How Long Will A CPAP Machine Run On A Car Battery?

Today, we have CPAP masks designed for those who suffer from sleep apnea. The face masks need a power supply to continue supplying the nasal passage with air. So, what happens when the machine runs out of the battery? Probably, you will need to seek an alternative.

Can you run the CPAP machine using a car battery, and how long will the machine run on the battery? The answer is yes. You can use your car battery while out of power. The device should run for at least eight hours before draining a fully-charged battery.

With that said and done, it means that you no longer have to worry about your good night’s sleep while out there hiking. As long as you have got your car with you, and the battery is in good condition, you are set to go.

What Happens When You Use an Inverter?

As said earlier, the battery in your car can power this sleep therapy for around eight hours. That’s when it’s connected directly. But, the main question remains, what if an inverter is introduced? Will there be a difference in the run-time? Yes, there will be a reduction in the run time.

Before you determine the run-time, you must consider the amount of power that your CPAP machine requires. Most of the CPAP in the market today, are between two and five amps. That means that the higher the amperage, the quicker the drain.

Say, for instance, you decide to connect your 2.5-amp CPAP machine using an inverter.

How Long Should it Take to Empty Your Battery?

It should take at least six hours, and that’s about two hours less as compared to using connecting the same gadget directly. A 5-amp CPAP device should take around 2.63 hours to empty the battery (with an inverter).

Can You Use a Heated Humidifier When the CPAP Is Connected to a Battery?

When it comes to the use of a CPAP machine, it would be best if you didn’t use a heated humidifier when connecting with a battery and inverter. If you use the old devices, especially, you may not enjoy the power supply for long as such are known to drain in a lot of power.

Besides, other machines can’t regulate the hotness whenever you use an inverter. The fantastic thing is that there re recently released versions, and that be used with an inverter. You can talk to your supplier if you feel the need to use one. Also, there are other options you can try, such as the unheated humidifier.

How Else Can You Run the Gadget

Most individuals undergoing sleep apnea therapy are used to running the device using the installed battery pack. However, a dilemma arises when they plan for a vacation or camping. They are never sure of what to use in case the item runs out of charge.

As said earlier, your car battery is one of the few alternatives you can utilize when you experience a power deficiency. What if you didn’t bring your car along? Or, say, your car’s battery has a problem and hence can help. What will you do? You can go ahead and consider things such as a generator on the camping ground, for instance. With an inverter, the battery should power the device without any complications.

Also, you can connect the machine to the wall sockets usually found on camping grounds with a connection to electricity. The modern CPAP machines come fitted with a feature that allows a direct link to the AC supply. Therefore, the power shouldn’t be a problem if you secure a camping ground with a connection to the power supply.

How Can You Prolong the Battery’s Run Time When Connected to a CPAP Machine?

In the recent past, the establishment of CPAP therapy for people with sleep apnea has become the trend. It has helped many enjoy the good night’s sleep like in the past.

Therefore, there is always the worry when it’s travel time. Now that you can use your car’s battery to run the device, how can you boost the run time? It’s everyone’s wish to have the battery serve them as long as they need power.

First, if you are looking to prolong the battery’s run-time, you can consider connecting the device directly to your machine. Introducing an inverter tends to reduce the run-time significantly. Therefore, if your tool allows a direct connection, you shouldn’t hesitate to carry out the link.

Another thing to note is that the pressure settings have an impact on the device’s consumption. If you are using higher pressure settings and altitude, it means that run time will reduce. You can as well ignore the humidification when using a CPAP machine. As said earlier, humidification contributes much to the sucking of charge on your battery.

It would be best if you also considered switching the machine to a smaller version. Say, for instance, you can choose to go for a 2.5-amps one if you are using a 5-amp one. With lower amperage, it means that the need for power will also reduce.

From a professional’s perspective, you can interchange the CPAP machine for an APAP. Using an APAP machine for such situations where the power supply is minimal helps boost your battery’s run life. These machines are specially designed to deliver the pressure you need all the time.


Sleep apnea is a sleep condition, and that affects quite several people. In the recent past, the use of CPAP masks has become the trend, assisting people in sleeping well. The use of these gadgets is never complicated while at home. The real problem emerges when you are out there on the road, and it happens to run out of charge.

Does it mean that you stop the therapy? No, you can run the device using your car’s battery. A fully-charged battery should run the CPAP machine for about three to eight hours, depending on many factors. By reading through this entire article, you will learn a lot of things concerning this sleep therapy and its operations using a car battery.