Can I Call Uber For A Jump Start Service?

Wonder if we can get help from Uber to jumpstart our car battery or not.

Is there an Uber jump start service when you get stuck in the middle of nowhere? Your car stalled and you have no one to get help. Can you call uber to jumpstart your vehicle? These are the questions we often get from motorists around the world.

Can I use Uber to jumpstart my car? Aside from being the number one TNVS in the world, Uber can also assist you with other services like jumpstarting your vehicle. Well, this statement is made by some Uber clients who have experienced asking Uber to help them jump start their stalled cars.

Uber is a TNVS transport system that uses the internet to get your car service. Being a Transport Network Vehicle Service (TNVS), Uber and Grab became the first worldwide internet connected service.

Once you have the application on your mobile phone, you can quickly get their transport services and get you where you wanted to be.

Before you call Uber for a jumpstart service make sure that you have the jumpstart cable in your car. Otherwise, you are not sure if the Uber driver you have called has a jumpstart cable in his vehicle.

It is a must for every car owner to have that jumpstart cable available in his car anytime.

3 Reasons Why You Should Call An Uber Instead Of A Towing Service To Jumpstart Your Car

Uber does not really offer jumpstarting your car as part of their service. However, you can pay these Uber drivers for doing a simple help for the jumpstart services.

You just need to have your own jumper cables as some Uber drivers don’t have it. Look at this practical reasons why it is better to call an Uber service instead of towing services.

1. It Is A Lot Cheaper

Considering the price of a towing service, Uber is a lot cheaper. Imagine paying $50 to $80 for merely jumpstarting your car.

When you ask an Uber driver to jump start for you, you can tell him to keep the meter running while he jumpstarts your vehicle and it wouldn’t take you more than $8 to do it.

So it is a lot more practical and cheaper to do.

2. It Responds Faster Than Towing Services

When it comes to quick response, I would instead choose an Uber service to do the jump for me. Towing services takes a lifetime to respond.

As long as you have your data with you, you can always avail of an Uber driver nearby to help you out in jumpstarting your car.

3. Uber Is Everywhere

There is always an Uber service anywhere you go. Whether you got stalled in the middle of nowhere, rest assured that an Uber driver is just nearby to offer help to you. Uber is the most accessible jumpstart service you can avail anytime.

Though jumpstarting is not part of the services they offered, the goodness of the driver to help you out is what surfaces in the end. Who knows, one day, Grab and Uber will be offering this deal soon.

It is a big hassle to be stalled in the middle of the highway with no one to help you out. It is always a good thing if there is someone who will pass by to help you.

What if you got nobody there to assist you? It is still handy to have that Uber jump start service number to provide us with the help needed anytime.

We should understand that jumpstarting a car is not a part of any Uber services. However, we must be ready and alert at all times when things like this happen to us.

It is always helpful to know how to jumpstart a car, just in case the one you call to assist you knows nothing about jumpstarting a car.

Why Do We Need To Jumpstart Our Car?

So you get stuck in your driveway or anywhere you have been, jumpstarting your vehicle is the first action every good driver must do. You have to move and get out of where you are now.

Of course, you need a battery replacement if that is the cause of getting stalled. But before you buy the new battery replacement, you have to get out of where you are, and that’s the purpose of jumpstarting your car.

The next thing that you need to know is the knowledge of jumpstarting your car. You may have a driver to assist you, but if both of you don’t know how to jump start a vehicle, you may end up in a more tragic situation.

Better be equipped with the knowledge of jumpstarting a car and with a jumpstart cable always handy in your car, you can still be ready to give help for yourself and others as well.

How To Jumpstart A Car

1. You need the help of another car and your jumper cables ready.
2. Position the vehicle towards each other, where the battery terminals are close to each car. Make sure both cars are in the Park or Neutral. Both vehicles should be turned off first with brakes engaged.
3. Attach the positive terminals or the red clips to the + sign and the other positive end to the other car.
4. Attach the black terminal to the negative pole of the battery and on to the other end of the negative terminal to the other vehicle.
5. Start the engine on both cars and let it run for a few minutes until the vehicle has gained enough charge for the battery. Disconnect the cables.
6. Do not turn off your engine. Let it run or drive around until the car is fully charged. If the battery turned dead again the next time, then it is time for a battery replacement.

Youtube: (If you like to see the video).

There are many varied reasons why a car won’t start. Most of the time the battery is the culprit.

If ever you get stalled in the middle of the highway, the first thing that you need to do is to jumpstart a vehicle. You have to find a good-hearted fellow driver passing you by to help or assist you for a jumpstart.

Otherwise, you will have no choice but to get the towing services or contact an Uber driver around to assist you jumpstarting your car. Therefore, it is a great lesson to learn that one must always check his car battery before leaving for a long drive.

But before you do that battery check, make sure that you follow these simple instructions to avoid battery related accidents. There are a few things that you need to know to prevent further damages to you and your vehicle.

These are the safety measures that you need to make when checking the battery below.

Safety Measures To Remember When Checking A Car Battery

– Avoid Smoking or lighting a cigarette while working on the battery. Batteries are made from sulfuric acid that creates hydrogen gas; it may spark a fire anytime so better avoid smoking. If it gets on your skin or clothes, make sure to wash them off with water.

– Always disconnect the Battery When You Work on It, but Turn-Off the Engine first. Turn off the engine then disconnect the negative terminal of the battery before you work on anything.

The disconnection will save you from any voltage problem that could damage the computer box of the vehicle.

– Remember to Remove the Negative Cables First and Connect it Last. Doing this will prevent you from electric shock.

Trying to remove the positive pole first would make any metal attach and fuse to any part that touches it. You also have to remember that the negative cable should be the last to connect.

Here are some of the tips on how to check your car battery:

– Ensure that There Are No Powdery Deposits in Your Battery Terminal. These powdery deposits are acid leaks from the battery itself. Letting it sit for a more extended period may shorten your battery life.

Always see to it that your battery terminals are free from this powdery deposits. You can brush it off using a baking soda and water. Disconnect the battery cables before doing the cleaning.

– Check Battery Cables for Corrosion and Fray. Battery cables are subject to wear and tear. If you find that your cables are corroded and frayed, then it is time for a replacement. It may cause a short circuit if the cable wires and clamps are old and corroded.

Make sure that you replaced them at once. If your battery is starting to show symptoms and signs of wearing out, then try recharging it or replaced it with a new one before it dies out.

– Check the Case and Terminals of the Battery. Sometimes battery cases crack, or there has been visible terminal damage, change the battery immediately to avoid any future accident or loss.

It isn’t easy to get stuck and stalled with nobody to help you. Knowing the basic things about jumpstarting your battery will solve half of the problem.

The only thing that you need is the vehicle that will jumpstart your car. Maintaining a car is tough; you need to know a lot of things to save yourself from the hassle and the unnecessary spending.

Knowing the ways to jumpstart your car is an advantage on your part. The most practical thing to do when you are stalled somewhere is to merely call an Uber jump start service to assist you and provide you the vehicle to power up yours.