How To Charge A Prius Battery

One fantastic thing about using Toyota Prius is that its battery gets charged when the vehicle is cruising on a conventional fuel engine. Toyota even has a tech advancement that allows the battery to recharge when you brake. That means your Prius battery is likely to fill up quickly as compared to a cell in a standard car. When compared to a fully-electrical vehicle, you won’t have to stress about charging points when using a Prius.

However, in one way or another, the battery of your Prius is likely to run out and hence the need for a charge. So, how do you go about with the charging process? This is one question that I often hear from individuals who buy this car for the first time. Without saying much, here is a guide on how you can charge your Prius battery and get back on the road without having to break a bank.

6 Steps to Charge Your Toyota Prius Battery

Step 1: Locate the battery. The first and most crucial step is locating the battery itself. Toyota Prius isn’t complicated as its battery is usually located under the hood. You will only need to open the hood to access the engine area. To open the hood, you have to find a handle under the steering wheel. This handle is usually drawn the hood, and that’s what you will have to pull.

After pulling, you will hear a sound indicating the locks are loose. Go ahead and pop open the bonnet to give you a view of the entire engine. You should make use of the metal rod found in the front end of the car, to hold the bonnet open.

Step 2: withdraw the plastic casing. As said earlier, the battery is usually hidden on the right hand side of the car (under the hood). On that side, you will notice a plastic protector covering the battery. This is the cover you’re supposed to open so that you can access the battery terminals.

Step 3: attach the positive terminal. At this point, you need to ask yourself what you’re using to charge the battery. Do you intend to use a battery charger or the power from a friend’s car? If you intend to use the current from another car, then you should go ahead and attach the positive cable of your battery to that of the car. The positive cable in this scenario usually has a white line on the rubber.

Step 4: go ahead with the negative terminal. Once the positive terminal is connected and ready, it’s time to deal with the negative end. Therefore, you should go ahead and connect the negative terminal of the battery to that of the car providing the current. If you’re using a charger, then you should join the negative terminal of the cell to that of your charger.

Step 5: Turn on the other car and step on the accelerator. Now that the terminals are in position, it’s time to put in some juice on the battery of your Prius. Go ahead and turn on the car that is providing your battery with the power. Once on, step in the accelerator a few times. Accelerating the other vehicle should be able to give your battery some charge needed to start your Prius.

Step 6 disconnect the wiring, close the hood and drive your Prius. The little acceleration from the other car should be in a position to spike the battery of your Prius. The charge given should be enough to start your Prius. Therefore, your next step should be to start the car and start driving. As stated earlier, this hybrid vehicle can charge the battery while running on a conventional fuel engine. That means that your battery will start charging the moment you start driving.

However, you must ensure that you drive for at least 20 minutes. The 20 minutes ensures that your battery collects enough charge to take you through to the next moment you require power from the battery. If you’re using a charger to boost the battery, you need to live it intact and let it charge the battery overnight.

Where Is the Battery in a Prius Located?

It’s a question that you will find most people asking based on the fact that the car is a hybrid. Like in most vehicles, the battery in a Prius is usually located under the hood. After opening the hood, you will notice a red plastic cover on the top-right side of the engine bay. Under the lid, you will see the battery hidden.

Is it Really Ok to Charge A Hybrid Battery?

Whenever the debate about hybrid cars and electric cars arises, many people are always left confused. They find it difficult to differentiate between the two models. Well, the confusion is acceptable because the two cars have an electric engine and a battery under the hood.

The only difference is that a hybrid car has two engines. For instance, a Toyota Prius usually has an electric motor and a fuel-powered engine. That means this type of vehicle can run on gasoline or electric power from the battery. So, how does a Toyota Prius switch between the two types of engines?

Generally, the car runs on the electric motor while in low speeds or when cruising around the streets. However, when high speeds are needed, it switches to conventional fuel motor. Both ways, the hybrid type of vehicles require a battery on one occasion of another. It’s therefore, advisable to top up the battery when it reduces its charge.

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