How To Jump Start A Car With A Portable Jump Starter

On one occasion or another, your vehicle can leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere because of a flat battery. Such cases are common amongst drivers regardless of the age of your battery. Thankfully, technology has made things easy.

Today, there are jump starters, and that you can use in such moments of desperation. Jumping a car is an easy task. It’s usually the first thing that most drivers learn even before acquiring their first car. There are occasions when there is no second car to help with jumping. That’s where a portable jump starter comes in the picture, a device that you ought to have.

So, how is a portable jumpstarter used when starting a car? Using a portable jump starter is in no way complicated. The procedure is quite similar to that of using a standard jumper. The only difference is that for this setting, the jumper acts as the battery. Therefore, you won’t require a second car or a second battery in that case.

Without saying much, I will proceed and give you a step-by-step guide on how to go about with the entire jumping process. But, before you start with the procedure, you ought to know why it’s beneficial to have a portable jump starter with you all the time.

Advantages of Using a Portable Jump Starter

1. Convenience

If you’re an off-road kind of a person, you understand the struggles that come with a failing battery. Imagine being stranded on those lonely highways. The experience is usually scary, bearing in mind that you expose yourself to attacks.

Another disadvantage is that most drivers using the route may not be willing to stop and help. Even with your jumping cables, you may end wasting your precious time there, hoping someone will come to your rescue.

Thankfully, with this portable jump starter, you don’t need to depend on anyone’s car to get yours started. With the tool, you can be back on the road sooner than you expected.

2. Easy to Charge

A portable jump starter uses its power to revive your engine. It, therefore, requires some charging. As many auto experts will tell you, topping its charge is simple as charging your phone. The gadget doesn’t require any form of special recharging or something of the sought.

3. Can Jump Your Car Several Times

In some instances, you may find yourself in a situation where your car battery is worn out. Hence, your vehicle will ask for assistance with starting, several times. With a portable jump starter, you can deal with the problem while you seek an alternative. The device can offer multiple jumps before it asks for recharging.

4. Are Affordable

With the many amazing features, many people expect a portable jump starter to be expensive. It’s incorrect because the devices come at an affordable price. Like it’s with the traditional starters, these devices come at different prices. The prices are dependent on capacity and features. Therefore, you can be sure that you will always get one that matches your budget.

And this article shows the best portable Jump Starters.

5. Safe for Your Car

When starting your vehicle using cables, you stand the risk of cable voltage spikes. Such incidences can lead to damages to your car or that of the individual helping you. Thankfully, with a portable jump starter, you won’t have to worry about all these risks.

8 Steps to Use a Portable Jump Box to Jump a Car

1. Locate the Battery

Yes, the first step towards starting your car is locating the location of the battery itself. It may sound like an obvious thing to find. But, wait until you encounter a vehicle model with the battery placed in the trunk or even beneath the back seat.

Cars come with different designs, and the location of the battery can’t always be where you’re used to, the engine bay. If you’re sure that it’s there, go ahead and open the hood to access it.

2. Turn Off Your Vehicle

Well, you’re using the starter because the car won’t start. But, you have to ensure that the ignition is turned to the off position before commencing with the entire procedure. Also, make sure that the electrical appliances are all turned off to avoid shorting them in the process.

3. Connect Your Jumper Cables

This step may not be necessary for most portable jump starters as they come with their cables permanently attached. If the compact jump starter has a removable cable, start by connecting them. While connecting, you must ensure that the device is off.

4. Connect the Jump Starter to Your Battery

Now that everything in position, your next step should be to connect the battery. Connect the positive (the red one) cable of your portable jumpstarter to the terminal on your battery labeled with a plus (positive).

For the negative clamp, attach it to a stable area, the chassis of your car. As you’re aware, the engine area vibrates when the vehicle starts. Therefore, you ought to ensure that the cables are firmly attached to prevent them from disconnecting.

Many people are often asking why the negative clamp is attached to the vehicle’s chassis. Well, you should understand that the negative terminal acts as the ground for the battery. It’s for this reason that it’s usually connected to the chassis.

Therefore, connecting the clamp to the chassis is the same as using the negative terminal of the battery.

5. Turn On the Portable Jump Starter

Once you’re sure that the cables are firmly attached, it’s time to give in some power, and that means turning on the gadget. Turn the starter’s switch into on position.

6. Start Your Car

While the device is still on, head into your car and turn the ignition on. On many occasions, the car won’t start with the first attempt. So, how long should one crank the engine? You may ask. Well, from a professional’s view, you should never crank the engine for over five seconds.

By doing so, you will be forcing the jump starter to deliver high currents for an extended period. You must understand that the devices are designed to do so within a short period. Therefore, if you surpass the five seconds, the starter may end up overheating.

In some instances, the mistake can even lead to severe damages on the device’s battery. It’s recommended that you give the jump starter about three minutes before trying a second cranking.

The three minutes allow the device to cool down and the voltage to recover. By allowing a cooling period, the device will be able to deliver a peak current during the next starting attempt.

7. Disconnect the Portable Jump Starter

You should be ready to start your engine within your first or second attempt. However, based on circumstances, the engine may require even five trials. After the vehicle has started, you will need to disconnect the device.

For safety purposes, it’s recommended that you start by switching the portable device before removing the clamps. Once it’s off, start by unplugging the negative cable and then the positive one.

8. Close the Hood and Drive Your Car

After disconnecting the jumper cables, close the hood and enjoy a ride. Remember, your vehicle was unable to start because of a flat battery. Therefore, you’re needed to give it some time to top up the battery.

Turning off the car immediately means that the battery won’t charge, and hence you may have to repeat the same jumping thing. Professionals always insist that you should for at least 20 minutes to allow the alternator enough time to charge the battery.

Additional Tips

1. Recharge the Portable Jump Starter As Soon As You Can

Once you’re done with the whole jumpstarting thing, don’t forget to recharge the jumper. Depending on the state of your battery, you may end up forgetting if the device ever existed.

It’s recommended that you ensure that you top it up as soon as you can to avoid forgetting. By doing so, you save yourself from the disappointment that may come when you urgently need to jump your car.

2. Take Care of Your Battery

Cases of flat batteries may be a sign that something isn’t going well within your battery or the vehicle itself. With a well-maintained battery, you will rarely need to jumpstart the car. Therefore, the best remedy should be taking care of the battery itself. You should inspect and test the battery now and then, to avoid such disappointments.

In some instances, your battery may be telling you that it’s tired and worn out. Therefore, if you realize that the battery is nearing its death, don’t hesitate to call in for a replacement. Currently, there are various battery models in the market. Therefore, you can easily find an alternative that matches your needs and budget.


Cases of flat batteries are shared amongst the drivers. Thankfully, with a portable jump starter, your journey shouldn’t have to be cut short. The device is a must-have for any serious driver. As explained in this article, using this device is a walk in the park. Read through the whole piece to understand the step-by-step guide.