three years of the battery and after the first three years of the battery onward. It means that if you buy a Honda replacement battery, it will be covered by the warranty policy for 100 months. The first of 36 months of the 100 months will have a term that will be different for the next remaining 64 months.

To make it simpler, when you buy a replacement battery from Honda, it will be covered by a full replacement warranty for the first 36 months. After that first three years, the warranty coverage will change that will be effective for the remaining four years and four months.

If you find Honda’s warranty policy on their replacement batteries, you’ve come to the right place. Here I am going to try to explain everything that you have to know about the battery warranty for Honda.

I will also try to provide additional information or details that are related to their automotive batteries. I will also impart some of the basic car battery knowledge that every driver should have and try to give a comprehensive guide that will be helpful to you in a lot of ways. So make sure to read through the end to pick up some helpful bits of information.

How the Prorated 100-Month Battery Warranty Policy Works

To be able to understand how the 100-month prorated warranty of Honda replacement automotive batteries work. We have to carefully take a closer look at it and dig a little deeper by reading it several times. The battery warranty says that the policy covers all of their replacement batteries for 100 months.

However, this coverage for a hundred months is divided into two proration schedules; one is for the first 36 months, and the other half is the remaining 64 months. This is further explained and broken down as:

Policy Coverage for the First 36 of 100 Months (3 Years)

Honda’s warranty policy states that for the first three years (36 months) of the battery’s service, the coverage will be a free replacement unit.

As long as the battery is within its first 36 service month period, Honda will replace a defective unit with a brand new genuine battery with no charge. The installation of the new replacement unit is also free of charge.

Policy Coverage for the Remaining 64 Months

The second part of Honda’s prorated battery warranty states that once the unit has passed its first 36 months of service. The owner of the battery will receive a prorated credit that will be based on the service months of the bought unit. This prorated merit will be applied as a discount on purchasing a new genuine Honda replacement car battery.

The policy also states that the service fee for installing the newly bought Honda battery will be charged to the owner.

To give you a concrete idea of the prorated credit, you can refer below:

BatteryService Months Prorated Credit
0 – 36 FREE
37 – 45 60%
46 – 55 50%
56 – 65 40%
66 – 75 30%
76 – 85 20%
86 – 95 10%
96 – 100 0%

That is how Honda’s 100-month battery warranty policy works. The agreement also states that the company does not support or offer money-back guarantees or cash reimbursements.

With this kind of coverage, customers will be assured of the quality of the batteries. If you take a closer look at it, Honda made sure that this agreement is designed to protect both sides’ interests.

The Average Service Life of a Honda Automotive Battery

One of the best things about Honda automotive batteries is that they are designed to be extremely durable. These batteries are masterfully crafted with cutting-edge technologies to ensure excellent reliability, quality, and longevity.

The batteries produced by Honda are expected to last from two to five years, increasing your chance of being covered by the policy when it is time to get a new replacement.

However, you have to keep in mind that several factors can shorten your battery’s service life. You must keep in mind that the only way to make the mentioned scenario above possible is by taking care of your battery.

The Common Factors that Shorten a Battery’s Service Life

Taking care of your automotive battery is a great way to keep it in top shape. By giving it the proper upkeep it needs, along with the application of the good practices, there is a great chance that it will reach its maximum service life.

To make this happen, it is imperative that you know and understand the factors that can lead a battery to an early demise. By learning more about these said factors, you will have the proper knowledge of what is good and bad for the battery.

Understanding these factors will also help you realize the good practices that will make sure your battery will reach its peak. It will also allow you to make the necessary adjustments in your driving, battery upkeep, and routines to avoid the early death of your automotive battery.

Learn more about these factors on our list below:

Extreme Heat – High temperature is one of the most common factors that significantly degrades battery life. Heat is one of the components that increase corrosion, and we all know that corrosion is one of the battery’s kryptonite that can drag it to its death.

For lead-acid batteries, extreme heat causes the electrolytes of the battery to evaporate, which is very dangerous for car batteries. Charging a battery with low battery fluid damages its plates that eventually lead to slow degradation of battery health.

Short Rides – Taking your car into short rides and constantly killing its engine at every stop can greatly damage the battery. When starting your car’s engine, it forces the battery to deliver a lot of power, and killing the engine after a quick short ride prevents the alternator from fully recharging the battery.

By subjecting your car on short rides like this consistently, it will be killing the battery a lot quicker.

Excessive Drain – Another factor that leads to the early demise of a car battery is excessive draining. This happens when you accidentally left an electrical component of the car running on the battery. If you frequently leave your headlights or radio on while the engine is not running, this will lead to an overnight drain.

Those are the most common factors that can affect a car battery life. Avoiding this factor is imperative if you want your battery to reach its full life expectancy. By subjecting your battery to these things, it is like punishing your battery that will slowly lead it to its death.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned and understood how Honda’s battery warranty works, it will probably convince you to take good care of your car battery. Since getting a new replacement Honda battery while still being covered with the warranty can be very beneficial.

If you want to make this possible, the best thing that you can do is to take care of your battery. I already gave you the common factors that affect battery life; all you have to do is to avoid them.