How To Program A Chevy Key Fob

Most of the latest vehicle models that Chevy manufactures today come with standard Chevrolet Keyless Remotes, also known as Key Fobs.

A cutting-edge device makes owning a Chevy more convenient since it allows car owners to start their cars without climbing into their vehicles. However, a Chevrolet key fob, like any other fobs, needs to be programmed for it to work.

How to program a Chevy key fob? Whether it is a brand new or a replacement Chevrolet key fob, the programming part of it is all the same.

All you have to do is climb into your Chevrolet vehicle and follow the instruction manual that comes with the key fob, and you are all set. However, I recommend that you read through the steps to ensure everything goes smoothly, and you have to check that it has the proper batteries.

You also have to keep in mind that if you ever have any difficulties with the process, the best thing that you can do is to consult a professional or any Chevy service center for help.

Here I am going to help you program your Chevrolet key fob by walking you through all the steps that you need to do. The steps I am going to disclose on my guide are based on Chevy’s instruction manual, ensuring you that it is the proper process.

I am also going to give additional insights and more information with regards to Chevrolet’s key fobs. In the hopes of providing you all the assistance that you need.

5 Step to Program Your Chevrolet Key Fob

In this part, I am going to walk you through the very simple steps that you have to take with regard to programming the key fob of your Chevy vehicle. Be sure to read through all the steps first to ensure a smooth and successful process.

You can also use this step-by-step guide as a reference as you go through every step to increase your chances of success. Let’s begin!

Step1: Get into Your Chevy Vehicle Manually

When you are to program the key fob of your Chevy vehicle, the first thing you have to do is to enter the car using its key manually.

Then make sure that you close all the doors, where they are all tightly secured. This is to ensure that the entire process will go smoothly.

Step2: Start the Programming Process of the Key Fob

To start the process of programming the key fob of your Chevy vehicle and make sure that they are perfectly linked. You have to insert the key fob into the car’s ignition and then press the “unlock” button and hold on to it.

Step3: Initiate the Programming Process

While holding the “unlock” button, the next step is to initiate or carry out programming by turning the key fob to the “On” position.

Keep in mind that you don’t have to ignite or start the engine; you have to put it on the “on” state. This should also turn the lights and the radio of the car on.

Step4: Complete the Programming Process

Once you’ve done that, it will initiate the programming process that will only take a few seconds or a couple of minutes. After the electrical components of the car come alive, you can complete the programming process by turning the key fob back to the “Off” position.

Then immediately turn the key fob to the “On” position once again, and then let go of the “Unlock” button.

Keep in mind that you should hear the sound of the locks engage and then disengage, which will indicate that the process of programming the key fob is done.

Step5: Check If the Programming Process is Successful

After completing the programming process of your Chevrolet key fob, the last thing you have to do is to check whether the vehicle and the key fob are linked.

To do this, you will have to take the key fob of your Chevrolet vehicle, then hold both the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously.

Listen and wait for the sounds of the locks if they are activated and deactivated. If you heard them doing that, that would tell you that the process was successful.

In case the locks don’t activate and deactivate, the process was unsuccessful, and you can try to retry the entire process.

Note: If the retrying still doesn’t get it right, the best thing you can do is to consult a professional to see whether there are different kinds of issues.

That is the proper programming process of a Chevrolet key fob. Keep in mind that this process applies to all Chevrolet vehicles as long as the vehicle model supports keyless remotes.

I would also like to reassure you that these steps are based on the entire process that you will see on a Chevrolet key fob instruction manual. So, as long as you follow these steps, you are doing the right process.

Here is the great YouTube video I found for you below:

Adding or Linking a New Key Fob on a Chevy Vehicle

You are probably wondering if it’s possible to have more than one key fob linked to your Chevrolet vehicle.

The answer is YES! It is possible to multiple key fobs linked to one Chevy vehicle without affecting their functionality. However, you can only do this by programming the key fobs you want to link on the Chevy vehicle all at the same time.

If you are unsure how to do it, the best thing that you can do is to ask for professional help by scheduling an appointment with a Chevy service center near you. You can also ask them to do it for you, which will greatly ensure the success of the process.

The Cost of Having A New Chevrolet Key Fob Programmed

Chevrolet key fobs are designed to be programmed by the car owners, but there’s always the option where you can pay a professional to do it for you.

This is an option where you will need to shed a few bucks to get it done. If you decide to pay a professional to do it depends on various factors.

It will depend if the Chevy vehicle you own has a transponder key, a security chip, or VATS. This is to make sure that process will go smoothly, and it will also have something to do with the success rate.

The average price of having a Chevrolet key fob programmed at authorized dealer centers ranges from $60 to $180. Again, it will depend on the factors mentioned earlier.

Best Places to Get a Chevrolet Key Fob and Be Programmed

If you are planning to order a new key fob for your Chevy vehicle and get it programmed for you, there are only two best options for you to choose from.

First, you can order it directly from an authorized Chevy dealer center near you, or you can go to a locksmith qualified and trained for these kinds of keys. To be sure that you are getting the proper service and an authentic Chevrolet key fob for your vehicle.

The best-recommended option is, of course, getting it from an authorized dealer. However, it may be a bit more expensive than going to a locksmith company that normally offers a cheaper service.

Ordering a New Chevrolet Key Fob for Your Chevrolet Vehicle

In case you are not sure what to do when it comes to ordering a new key fob for your Chevrolet vehicle. I have prepared a simple guide for you that can walk you through the steps that you need to do.

The step by step guide below will help you order a new key fob from an authorized Chevrolet dealer center. Check it out!

Step1: Locating an Authorized Chevrolet Dealer

If you are looking to order a new Chevrolet key fob from an authorized dealer, the first thing you have to do is to find a dealer near you.

You can do this by going to their website or searching the internet. You can also look for contact information on yellow pages. Just make sure that you will reach out to a dealer within your area.

Step2: Ask for a Quote for a New Key Fob

Once you locate the nearest and most convenient Dealer near you, the next thing you have to do is to reach out to them.

After contacting the Dealer, ask for a quote for a new key fob. You may need to supply the VIN number of your vehicle, which is found at the vehicle sticker commonly located at the driver door.

Step3: Ordering the Key fob from the Dealer

Now that you have the quote for a new key fob, you are now ready to order it from the Dealer. You can visit the Dealer’s location to order the key, but you have to make sure that you have your ID with you along with the vehicle’s registration and title.

Step4: Get Your New Key Fob for Your Chevy Vehicle

Finally, you can get the new key fob that you ordered and then pay for it. From there, you can program the key yourself or ask them if they can do it for you. Then it will be up to you if to decide.