Places That Buy Used Car Batteries Near Me?

Selling second car batteries for quick cash.

​It is good to know that I can convert my used car batteries into cash. It doesn't matter if my battery is dead as a dodo, or was bought just a few months ago, there is a sure market for it. And the beauty of it is that there are hordes of places that buy used car batteries near me. And I also realized I could sell my slightly used battery at top dollar to direct buyers. These are people on the lookout for a good battery without them having to shell out for a brand-new battery at prices fixed by auto parts store. 

Who Buys Used Car Batteries​?

Using the 1Srap App is a big help in finding battery car buyers near me. The app maintains a list of vendors and places where to sell used automotive batteries, both those who only accept large shipments and those that agree to buy one battery from an individual seller. The app can even be used to schedule pick-up locally.

Let me give you a list of some of the places where you can purchase car batteries near you and me:

Advance Auto Parts
Napa as well as locally-owned auto part stores

The easiest places where I can sell used car batteries near me are auto parts stores. It could be AutoZone, Napa, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly or any locally-owned auto parts store in my area.

​It gets better if I am purchasing a new battery also. The auto parts store will normally offer me a credit to cover the core fee on my new battery which could range from $5 to $12 depending on where I am.. This fee is charged by the State for recycling old batteries. My auto parts store will shoulder the fee if you bring your old battery within 30 days.

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Scrap Or Junkyard

​If the auto parts store in my locality won’t give me cash for my used car battery, I can always bring it to a junkyard. Scrap and junkyards are not only buying old refrigerators or electric fans or even simply recycling bottles and old glass jars. They also buy used car batteries, mainly for their lead core that can be recycled and used again.

​How much can I get for my used battery from a scrap yard? Well, it depends on the current market value of lead scrap. If the lead scrap has a current market value of 33 cents per pound, and since a regular car battery contains 12 lbs of lead then, I can easily get $7 for my battery. If there are several scrap yards near my place, I can always compare their buying rate and of course, go to the one with a better price.  

​Metal Recycling Centers

​A scrap yard and a metal recycling center are different and yet has similarities which are good for me. When searching for “metal recycling centers near me,” I can get  a totally different set of results from searching for “ scrap yards near me.” This is good for me, and it means there are more places where I can sell my used battery and an opportunity to get the best price for it.

Usually metal recycling center has their rates posted on their website. But, if not I can always call and compare their price with that of the scrapyard. And just like in a junkyard, I will get more per battery if I have a number of them to sell.


​Craigslist also buys used batteries, and it might be a better choice if my battery is newer and still has some useful life for it. How much I can earn by selling used car batteries, depend on two factors… the demand for it and the cost of the battery when it was new.

​Selling used car battery via Craigslist is a better option than to a scrapyard or metal recycling yard since there is the possibility that I will get more for it. It is also very convenient especially if I  do not have the time to visit a scrapyard or there is none near me.

​Auto Repair Shop

​I can also try selling an old working battery to a local auto repair shop. Many auto repair shops have the tools and equipment to restore old batteries and sell them at a special price to people who don’t care for a brand new battery.

​However, I can only sell a defect-free used battery to an auto repair shop. Again, this is a better option for scrapping my battery or even selling it via Craigslist. At least I need not haggle with Craigslist buyers.  


Pawn Shops are also possible places where I can sell used car batteries that are still usable. But I might not get the best price for it since, the pawnshop that acts as a middleman, also needs to earn. I will be better off selling it via Craigslist. However, if my need for cash is immediate, a pawnshop will readily give me cash without waiting for a buyer for it.


Well, I can sell anything via eBay, including my car battery, whether its dead, used or new. There is always a buyer on eBay that will take advantage of my offer, especially if the price is right. 

Global Tech Environmental

If I have more than 500 lbs. of electronic scrap and batteries I want to sell, I can always get in touch with Global Tech Environmental and sell it to them. They not only buy car batteries but other types of batteries as well, that is, if I am a registered business. Global Tech only buys from legit businesses and if my company qualifies they will pick it up from anywhere in the US. 


If I’m selling old car batteries together with my entire car, I can check out  Pull-A-Part. They will give me a quote for the entire car, battery and all, and get paid in cash fast. They are also in charge of towing my car and relieving me with the junk.  


Peddle is something like Pull-A-Part, a car resale website that buys the entire car and anything under its hood, including its battery. I only need to post my car’s model and make on Peddle’s website, and then I get an immediate quote. I get paid once they have towed the car.

How Much Is Used Automotive Battery?

Price of 2nd hand car batteries.

Cost of new car batteries is not the same. One type of battery would cost differently from another, e.g., AGM batteries cost more than ordinary lead batteries. Also, a battery for a hybrid car would cost more than a battery of a standard SUV or sedan. This is because every type of battery has specific uses and function. This is also the reason why there is a wide divergence in car battery prices.

As a rule of thumb though, a used automotive battery would usually cost between 50% to 75% of the cost of a new battery. But it depends, of course, upon the quality and condition. If you’re thinking of buying a used car battery, there are several things you need to consider other than the price.

You should be aware of the potential damage that a used car battery can do to your car. If the price is too low, wonder why! Most probably, the battery has been already overused and therefore, may have lost some of its efficiency and effectiveness.

How To Get Free Used Car Batteries For Profit

Where i can get free battery?

Landfills or local community recycling centers in your area accept batteries for free. This is where you can get free used batteries which you can turn into a profit by restoring the batteries. That is, as long as the batteries are not damaged.

Signs of damage in a battery could be anything from a dent in the casing, melted plastic casing, burn wires, and the like.

Restoring or reviving used car batteries is quite a money-making venture and restoring or reconditioning batteries is relatively easy. Compared to other batteries, a car battery’s inside can be accessed and therefore, the problem can be identified and remedied. Even batteries as old as 10 years old can still be revived and returned to life. A simple restoration can extend the battery’s life to another 5 years or more.

Restored batteries can be resold for profit at any of the places that buy and sell used batteries.

​How To Restore Auto Batteries

We now know that restoring automobile batteries extends its life. If it can still be useful for say, five years, that could already make a lot of difference in terms of savings compared to buying a new one. In fact, some auto mechanics buy used car batteries and restore or refurbish them, and then sell them again at a much better price. Of course not as new, but as a refurbished used car battery.

Here are simple steps to restore a battery:

● Remove used acid and heat ½ gallon of distilled water to an almost boiling point. Then add half a pound of Epsom Salt and dissolve it completely. In place of this mixture, you can always buy battery acid. Set the solution aside.
● Wash the external part of the battery with baking soda and clean water to ensure that the inside is not contaminated. Baking soda counteracts against battery acid, making it harmless.
● Scrub cable connection and terminals to remove corrosion while maintaining work surface clean at all times.
● Using a screwdriver, pry off the battery cell covers, making sure that nothing falls into the cells.
● Clean the area directly around the open holes with a damp paper towel. Do it with extra care.
● Using a funnel, pour the solution on each cell, ensuring that the visible lead plate within is totally covered.
● Put back the cell covers and move the battery back and forth around 10 times to make sure that all surfaces are completely coated by the solution.
● Fasten the battery charger to the terminals and charge the battery for 24 hours.
● Repeat the process two or times to remove extra sulfur buildup. This can considerably improve the performance of the battery.

Battery Reconditioning Business

learn how to run a business as selling restored battery.

The battery reconditioning business in the US is a thriving business.  According to experts, the market volume of battery replacement is approximately $ 17 billion annually, making it a lucrative business for those who are interested. Other than the economic benefits of reconditioning batteries, it also has an environmental advantage. The need is there and reconditioning a car battery is not really complicated.

The field for a battery reconditioning business is almost clear since not many in the past have thought about it.  It is also a very cost-effective business making it pretty popular nowadays. 

A simplified description of the business is, you buy old or used batteries then restore them so that it will have an extended useful life. Of course, it will not last as long as a new battery, but at least the buyer of this restored batteries can save quite a sum since restored batteries won’t cost as much as a new one.  

A new battery costs around $ 200 dollars. The cost of a used car battery can be anywhere from $8 to $12 and reconditioning it will cost another $5 dollars. If you sell fully restored used automotive batteries at say a $100, two times cheaper than a new one, and accompany it with a one-year replacement warranty, for sure you will have a lot of takers. Your gross profit from such a sale is from $83 to $87, which is not bad at all.

If you sell only one fully restored car battery a day, your profit for the month is a minimum of $2,490, not bad for a part-time business.


Before, I didn’t know where to sell used car batteries near me, Now that I know where and who buys used batteries, I am more or less confident that when the time comes for me to replace my car battery, it will be effortless. And, I don’t even have to sell my used battery, I can restore it and get more life and usefulness out of it.