How To Change The Battery In A Lexus Key Fob

When it comes to efficiency, style, and luxury, Lexus cars take a lead. These cars come equipped with a key fob, which you can use to open doors or even start the engine. The fobs run on battery, which is likely to run out of charge over time.

Luckily, Lexus has a good customer, and which can help you with replacing the battery, for free. What if the warranty is expired, or it’s a weekend and your dealer is closed? You can replace the battery yourself.

So, how can I replace the worn-out battery in a Lexus key fob? You will need to unscrew the fob case to reveal the battery. Once open, you should go ahead and swap the old battery for the new one.

Ways to Replace Your Lexus Key Fob Battery

The fact that the battery in your fob has run out doesn’t mean that you stop enjoying the amazing features that come with the fob. You don’t have to wait for your local dealer to replace the battery for you.

The guide I will provide below can help you change the battery with fewer troubles, in the comfort of your living room. You only need to have a tapped flathead screwdriver, a paperclip and the new battery that your fob uses.

Lexus key fob usually uses either the CR1632 or CR1616 based on the version your car uses. Without saying much, here is the guide you should follow.

Distinguish If You Have a Standard Key Fob or the Smart Version

The first and the most significant procedure in this guide is to determine whether your car uses either the typical key fob or the smart one. The reason why you should know the version is because the two models require a unique procedure to pop it open.

The standard key fob is the one that only makes it easy to open doors. While the smart key does both open the door, as well as, start the ignition without any key. Once you are sure of the type of key fob your Lexus uses, you can proceed to the next step.

For the Standard Key Fob

1. Unscrew the Case

If you are using the standard key fob, you should see one or two screws at the back of your fob. These are the screws that hold together the fob. Your first move should is to open these screws. Your screwdriver should help in this case. The screws are usually tiny; hence you should place them somewhere safe to avoid losing them.

If your key fob has one screw, you will need to wiggle the back of the fob to release the hook. But for the fob that has two screws, the back doesn’t have any hook. In this case, the back should pull once you unscrew the two screws.

2. Remove the Metal Key Out of the Way

After the back part of the fob is out of the picture, you should see the inside of the fob. You will see the words ‘coin open’ on the inside of the metallic key. There is usually a small slot next to the key. Use one hand to hold the interior of the key. Use your other hand to insert a dime in the hole. Twist the coin a little to reveal the battery housing.

3. Remove the Old Battery

With the key out of your way, you should go ahead and remove the worn-out battery. Use the paperclip to hold the coin battery.

4. Install the New Battery

Now, insert the new battery you just bought into the fob’s housing. Ensure that the battery is seated in the same way that the old one was positioned.

5. Assemble the Parts of Your Key Fob

Once you confirm that the battery has sat comfortably in the housing, it’s time to assemble back the parts. Start by releasing the metal key and then screw the back. By now, your fob should be ready, and with the new battery. You should go ahead to confirm that you replaced the battery successfully.

For the Smart Key Fob

If you happen to use the smart key fob that comes with the most recent Lexus models, the procedure is quite different. For this fob version, there are no screws involved. Here is a step-by-step guide you should follow, once you are sure of the battery that the smart fob uses.

1. Slide the Release Button

For this type of fob, you start by sliding the release button. By sliding the button, you will be helping release the metal key found in the key fob.

2. Open the Case Using the Metal Key

After the key is withdrawn from its housing, there is a gap left, and that has a small opening. It’s this slot that you will be needed to insert the flat end of your key to pry open the case. A little twist should pop open the case.

3. Change the Old Battery

With the key fob sliced open, you should be able to see its battery. Use your paperclip to remove the battery from its housing so that you can install the new one. Make sure to observe the orientation. In other words, the new battery should sit in the same way as the old one.

4. Assemble the Fob

With the new battery intact, you should proceed to assemble the key fob. Start by aligning the two sides of the case and then press the fob using your two hands. You will hear a click to confirm that the fob is sandwiched tightly.

Don’t forget to return the metal key in its compartment. With all that done, your key fob should be ready for use on your Lexus. You can go ahead and test it by pressing the ‘panic alarm’ button just to be sure. If the car responds, it’s a sign that you have successfully installed a new battery in your Lexus key fob.

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