Top 5 Best Portable Car Battery Chargers Products For 2018

Have you ever had an emergency situation where you find that your car won’t just start because your battery is dead? And to make things worse, you’re all alone or far away from home?

Before, you would have to just depend on sheer luck that a stranger will pass by to help in jump starting your car. It’s a great thing that today, you can simply get yourself the best portable car battery charger and you will never have to worry about this kind of situation in 2018.

In this article, Battery Man Guide will help you in choosing an excellent car battery charger that is portable by giving you five of the best ones in the market today. These chargers are not only the most popular ones, but they also give great value for your money.

We’ll give you plenty of information so you can compare them by yourself so you will have an easier time in selecting the best.

Lightweight Battery Charger Reviews

Having a car has its many advantages and provide a convenient way of getting from one place to another. However, on the other side of things, it also has its disadvantages. Sometimes, it is difficult to find a parking space.

In worst case scenarios, it breaks down, and you are stuck on the side of a highway waiting for help to come. With emergency services being widely available these days, hardly anyone carries with them jumper cables. (If you don’t have one then you may want to read our review for the best battery jump starter).

So even if other car owners would want to help you, they won’t be able to because they don’t have a jump starter for your dead battery.

And even if you have jumper cables, you still have to hope that someone would come along and be willing to let you use their car so you can jump start yours.

You have to remember that if it is not done correctly, it may damage the electrical system of the vehicle. That’s why it’s important that you are prepared for this kind of situation.

By having a lightweight car battery charger, you can easily jump start your vehicle in just minutes. You don’t need jumper cables and the mercy of strangers because you will be able to jump-start your vehicle by yourself.

Now that we know how important it is to have a easy to carry a portable car battery charger, the next thing would be choosing one among the many. Let’s take a look at these chargers so you can see which one fits your needs and preference best.

No.5 Schumacher PSJ-2212 DSR ProSeries Portable Car Battery Charger

This one is a high-output, professional grade charger that has extra power and is ready for the most difficult conditions. It has a built-in AGM battery with 330 amp, a DC outlet, and an AC charger. You can easily use this lightweight car battery charger when you have emergencies while traveling.

Here are some of its features:

Item Specification
● 50 inches in length
● Has four gauge cable capable of carrying plenty of current
● Professional grade
● Vented case
● 2200 peak amps
● AGM battery which is perfect for jump starting
● 330 cranking amps
● 3 amp AC charger built in for fast recharge
● DC outlet
● Automatic shut off
● Reverse polarity warning
● Alligator clamps that are heavy duty along with copper jaws that are replaceable

● Great value
● Heavy duty cables that and long enough
● Reliable for fast charging

● May be heavy
● No cord for recharging is included
● Fan can be noisy while recharging

No.4 Clore ES2500 Booster PAC Jump Starter

An emergency situation calls for a professional grade lightweight car battery charger. It should be reliable and powerful so that you can be sure of its performance in bringing your car to a start. This unit is very easy to use. No need to learn any complicated system. You can use it easily at very stressful and rushed situations. This charger has great cranking power and can even jump start five cars in just one charge.

Let’s see some of its features.

Item Specifications
● 21 inches in length
● Has four gauge cables along with Hot Jaw alligator clamps of industrial quality
● Has a durable case
● LED lights indicate the charging status
● Has an outlet for DC power for your other needs
● Includes an AC charger
● Specifically designed for jump starting batteries
● 300 cranking amps
● 900 peak amps
● Professional grade

● Preferred by professionals
● Reliable for jump starting
● Quality of unit is commercial-grade

● May need longer cables
● Doesn’t have reverse polarity warning
● Doesn’t automatically shut off when you charge from a socket of a 12v DC
● Doesn’t have any place to store the AC charger

No.3 Schumacher PSJ-1812 DSR ProSeries Portable Battery Booster

Schumacher is known to produce very powerful car battery chargers. If a booster is what you’re looking for, this is it. This lightweight car battery charger has a lot of cranking power with a very reliable AGM battery with advanced designs. Its construction is also heavy duty. You can be sure that this charger will perform excellently. The professional features of this charger will surely be appreciated by its users.

Item Specifications
● 28 inches in length
● Has four gauge cables
● Has a durable case
● LED lights for indicating charging status
● Has an AC charger built into it
● Has a professional grade AGM battery
● 18 amp hour high output
● 280 cranking amps
● 1800 peak amps

● Compact size
● DC outlet
● A trusted battery booster
● Professional grade

● It does not include a recharging power cord
● It does not have an on/off switch
● You may find the cables too short
● Charging time may take up to twenty-four hours.

No.2 Clore JNC660 Battery Jump Starter

This lightweight car battery charger is arguably one of the most powerful chargers in today’s market. It is something that professionals use. It has a purpose-built design for jump starters, 425 amps of cranking power, and 1700 peak amps. Many users will swear that this is certainly one of the best chargers out there. It is very popular with a lot of users and professionals.

Item Specifications
● A DC outlet for your travel needs
● Has an AC charger built into it
● Has a built-in battery that is designed specifically for jump-starting emergencies
● 425 cranking amps
● 1700 peak amps

● Very fast jump start compared to using jumper cables
● Has a lot of power for starting most vehicles
● Is very reliable whenever you need to jump start your car

● The charger may easily tip over
● You may get a bit confused with the charge indicator
● It does not have an on/off switch
● You may find that the cables are too short

No.1 Clore JNC300XL Portable Jump Starter

Our number one in the list is the Clore JNC300XL Portable Jump Starter. It is one of the most popular chargers in the market, and you won’t wonder why. It has that balance between quality and price. Any user would want a reliable and durable lightweight car battery charger without having to spend so much. This is definitely one you should consider. It is not very heavy, and it has sufficient power that is highly capable of jump starting your car.

Item Specifications
● Has a system for handy grip-lock storage
● Has a high-intensity work light built into it
● Has a power density Clore PROFORMER battery built into it
● Has as 12v outlet
● At nine pounds, it is very portable and lightweight
● 27 inches in length
● Has four gauge cables along with alligator clamps that are full size
● 225 cranking amps
● 900 peak amps

● Powerful and compact
● Construction is high quality
● The best portable charger
● Much easier to use compared to jumper cables

● It does not have a built-in AC charger
● The clamps have bulky plastic clips
● It does not shut off automatically
● Bigger engines during colder weather may present a problem

What to Do Next

What do you think of our list of the top-rated automotive chargers? We do hope that this list will give you enough information so you can choose an excellent charger for your car’s emergency needs.

It is always beneficial if you are prepared for emergency situations as it can happen anytime, anywhere. You can’t rely on the kindness of strangers and the chance that they have jumper cables with them so you can jump-start your car.

You always have to be ready. When choosing the best portable car battery charger, you first have to consider your needs and then also think about the budget or the money you are willing to spend for it.

Most of the time, you will really have to pay a premium to get the best ones. But if you do your research and take the time to shop around, you may find the best deals. We believe this list helps you in deciding which one is right for you and your budget.

Don’t forget to leave your email address so we can send more information about lightweight car battery chargers to you.

It’s all for free, and we strive our best to give you helpful and valuable information so you will have less trouble when it comes to issues with your car.

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