How Much Are Lawn Mower Batteries At Advance Auto Parts?

Does your lawnmower need a battery? If you’re planning on purchasing a battery, you’ll want to consider buying what you need from Advance Auto Parts.

Advance Auto Parts offers an impressive selection of lawn mower batteries to choose from and will cost you in the range of $49.99 to $116.99.

Through their full-featured product refine option, you should be able to find a battery with most and best ratings at the right price to meet all of your needs.

Choosing A Lawnmower Battery at Advance Auto Parts

Any key-operated lawnmower battery requires some sort of battery to run. These batteries are similar to car batteries in many ways. The majority of batteries you’ll see will be lead-acid batteries. There are several different things you’ll want to take into consideration when you’re selecting a battery.

Lawnmower batteries have cold-cranking amps or CCA ratings. This rating shows the amperage that you’ll get from your battery at zero-degree weather. If you live in an area with cold winter weather, you’ll want to pay close attention to the CCA rating of a battery before you buy it.

It’s also important to look at the size of the battery. You’ll want to determine what size of battery your lawnmower you need. If you visit Advance Auto in person, and you bring your old battery with you, they’ll be able to recycle your old battery and find options that are the right size for you.

It’s also smart to look at both the expected service life of the battery and the warranty. One of the biggest advantages of buying a battery from Advance Auto Parts is that your battery will always come with a warranty. If you have any issues with your battery, the warranty will provide you with protection.

4 Best Lawn Mower Batteries from Advance Auto Parts

The cost of a lawnmower battery at Advance Auto Parts will vary based on the type of battery you choose. There are numerous options available, which means you should be able to find an excellent battery that’s within your price range. These are the top rated lawn mower batteries you’ll want to consider.

1. AutoCraft Lawn & Garden Battery

If you’re looking for an affordably priced battery that you can still rely on, you really can’t go wrong with this low maintenance battery. This is a smaller battery in the U1 size group. It has a reserve capacity of about 20 minutes, and it will reliably start in virtually all weather conditions.

The battery is priced at just $32.99, and that price includes a comprehensive warranty. The price, however, does not include the core charge, which will cost you $10 more. If you choose to pay for the core charge, you’ll still be able to buy this battery for just $42.99.

2. AutoCraft Lawn & Garden Pro Battery

Do you own a ride-on lawnmower? If so, this high-performance, high power battery is an ideal solution to your smooth lawnmower driving experience. It’s a robust and reliable battery, designed and built to give you peace of mind all season long.

Most people find it difficult to start their mower in cold weather, mainly due to the weak battery, but with AutoCraft Lawn & Garden Pro, you’ll be able to start your mower even in the harshest conditions easily.

The battery is made from a tin-calcium lead alloy that is specifically designed to prevent water loss. This reduces the amount of maintenance your battery needs.

The battery also features a Solidium weld system, which makes the connection between the internal connectors and plates. This battery is in the U1R size group, with a height of 7.312 inches and a length of 7.75 inches. The reserve capacity of the battery is 41 minutes.

This battery can be purchased at Advance Auto for $49.99. The battery also has a core charge of $10, which is refundable. Like all of the batteries available at Advance Auto Parts, it’s covered under their warranty and can easily be returned.

3. AutoCraft Platinum AGM

This battery is designed for lawnmowers that need a lot of power. If you have a riding mower with add on accessories, like heated seats or USB ports, a battery like this one is ideal. It has up to double the life of the typical flooded battery.

The battery has a non-spillable design, which gives you more installation options. Because this is a premium battery, it performs well at all temperatures, from hot to cold weather. It uses PowerFrame positive grid technology that makes the battery more resistant to corrosion, failure, and other issues that plague lawnmower batteries.

This is one of the more expensive batteries you can purchase at Advance Auto. The regular price for the AutoCraft Platinum $116.99. The refundable core charge is $10, which means the cost of a battery with charge is $126.99. The battery comes with a three-year free replacement. Even though this battery is fairly expensive, it offers plenty of value for the price.

4. AutoCraft Lawn & Garden 12 Volt Lawnmower Battery

If your lawnmower needs a 12-volt battery, you’ll find that this is an excellent option. This is a universal battery that can be used with many riding lawnmowers models. This battery is in the U1R size group and is rated as 230 CCA/285 CA. This is a highly reliable battery that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.

This is a highly affordable battery priced at $49.99. Like all of Advance Auto’s batteries, the core charge is refundable and will cost $10. The battery is covered by a warranty and can easily be returned if you have any issues. It’s a durable 12-volt battery that can be used with many lawnmowers.


If you have any further questions about lawnmower batteries, or just want to explore the options available, visiting the Advanced Auto Parts in person would be your best bet.

Though certainly you can place your order online through their official website, be aware that sometimes, due to human and technical errors, websites are not updated with exact stock availability or new battery options. In addition, if you have questions about a particular battery, it is always recommended that you speak to a professional in-person to have peace of mind.

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