How To Use A Portable Car Battery Charger

A battery charger is a must for all vehicles. In case of emergency, a battery charger can keep your battery alive and in good condition. However, a portable battery charger is a more convenient way to ensure that you have something to charge your car battery even in the middle of a journey.

What is right about a portable charger is that you can carry it anywhere you go. But is it effortless to use a portable car battery charger? We will find out as you read in our article.

How do we use a portable car battery charger? It is a helpful tool when our battery gives up in the middle of the road. You can always carry it on wherever you go and save you from the hassle of looking for a car to do a jumpstart.

Here is how you use the portable car battery charger properly:

Step1: Terminals Should be Cleaned
Step 2: Cables Must be Connected
Step 3: Charge Rate Must be Set
Step 4: Turn on the Charger

More Details on the Ways to Use a Portable Car Battery Charger

Step 1: Terminals Should be Cleaned. Dirty battery terminals hinder the flow of current coming from the battery going to the cables. In cleaning the battery terminals, you will need a soft bristle brush in brushing terminals using a baking soda and water.
Baking soda will act as a neutralizer of the acid that builds upon the terminals of the battery. After cleaning, you should be able to rinse it thoroughly.
Step 2: Cables Must be Connected. Try to practice connecting the cables using the order or pattern you used as when you are jump starting a car. Be sure that the charger is not plugged from any source of power. Try to connect the positive cable first followed by the negative cable. Check that the connections are made right and reliable.
Step 3: Charge Rate Must be Set. Majority of the battery chargers have options for the charge rates. Always remember that the higher rate of charge you choose, the higher temperature your internal battery will have. If the battery is still exposed to high heat, the quicker it is for your battery to deplete.
It will be safe to choose a charge rate within the midrange only. A 50 Amps charge rate is already considered a maximum rate. Use this rate only if you are in a hurry. However, if you have the liberty of time, a five or ten Amp rate of charge is enough to prolong the battery life. With this kind of charge, you are sure that a grave charge is already done.
Step 4: Turn On the Charger. After the cables have been connected, it is now ready to set the charge rate. You can now plug the charger and turn it on. Remember to remove the caps of the vent so that the hydrogen gas will not build up in the cells.

Remember these things when you are using a portable car battery charger, and you can always be sure of a safe and hazard-free charging system.

How Long Does it Take for a Portable Charger to Charge a Car Battery?

It depends on the amperage of the charger that you used. A 12V car battery will vary on the charging time. If you are using a charger with high amperage, the charging time will be shorter than when you apply a low amp charging rate. If what you want is to maintain your battery, then a small amperage charge is more preferred than a higher amp charger.

Pros and Cons of Portable Car Battery Charger

The portable Car battery charger has its pros and cons too. You, as the car owner, must be able to weigh things over before considering buying and using one. I will help you decide by giving you the known pros and cons of using a portable car battery charger.


● It is handy and convenient.
● It is easy to use and reliable too.
● It is eco-friendly.
● It can work using solar energy.
● It can bring back your battery to life in seconds.


● You may have problems if it is not charged.
● It can be a lot expensive compared to jump starters.
● It may take a little longer to charge.

How Much Does a Portable Car Battery Charger Costs?

A portable car battery charger cost around $60 to $250. The prices may vary depending on the product features and specifications. The amount of a compact car battery charger may range higher than a jump starter kit.

However, the cost of the charger goes even higher as the amperage increases too. The higher amperage a car charger has, the shorter time you will spend in recharging the battery.

Where to Buy a Portable Car Battery Charger

Portable car battery chargers are available in your nearest battery dealers. It can also be purchased online like Portable car battery chargers are readily available in the market today. (Here is the article i have wrote about the best portable car battery charger).

The demand for using a portable car charger continues to increase as the need for having an emergency charger always ready for use anywhere you go a necessity. It lessens the problems of getting stalled somewhere with no one to help you. Having your own portable car battery charger gives you the peace of mind wherever you go.

Portable Car Battery Charger vs. Jump Starter

Deciding which one between the two should you use depends on your level of usage and needs. There are many factors to consider between the two. A portable car battery charger can be lightweight and handy and can be brought anywhere.

However, when it comes to a quick start, a jump starter can easily give you the power you needed. A battery charger where it will take time before it can charge up again.

The price may also be a reasonable consideration if you are on a tight budget. A jump starter is a lot cheaper compared to the price of a charger. But a charger can give you a steady charge though it may take a while. A jump starter will have to be used every time you are starting your battery.

With these things in mind, you can perhaps weigh things out and choose which one will you benefit from. Having both is a win-win situation, and you will never go wrong.

Having your charger and knowing how to use a portable car battery charger will work to your advantage. You can survive a car emergency in case your battery stops working in the middle of the road. Just make sure that you have enough charge for your charger anywhere you go, to use your portable car battery charger.

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