Lexus Battery Warranty {These Tips Will Help You!}

Lexus has an exceptional and comprehensive fleet of vehicles, and they are known for their excellent quality and reliability. Besides, this car manufacturing company also provides excellent warranty policies for their new cars as well as the replacement parts they manufacture and produce; Warranty policies with excellent coverage, especially their replacement batteries that are essential to their fleet of vehicles.

What should you need to know about Lexus battery warranty? Original equipment batteries or the batteries that come with Lexus vehicles are under a 48-month or 50,000 miles warranty, in a situation where whichever comes first.

They are also covered by the company’s basic or standard warranty where adjustments and repairs needed due to material defects, and any craftsmanship issues will be free of charge. As for Lexus hybrid vehicles, the hybrid batteries will have a warranty coverage that will be good for ten years or 150,000 miles, whichever comes first.

When it comes to the genuine battery replacements of Lexus, whether a replacement battery is bought or purchased over the counter or installed in a Lexus vehicle, the battery will be covered by the warranty for two years or 24 months, without any mileage.

Regardless of the remaining new vehicle coverage, and mileage the vehicle had accumulated, the genuine replacement battery will have a prorated coverage according to its years of service.

● For the first 24 months, the replacement battery will have 100% coverage.
● From its 25th to 48th months of service, it will be covered with 50% proration.
● From its 49th to 84th months of service, it will be covered with 25% proration.

As stated on Lexus’s warranty policy, the coverage will only apply to batteries with defects due to ineffective materials and issues on the quality.

I understand that some people or car owners have difficulties understanding the battery warranty of Lexus. Here I am going to try to shed light on it and hope to help you understand how Lexus’s battery warranty works. We will take a closer look at these coverages and try to break them down to their purest form.

Breaking Down the Battery Warranty Offered by Lexus

By taking a closer look at Lexus’s warranty policy, you will see three different warranties covering the batteries. One is the battery coverage of the limited warranty for a new Lexus vehicle, another is the battery coverage of the warranty of a new hybrid car, and finally, the coverage for the genuine Lexus replacement batteries.

Now, to easily understand the entire battery warranty. The best thing to do is to understand each of these three policy coverages. Read on below to learn more!

1. Coverage for the Original Equipment Battery

When I am talking about an original equipment battery, it is more likely to refer to the battery installed on a new Lexus vehicle. Every brand new Lexus vehicle is under a warranty policy, where it has a specific battery coverage.

In this case, the battery of a newly purchased Lexus vehicle will be covered for two years (48 months) or 50,000 miles, starting from the first vehicle service. The battery will also be under the basic warranty of Lexus, where repairs to address material defects, and any issues concerning the craftsmanship will be covered.

Note: This warranty coverage does not apply to hybrid batteries and will not apply to replacement batteries.

2. Coverage for Lexus Hybrid Batteries

The battery coverage will be different in the case of a new Lexus Hybrid vehicle since it will have a hybrid battery. A new hybrid vehicle will be covered by a standard warranty that covers components like the hybrid control module for the battery, which is used for the voltage sensor and power management.

The hybrid battery of the will also be under a coverage good for ten years or 150,000 miles on whichever comes first basis. Within this period, the hybrid battery will also be entitled to free repairs provided that these repairs are needed to fix defective materials or to address issues of craftsmanship.

Note: This coverage does not apply to the standard 12-Volt batteries and replacement batteries.

3. Coverage for Genuine Lexus Replacement Batteries

Genuine Lexus replacement batteries, installed in vehicles or purchased over the counter from an authorized Lexus dealer, are covered by a prorated 84-month policy without mileage.

Regardless of the remaining coverage from the new vehicle limited warranty or the miles, Lexus replacement batteries will be covered by 100% replacement in the first 24 months and will have a prorated coverage after that.

This means that after the first two years of the replacement batteries, prorated coverage will apply to the remainder of the 84-month policy.

This proration schedule is broken down as:

● 50% of the new replacement battery for 25 – 48 service months
● 25% of the new replacement battery for 49 – 84 service months

Where the battery owner will shoulder the labor, towing, installation, and other services.

That’s how the different battery coverages of Lexus work. As you can see, each of them is considered to be individual policies, where each coverage does not apply to the different types of Lexus batteries. Once you understand each type of battery coverage, you won’t be confused about how the entire battery warranty works.

Things that Are Not Covered by the Battery Warranty of Lexus

Unlike the coverage of the Lexus battery warranty, which has three different kinds of policies, the exclusions of this battery warranty can apply to all types of batteries. Exclusions are the things that the policy doesn’t cover. We can also consider them as the things that can nullify or void the warranty of Lexus on its batteries.

Learn more about these exclusions by checking out the list below:

1. Battery Defects or Damage Due to Tampering and Alterations

As stated on the Lexus battery warranty policy, the company will not be responsible for damages and defects beyond their control. This means that if the battery is defective because the user attempted to make some modifications, it will not be covered by the policy.

It also means that if the damages of the battery are caused by any kind of tampering or alterations done by the user, the plan will be nullified.

In case the battery had some issues, and the owner tried to repair it or ask a non-Lexus authorized service provider leading to damages. Lexus will not cover the battery due to its damage from tampering.

2. Accidental Damages and Natural Deterioration

Battery damages accumulated due to accidental droppings, bumping, and any kind of incidental injury to the unit will also nullify the battery warranty. Lexus will also not be responsible for the normal wear and tear the battery will accumulate through its regular use.

If the battery has accrued too much wear due to frequent and proper use and causes it to be defective, the Lexus policy will also be voided.

3. Defective Batteries Due to Abuse Negligence of Upkeep

Defective automotive power cells that resulted from improper use, abuse, and negligence will also void the warranty policy. If the battery is poorly maintained, which leads it to be defective, it will nullify its coverage.

Corrosion damage and other buildups are also considered as evidence of poor upkeep, defects, and battery issues resulting from them will also render the battery not covered by the policy.

These are the inclusions stated on the battery warranty of Lexus. In any case, your battery falls on any of these categories; your battery warranty policy will be nullified. If you want to maintain the coverage for your batteries, you have to make sure that these circumstances are avoided.

Final Thoughts

I hope that I shed light on all of the aspects of the battery warranty of Lexus and helped by giving you a better understanding of how it works.

Just keep in mind that if you want to maintain the coverage for your Lexus battery, you have to do your part by preventing it from being damaged or defective. Properly maintaining your Lexus automotive power cell will also help to keep it in top shape.