How To Start An Automatic Car With A Dead Battery

There are several ways to start an automatic car with a dead battery.

So, you get stuck in the middle of the highway, and your car suddenly stopped working. It died without a warning. Unfortunately, you are driving an automatic car, can you pull it over? Jumpstart-it?

We all know that an automatic car mechanism is somewhat different from the manual ones. You have this question in mind, how to start an automatic car with a dead battery?

The first thing that will get in your mind when you experienced this situation is to find a way to get out of that place as quickly as possible.

But the question remains, how will you do it if your car battery is dead? Of course, you will need the help of someone to either pull your car or to jumpstart it.

If the same thing happened to a manual transmission vehicle with no jumpstart cable available is to ask somebody to push the car farther until it revives the power.

But for an automatic vehicle, will it also work? Or will there be another option to take just in case jumpstarting is not available?

Automatic transmission car owners have only one option and that is they have to find a tow truck that will load the car.

The only thing you can do to avoid towing your vehicle is to jumpstart it. When these things aren’t available, you have to find some other options to get out of the situation.

Jump Start Is The Way To Start An Automatic Car

An automatic car with a dead battery is every automatic car owner’s fear. It is easy to drive, but it is hard to deal with when stalled. The most common problem automatic car owners would face is delaying or getting their cars stopped suddenly.

So if you owned an automatic car, make sure that you always have your jumpstart cables handy at all times. Getting caught unaware will bring you to a very compromising and expensive situation.

Imagine calling the help of a towing service to get you out of that place. Jumpstarting your car is the only practical way to get your car to move again.

How Will I Push Start A Car With An Automatic Transmission?

There is no way you can push start a car with an automatic transmission. It is only possible for manually driven vehicles. Manual vehicles can be rolled for at least 5 miles per hour to crank up the engine.

However, automatic transmission vehicles use an open clutch which prevents you from push starting your car. Unlike in a manual transmission car, where you can close it to help crank the engine.

Can I Crank My Automatic Car To Make It Start?

As we have just mentioned, it uses an open clutch. This open clutch prevents you from closing it to crank the car manually. So the only way you can crank your engine is by jump starting it.

Using another car’s battery, you have to connect the jumpstart cables to transmit the energy and power of the current cell to your dead battery.

Finding ways to start up your automatic vehicles without the jumpstart cable is difficult. So always have your jumpstart cables in your trunk or compartment all the time.

Ways To Start An Automatic Car

● Jumpstart Cables. One of the fastest and reliable manner to start up your engine with less cost and hassle. Using a jumpstart cable only needs another vehicle to power up your automatic car.
● Towing Services. A towing service will not start your engine, but it will move your car from where you got stalled. This service is the second possible option you have if you have no jumpstart cables at hand.
A towing service may cost a lot on your end, but the good thing here is it will move your vehicle out and will take it where you want to go, whether it’s home or the mechanic’s shop.
● Fan belt. Well, you got to have some expertise in this field before you can make it work. Otherwise, do not attempt to do it for it may create more significant damage to your car.
You can remove the fan belt to start spinning the alternator to charge the battery. You need to rotate the alternator fast and long enough to charge it. To make it possible, there should be a little power left in the battery to do it. Otherwise, you will be going back to option number 1 or 2, tow or jumpstart.
● Get a New Battery. When everything seems wrong, and there seems to be no way to get any help, it is essential to have that battery shop’s number handy all the time. Call them up, ask them to deliver a new battery. A suitable battery replacement could start up your engine.

Decide which is higher, towing service or a new battery? If you get the towing service and replace the array later on, then opt for the latter, at least you only get one fee, and your vehicle gets going again.

Well, there aren’t so many options available, and these options are so narrow to be considered. The critical thing to remember here is to always be ready with your jumpstart cables.

Automatic cars are more comfortable to drive but hard to maintain when stalled. So many considerations have to be made. The lesson here is to keep your batteries in good condition all the time.

Do not wait for the battery to die, and if you see signs of a weakening battery, then you might to call for a replacement rather than be caught in a compromising situation.

In today’s generation where most car manufacturers would release automatic car models than manual transmission ones showed that we are getting into the fully automated system.

However, the shift from manual to automatic transmission entails a lot of responsibilities to the car owners. Most people would love to drive their automatics because it is easier to drive around. They do not know the downsides of using one.

If you will be owning an automatic car, know the details, not just the way to drive it but also when it stopped working. Nothing can stress you out than being stalled somewhere where help cannot reach you.

Yes, it is essential to read, but still, you need someone to help you and lend you a hand.

Sometimes it is not just the battery problem. There is much other reason that could cause your car to stop working. Be sure that you can identify with each one of them and closely monitor it to be sure that you will not experience unnecessary stops.

Common Electrical Problems

Electrical problems may cause your automatic cars to stop working. Most of the time it is a battery, but some other times it can come from other electrical wirings or connections of your vehicle.

Spark Plugs And Wires

Spark plugs are essential to power up the pistons of the engine. It requires a small electrical charge to deliver power.

If the spark plugs fail or there any connected wires that have been busted, it will cause the engine to fail also. Some signs of ailing spark plugs would be a poor acceleration, cranking engine that won’t start and rough idling.

Blown Fuse

You will notice that you have a blown a fuse if you suddenly saw that your lights aren’t working. The radio had stopped and so on. This electrical problem may indicate that you have a blown a fuse.

You have to replace them right away and check if you need to replace your fuse. Neglecting these simple problems may lead to bigger ones.

Dead Battery

The battery is the source of life for your vehicle. When nothing seems to work maybe the battery is dead. A dead engine is a sign of a dead battery. Sometimes, we forget to turn off some lights and accessories in the car; it could wear out your battery’s charge.

In case, you experienced these you can always jumpstart your vehicle. Other times, a replacement is recommended to ensure that your car will be working efficiently.

Bad Alternator

In a vehicle, there are two possible problems when it comes to power or energy, and it’s either the battery or the alternator. Alternator charges the battery. It is the one that supplies the voltage or power to the battery.

If the alternator is the problem, the battery will quickly lose all its charge. If it is a battery problem, you can always replace it with a new one. Do this quick test to see if you are having alternator or battery problems.

Jumpstart the car, and once the engine is running remove the jumper cables, if the car still runs, then it is a battery problem. But if after removing the wires, it died down at once, then it could be an alternator problem.

Automatic cars need not be a burden to their owners. You can always avoid getting this problem if you know the right thing to do when these things happened.

Learning how to start an automatic car with a dead battery is a simple jump starting business only. Jumper cables are a must for all automatic transmission cars.