What To Put On Battery Terminals To Prevent Corrosion

Car batteries are subject to corrosion. Since it is made up of different chemical substances, it can leak through the array and start the build-up. The presence of corrosion in your cells can weaken your battery power.

It can also shorten battery life and make it less efficient. Aside from cleaning the battery terminals regularly, you may also opt for different agents that you can apply to your battery terminals to prevent the build-up.

What do you need to put on battery terminals to prevent corrosion? Proper maintenance and periodic check-up for your battery is a way to prolong its lifespan. However, the presence of corrosion hasten it and makes it vulnerable to damage and weakening. There is an inexpensive method to prevent corrosion build-up in your battery.

● Petroleum jelly
● Washers that are anti-corrosion
● Dielectric grease

More Details on What to Apply on Battery Terminals to Avoid from Corrosion

Petroleum jelly. If you are looking for something that could fight corrosion build-up from your battery, petroleum jelly is the best choice for you. Apply a tablespoon of that petroleum jelly in both battery posts. By using a wrench, remove the battery from the posts then rub the jelly in each of the battery terminals.
Be sure to wear your hand gloves before application. It can be too greasy to use. Attach the positive wire first, then the negative cable before you reconnect the battery.
Washers that are anti-corrosion. You can easily find this washer in most auto parts and shops. Using anti-corrosion washers is one of the cheapest ways to prevent corrosion from building up.
Washers have a specially formulated chemical that works against rust and corrosion. It is also known as felt pads. You need to remove the battery then put on the washers and reconnect the battery.
Dielectric grease. Just a tablespoon of dielectric grease is enough to prevent the build-up of corrosion on your car battery. Dielectric grease is available in your auto parts, battery shops, and hardware. Apply the dielectric grease to the battery terminals before reconnecting the battery.

How to Use Silicone Spray for Battery Terminals

Silicone spray is relatively ok to use for your battery terminals. Contrary to what most people are saying, it will not increase resistance. Silicone spray will push out the grease, and the metal to metal contact is still possible. The only thing about the Silicone spray is that it can get so messy.

It could creep into your switches and create problems. Silicone spray is an excellent degreaser, but you have to use it with caution as it can have other issues when it slips into other car parts.

Which is Better to Use for Your Battery Terminals, Dielectric Grease or CRC Spray?

Dielectric grease has been known to many. It has also proven its worth in terms of fighting against corrosion in battery terminals. The only downside of dielectric grease is the messy part of the application.

It can also have problems with the insulation system. The connection between the battery and the cables can be affected and weakened when you apply dielectric grease.

A CRC Spray can easily detect leaks. It neutralizes the acid and the by-products of corrosion. CRC Spray can be applied quickly. Spray it on your battery terminals and posts and rinse it off. More people like the CRC spray because it is easy and not messy to use.

To answer which is better between the two, only the car owner can decide on that. I have presented you the facts and how each degreaser works. If you have any other considerations, then let that be the deciding factor on how you will choose the better one.

Can Dielectric Grease Enables a Good Battery Connection?

Dielectric grease is becoming a controversial issue. More people are questioning if it can still make the battery conductive to electricity or it lessens the connections after using the dielectric grease.

It may have rooted with the name dielectric. Dielectric means insulators and may have future issues on connections. However, experts would claim that greases that contain powdered metal generally improve the connection while dielectric greases tend to isolate the links because that is mainly the function of a dielectric.

Dielectric grease is an insulator. Conductive lubricant and dielectric grease contain powdered metal, which is sometimes the reason why the conduction function is lessened. Metal powder that is suspended makes the voltage decrease, and it breaks down the arc paths passing through the grease.

Dielectric greases don’t have these fine metal powder. Therefore, we rule out any doubt on the ineffective use of the dielectric grease as a conductive anti-corrosion agent. It is not true that it lessens the voltage of the battery connection. It improves them.

Is it Ok to Use Petroleum Jelly on Battery Terminals?

Yes, it is ok to use petroleum jelly on your battery terminals. It is cost-effective and is an excellent recommendation to keep your batteries rust-free and active during the winter season.

We all know the damage created by corrosion on our car battery. Corrosion kills and damages our car batteries. You can try using petroleum jelly on your car battery.

Just before winter begins, try to dab a smear of balm to your battery terminals. You will never regret doing such as it can work effectively to protect your battery against rust and corrosion. It will also keep your battery alive all winter season.

Does Using Grease on Battery Terminals Safe?

Yes, it is safe to use grease for your battery terminals. However, try to use white lithium grease. You can buy it at any automotive stores. Greasing your battery terminal will not hinder the battery’s electrical connection. It will prevent rust and corrosion.

The grease must be applied after connecting the battery and make sure that you use it on a clean and dirt free battery surface.

What you put on battery terminals to prevent corrosion do not have to be expensive. The things that we mentioned here are all budget-friendly materials. What makes it essential is that you are exerting all effort to maintain and protect your battery against corrosion.

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