How To Secure A Car Battery

With the high cost of car batteries, every driver’s last wish is to see it spoil before the expected timeframe. However, that’s not always the case. Many have lost their high-end batteries to thieves and through physical damages.

How can you secure a car battery? Investing in a battery tray, cushioning, and straps is one of the best ways to ensure your battery is free from physical damages. Alarms and hood locks also go well if they came in handy to enhance the security.

Today, with many online platforms allowing second-hand batteries, your battery is prone to theft. Therefore, unless you don’t mind spending cash on getting a replacement, you must take precautions. Without saying much, here are tips shared by professionals, on how you can safeguard your car’s battery.

8 Ways to Protect Your Car Battery from Theft

1. Park Smart

Now and then, you have heard of several areas being labeled as blind spots, where theft of car parts takes place. Batteries are often the victim here. If not careful, you may end up vulnerable to these thieves. Therefore, when driving in a new neighborhood, for instance, it’s recommended that you go for open parking. When the car is in the view, it becomes hard for the culprits to sneak and steal the battery.

If you value your car, you shouldn’t feel the pain of paying for secure parking. Some of the private parking around the city does offer compensation for the items lost while under their watch. Hence, if you want to see your battery serve you long enough, don’t think of those dark basements parking with no security.

2. Invest in a Quality Battery Tray

Cars come fitted with a battery compartment to help hold the battery in position. The chamber may either be plastic to aid with cushioning. You must, therefore, ensure that the battery tray is in perfect condition. If not careful with the state of your battery’s dish, you may end up with a broken battery sooner than expected.

If you happen to use your car off the road, the vibrations tend to be vigorous. As a result, the chances of experiencing a cracked battery tend to be high. In such an instance, it would be best if you secured the battery firmly using a quality holder. You can shop online on platforms such as Amazon to find that one tray that fits perfectly in your car. Adding the plate shouldn’t be a problem.

If you own an RV, then I highly recommend you to check this article.

3. Fasten the Battery Cable Terminals

Your car’s battery is linked to the alternator using the terminal cables. Often, and based on where you drive, the terminals are likely to become loose. Lose terminals can see your car fail to start. If not corrected on time, the terminals can short-circuit your battery. Shorting the battery reduces its lifespan. Therefore, it would be best if you inspected and fastened the loose terminals regularly. (Here is how).

4. Don’t Ignore the Battery Hold Downs

Often, the battery hold downs are the most neglected safety features. Most people don’t seem to understand the benefits that come with these simple components. They help much when it comes to holding the battery in its position.

If you know how things can get messy with a loss battery, then you should consider buying the hold-down straps. They are usually sold in auto stores and come at a friendly cost. Therefore, finding one for your battery shouldn’t be a problem.

5. The Baby Monitor Trick

The high chances are that you are yet to see a baby monitor in use to prevent battery theft. Here, you utilize the tool the same way you do with your child. With the baby monitor, there is the monitor and the receiver. The monitor is what you leave near the battery while you stay with the receiver.

With that, you can easily hear when someone tries to pop open the hood or mess with the car. The only shortcoming with using a baby monitor is that the thieve may strike when you are not listening from the other end.

6. Place Rat Traps or Blades Around the Battery

Often, you have heard of people setting boogie traps for thieves. Well, you can use the trick also to secure your battery. Often, mechanics advise one to add mouse traps or blades around the cell in question. If a thief tries to remove the battery, he or she may end up trapped or injured by the trap set.

7. Car Alarms Are Essential

A car alarm is one security feature that you can’t ignore, especially if you live in those areas, notoriously known for thefts. Signals work two ways, and that’s is they help scare away the thieves, as well as alert you when someone tries to mess around your car. You can consult with your mechanic to find an affordable alarm system. With the order, you will know when someone is trying to steal your battery, for instance.

8. Add a Security Cable and a Padlock

Often, most drivers insist that enhancing the hood with a cable and a lock isn’t for every car. What they don’t understand is the security it does add to your vehicle. Remember, most thieves steal your battery by smashing the window and lifting the hood.

The good thing about using a security cable is that the engine area can’t be accessed unless you open the padlock. If you value your battery, installing a security cable and a lock should be, therefore, be your priority.


If you live in insecure areas, then you understand the pain of waking up to a car without a battery. Most people have seen their battery’s life shortened through such thefts and physical damages.

Regular replacements can be costly, bearing in mind the cost of getting a new battery. Explained in this article are some of the top ways you can secure your car’s battery against damage and theft. Read through the entire to find a trick that will work for you.