Subaru Battery Warranty {Everything You Should Know About!}

Subaru is a brand that will always come up when it comes to high-grade, stylish, and sophisticated vehicles that are affordable and reasonably priced. This car manufacturer is well-known for its extensive fleet of quality vehicles, which is recognized for offering warranty policies with good coverages and is considered generous.

Let’s take a look at their battery warranty.

What should you need to know about Subaru battery warranty? Original equipment batteries of newly purchased Subaru vehicles are covered by the company’s basic limited warranty with a coverage of 36 months (3 years) or mileage of 36,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

This limited warranty includes repairs and fixes that will correct defects due to materials and to address any issues on the batteries caused by poor quality or ineffective craftsmanship.

Hybrid systems or Subaru vehicles have different coverage when it comes to the battery warranty. Newly purchased Subaru hybrid vehicles are under a limited warranty policy with a coverage good for 96 months (8 years) or 100,000 miles, on whichever comes first basis.

The hybrid battery warranty includes repairs and adjustments necessary to correct the battery defects due to faulty materials and to address any kind of quality issues.

Subaru’s genuine replacement batteries, on the other hand, are covered by a different warranty policy. Genuine replacement batteries of Subaru are warranted by a policy good for 30 months with unlimited mileage.

Within this 30-month warranty period entitled to the replacement battery, the coverage balance of the limited warranty for the new Subaru vehicle will include reimbursement for the testing, service, and labor. Provided the Genuine Subaru replacement battery is purchased and installed by a Subaru authorized dealer.

Additionally, genuine Subaru battery replacements that fail after the 30 month warranty period are entitled with prorated warranty coverage for an 85-month limited period—provided that the basic limited warranty for new Subaru vehicles is already expired. The proration coverage will begin at the original install date of the replacement battery.

This Japanese car company’s battery warranty coverage can be a bit confusing for some owners. In this article, we will clarify these complexities by breaking each coverage down to a more understandable version.

The guide will also tackle some of the essential aspects of the battery warranty of Subaru, in hopes to provide clarity on some of its complexities. So come and join me as I breakdown each of these warranty coverages to simpler bits of information.

Breaking Down Subaru’s Battery Warranty Coverage

If you find the battery warranty of Subaru complicated, let us look at it from a different perspective. I am taking a look at each policy with a unique individual coverage, one for the original equipment battery, another for the hybrid battery, and the one for the genuine replacement batteries.

By taking a closer look at each of these coverages like one at a time, we will understand each of them and comprehend the entire battery warranty.

1. Battery Coverage Included on the New Vehicle Limited Warranty

Let us take a closer look at the first battery coverage of Subaru, which is focused on the original equipment battery. Original equipment power cells are the automotive batteries of the newly purchased Subaru vehicles. As stated on Subaru’s battery warranty policy, these batteries are under the company’s basic limited warranty.

This means that an original equipment power cell of a new vehicle is entitled to free repairs and fixes for at least 36 months or 36,000 miles, whichever will occur first. The coverage for these batteries will only include repairing defective battery parts and addressing any issues due to its craftsmanship.

2. Hybrid Batteries Warranty Coverage

In case the new Subaru vehicle is a hybrid or is equipped with a hybrid system, the basic limited warranty will be different. This will also apply to the coverage of the hybrid batteries. All hybrid power cells of Subaru are covered by a good policy for eight (8) years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first.

In this policy, the coverage will include fixes and repairs within the warranty period, as long as they address the battery’s craftsmanship issues and the defective components. This warranty policy does not apply to original equipment batteries, which are the traditional 12-volt car batteries.

3. Warranty Coverage for Genuine Subaru Replacement Batteries

When it comes to the genuine replacement batteries of Subaru, the warranty coverage is a lot different. These power cells are initially covered by a 30-month policy with unlimited mileage. Within this warranty period of 30 months, a defective battery will be replaced with a new one.

And in case the replacement battery fails after the 30 months, it will be eligible for prorated coverage that will last up to 85 months, which is a limited time period. The proration schedule for this coverage will begin at the original date the battery was installed.

In case the genuine replacement power cell from Subaru is purchased, the new vehicle’s limited warranty is not expired. The coverage for the genuine replacement battery will include reimbursement for the diagnostics, installation, and labor for the remaining coverage of the limited warranty for new vehicles-provided that the genuine Subaru battery replacement is installed by a Subaru sanctioned dealer.

There you go! This car company’s battery warranty policy broken down into three simpler and easier to understand points of view. By breaking them down into small parts, you can now easily recognize how each of them works, which will eventually lead to understanding the entire concept.

With these three broken down parts, you will realize that the battery warranty of Subaru works depending on the type of battery being covered.

Keeping Your Battery Coverage Maintained and Valid

Warranty policies are made to protect both sides, the customer from incompetent and poor quality products, and the manufacturer from false claims. To ensure that your Subaru battery coverage will stay valid and maintained, you have to do your part of the policy.

You can do this by simply committing on all your responsibilities as a Subaru battery or vehicle owner. If you don’t have any idea about these responsibilities, you can learn more about them below.

1. Proper Upkeep and Good Maintenance of the Battery

As an owner of a Subaru vehicle or a genuine replacement battery, your primary responsibility is to keep the product in top shape. You have to keep in mind that if you want your warranty coverage to be intact, you have to show them a battery that is valid and worthy of the policy inclusions.

One of the best ways to do this is by properly maintaining the battery and providing it the upkeep that it needs to stay in shape. You also have to take care of the battery and keep it away from harmful elements that may cause any kind of damage to the power cell.

Included on your primary responsibility is to follow the owner’s manual for the battery’s upkeep and other requirements. You also have to keep in mind that damages due to the negligence of maintenance and attempts of modification will void the policy.

So make sure to follow the owner’s manual when it comes to the battery’s maintenance and upkeep.

2. Keeping of Maintenance Records, Receipts, and Related Documents

A responsible owner also keeps the records, receipts, and other related maintenance documents for future reference. These records will also be considered as proof that every maintenance requirement is complied with and done.

Keeping these records will also come in handy for future references when it comes to scheduled checkups and other preventive maintenance activities.

3. Getting or Activating the Warranty Service

If you are an owner of a Subaru replacement battery or perhaps a vehicle, it is your duty to get or activate your product’s warranty service.

You can do this by taking your vehicle or replacement battery to the nearest Subaru authenticated dealer in your area and presenting them with the owner’s manual of your product. This will register your Subaru product on its database and will activate its warranty coverage.

Those are the major responsibilities of a Subaru owner. The main thing that you have to understand is that your primary duty is to take good care of your product. Please keep it away from anything that can cause damage to it that will also nullify the warranty. If you are doing this, then you are assured that your warranty claim will be successful.