Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Lifespan

How many years can we use NiMH batteries?

Nickel Metal Hydride or more popularly known as NiMH battery is a kind of rechargeable battery which is often used for electronically controlled gadgets and devices. Since it is rechargeable, gadget users are interested to know if it is money savings.

How long does a NiMH or Metal Hydride Battery last? Nickel Metal Hydride has a relatively shorter lifespan than Nickel Cadmium or NiCd. The typical lifespan of a NiMH is around 700 to 1000 life cycles.

Nickel Metal Hydride batteries have a very high capacity, and it overrides its shorter lifespan. One good thing about this kind of battery is that it does not have a memory effect. Due to their high capacity, NiMH didn’t deplete fast and projected to last for about five years.

What Does It Affects To Lose The Longevity Of Nickel Metal Hydride Battery?

Every battery may shorten its lifespan based on the factors that may affect it. All cells are sensitive to a particular thing that may either reduce or prolongs their lifespan.

1. Extreme Temperatures

I guess all batteries have an issue over temperature. If you exposed these batteries in the extreme cold or hot weather condition, it would cause the early depletion of your NiMH batteries.

Too hot or too cold temperature may cause damage to your NiMH batteries. It needs a cold room temperature to maintain its lifespan.

2. Overcharging

This factor may significantly affect the battery’s performance only because overcharging mainly brings heat to the battery. When you cheat, the temperature rises and brings you to factor number 1, extreme cold.

Make sure that when you charge this battery type, it has an automatic shut off or trickle mode to avoid overcharging the battery.

3. Discharging

For this type of battery, the battery should be removed entirely. Try to recharge this battery type once it dies out. Proper discharge should be observed. Making this lousy habit over time will eventually kill your batteries.

4. Age of Battery

Sometimes, problems come when it is already your battery issue. A battery that has been used for a long time will eventually wear out.

How To Extend The Life Of Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery

Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH is the improved version of the Nickel Cadmium batteries or NiCd. The improvement was made because a Nickel Cadmium battery often suffered from the so-called Voltage Depression.

Here are some tips that can help extend the lifespan of a NiMH battery.

Tip 1. Cycle charge

In a cycle charge, you need to discharge the battery fully before charging it. To maximize its performance, you need to do at least three cycles on your newly opened battery packs.

NiMH also needs to cycle charge at least twice a week to achieve excellent performance. Doing the cycle charge prevents crystalline build-up inside the battery.

Tip 2. Do not mix with other battery types

Never mix NiMH with lithium and alkaline batteries, they have different components. Mixing them up may create adverse effects on the cells. Different voltages should never go together too. Batteries are packed according to their size, and kind. It prevents the cell from damaging one another.

Tip 3. Protect it from Reverse Polarity

Always remember the correct polarity of the battery. Reversing the polarities of the cell may create damage to it. Some electrical device has the auto shut off features when the voltage gets low.

Some gadgets do not have these features like flashlight and radios. When the battery gets low, it will be better to remove the cells from the device.

Tip 4. Store batteries in a discharged condition

When you plan to keep your batteries, make sure that it is in a discharge state or condition. Keep the cells in a cool, dry place. Every battery has a different discharge state, and this will make the battery in an uneven charge.

The uneven charge state of a battery may cause differences when you charge them. The danger of overcharging may happen if the storage discharge is irregular.

Can I Still Overcharge NiMH Batteries?

If this battery is overcharged, it will tend to overheat. If you charged this battery manually, then you should stop charging it once the battery feels warm.

Can Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Be Recharged In The Freezer?

According to the manufacturer’s manual and data sheet, NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride should not be placed in the freezer for recharging. The reason for this is that water is a central component in the chemical reaction. If water is frozen, the electrolyte will be opposed as being in its liquid form.

It has been proven that Nickel Metal Hydride has decreased dramatically in performance after being frozen.

If you are curious about freezing batteries topics, then go to this post to learn more about it!

Which Battery Brands Do They Offer The Longest NiMH Battery Life?

There are many different brands for NiMH battery. However, these brands are considered the best in the market today.

Find out the best brands of NiMH and the one which has a longer lifespan!

Energizer Recharge Universal

It is considered as one of the best AA battery in the world today. It has proven its worth of becoming the best NiMH cells. It has a high capacity and long lifespan after a series of cycles or recharging.

It has a claimed capacity of 1900 mAh, and the discharge rate is little. Even after a series of rigid testing and measurements, Energizer batteries remain to perform well. Indeed this is an excellent brand to consider when you are looking for the best NiMH batteries.

Panasonic Eneloop

This type of battery performs equally with an Energizer battery. Panasonic Eneloop gets more than 25% sales than other cells in the market. However, the price consideration compared to Energizer is a lot cheaper. When this battery is on sale, it takes a rise in its market sales.

Based on the testing and measurements, Energizer still performs a little better than this. However, when you can’t find any Energizer battery, Panasonic Eneloop is a suitable replacement.

AmazonBasics Rechargeable Batteries

This battery performs equally with Energizer and Duracell batteries, but it is a lot cheaper. If you are up for quality and less high price, this one is the right choice.

AmazonBasics perform well in terms of standard capacity, cycles and headlamps test.

What Are The Difference Between NiMH Battery And Lithium-ion?

One of the most apparent differences between the two is the materials on how each one is made in storing power. Lithium-ion is made of lithium and carbon, which can save a lot of energy.

While NiMH or Nickel Metal Hydride uses hydrogen with nickel and other metals like titanium, aside from these main difference, other factors set the difference between the two.

Price: NiMH is one of the cheapest battery in the market today. Li-ion seems to escalate in price because of the production cost. However, prices are expected to drop when there is a significant demand for it in the market.
Weight: NiMH is more substantial than a Li-ion battery. The lighter battery has more power density which is needed and required for hybrid and high-powered vehicles.
Power: The two batteries seem to have the same power output. However, Li-ion cells have a faster charge and discharge. It happens because Lithium batteries have no memory effect. NiMh has the advantage over this since it is not affected by the memory effect.
Durability: Both batteries are equally durable. Nimh is a little way ahead than a lithium battery. Lithium cells don’t last long during extreme weather conditions, most notably in humid weather.

Which One Can Last Longer Battery Lifespan?

Since lithium batteries have no cycle life, it can last longer than a NiMH battery which has a cycle life. A lithium cell can last up to 12 yrs longer or more. However, when exposed to the wrong temperature, battery life may end or shorten.

4 Facts You Need to Know about Nickel Metal Hydride or NiMH

Based on the fact sheets taken from Energizer, the leading manufacturer of AA batteries, there are things that you need to know about NiMH cells.

1. Storage. NiMH batteries like Energizer should be stored in a dry, cool place. Storing it under high-temperature will result in shorter battery life.
2. Mechanical Containment. You have to consult with the manufacturer of the battery if you need to pack or sealed the battery in an airtight container. They will tell you about the precautionary measures regarding this thing.
NiMH contains highly combustible components that might explode, spark or emit fumes that can be harmful to people and the environment.
3. Handling. Accidental short circuit may happen and if it happens once it may not affect the battery, however, if this happens continuously, the battery may be damaged. Jumbled cells, metal jewelry, tables, and belts may become sources of battery short circuit.
4. Charging. NiMH is made to be charged many times. However, to keep it running and in good condition, ensure to charge the battery before use. Overcharging may cause the battery to overheat and have shorter battery life.

Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Lifespan lasts longer if you observe the proper guidelines in charging and avoid the things that can shorten it. Know the battery before using it.