How Much Are Jumper Cables At AutoZone?

Waking up to a dead battery is a common scenario for many drivers. From an expert’s perspective, the situation is usually a sign that something needs to be done about your battery. Probably, it indicates that your current battery needs to be replaced. Whenever you find yourself in such a mess, the only way to get back on the road is jump-starting the car with jumping cables.

Jumpstarters are lifesavers. So, how much are jumper cables at AutoZone? The prices of jumper cables range between $14 and $330. The price is dependent on the brand and properties of the wire in question. Every manufacturer comes out with a unique cable intending to meet a driver’s needs. Remember, you may require a bigger jumper to start a truck as compared to the one you use in a small car.

Also, when it comes to the prices of jumper cables, the length and materials used to make the clamp and the conductor does matter. Regarding the size, the price goes up as the length of the cable increases. It’s advisable to choose a jumper with long cables for easy use in case you find yourself with a dead battery.

Which Is the Best Jumper Cable?

The truth is that there is no straight answer to this inquiry. A jumper cable may be suitable for your situation and not work for another driver. It’s for this reason that you’re always advised to research the various jumpers in the market to find one that suits your needs.

5 Best Jumper Cables You Can Find at AutoZone?

1. Energizer 2-Gauge

The Energizer 2-gauge battery jumper cable is one of the few inexpensive gadgets you can invest in for your car. The jumper usually features typical clamps on both ends and copper tips for better connectivity. Its wires are not pure copper but have a touch of aluminum. The energizer 2-gauge is an ideal solution because copper is a good conductor, while aluminum is light and cheap.

The cables are 20 foot long and hence, good enough for most drivers in many cases. However, you don’t necessarily need to order the 20-foot cord. When buying, you have the chance to pick a different length based on where you intend to use the jumper. Its design and material make it easy to perform even under -40°C.

2. Duralast 4-Gauge

Here is another booster cable that you can invest in for your lovely car. You don’t need to get stranded in the middle of nowhere just because your car battery bailed on you. This set is reliable as it usually comes with heavy-duty clamps. If you’re scared about reverse polarity and stuff, this is one of the few booster cables that you should find. The cables usually have an alarm signal and red-light indicator to alert you in case of a reverse hookup.

The jumper cable usually comes with a coated clamp for natural conductivity. Besides, this coating helps prevent corrosion and hence, prolonging the life of your jumper cable. The wires are made of both aluminum and copper. As a result, the booster cable is light in weight. It weighs around 4.10lbs. and is 14 ft. long. The fact that these cables are heavy-duty means that they can work well even at -40 °F.

3. OxGord 4-Gauge Jumper Cable

The OxGord 4-gauge is one of the few cheapest jumper cables that you can ever find in the market today. The cables usually come in different sizes, and you can get the chance to choose from 12 ft. to 25 ft. Does the size you select interfere with the cable’s properties? Well, despite the size, all the cables are the same. They come with the same alligator clamps, which are usually copper-coated.

Whenever you buy these 4-gauge jumper cables, you’re provided with a storage bag. Therefore, carrying the cable around may not be an issue. Besides, the carrying bag helps prevent one from misplacing the wires. Also, the bag helps keep the cables organized, thus, preventing the damages that may arise from placing the item anywhere.

The jumper’s wires are copper-coated and aluminum for better conductivity. Besides, the design makes the cables light in nature. The cable manufacturer has a reputation for delivering quality items. Therefore, if you’re looking to invest in a jumper cable that you can rely upon, try this one. However, this item isn’t designed for heavy-duty purposes. Therefore, if you’re looking for something for that purpose, you should consider a different alternative.

4. Lynx 20 ft. 2-Gauge

The lynx 2-gauge is one of the few booster cables you can have if you want one for heavy-duty purposes. The cables usually come with a heavy-duty plated steel and e-z reach clamp. This jumper often comes with easy-to-attach clamps, thus suitable for the remote battery access terminal.

The jumper is 100% pure copper and weighs 19.5 lbs. Its clamps are usually colored for the sake of polarity identifications. The tool is resistant to corrosion, and that means a prolonged life. Therefore, if you’re looking for something to invest in for your battery, this is it. However, you must know that with all these features comes a high price tag.

5. Forney 52878 Jumper Cables

By now, you’re aware that the price of a jumper increases as the properties increase. The Forney 52878 jumper cable is one of the few jumpers that can prove that. The item is made heavy-duty and is made from quality materials. It’s made of grade premium copper-welding wires and heavy-duty 500 amps on both ends of the cable.

With these jumpers, you’re guaranteed a long life service as they can hardly break or melt because of high voltages. You can ask for a shorter version of the jumper cable, which is a bit cheaper. However, if you’re looking for a perfect option, it’s advisable for the 25-ft. option.