What Tools Do I Need To Change A Car Battery?

Changing a car battery can be very easy and simple. However, there are certain tools that you need in order to perform the battery change smoothly and correctly. Without these tools, it would be difficult for someone to change the battery. There are cables that need to be taken cared of and needs a special tool to protect these cables and electrical connections.

What tools do I need to change a car battery? In changing a car battery, you will need these five essential tools:

● 10mm 3/8 Drive Socket
● 3/8 inch Drive Socket Extension Set
● 3/8 inch Drive Quick Release Ratchet
● Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush
● Battery Terminal Dielectric Grease

These five tools are needed for changing car batteries. It will be helpful if you always have this when you travel. You can easily change your batteries when necessary as long as you have these tools around.

More Details on These 5 Tools

10mm 3/8 Drive Socket. This 10 mm. A socket wrench is a type of wrench which has a socket attached on the other end which is usually used to make a fastener turn.
In pulling out a battery, you need to detach the clamp first. You will need the 10 mm 3/8 drive socket to remove the battery clamps. You only need to loosen the 10 mm nut to remove the clamps of the battery.
3/8 inch Drive Socket Extension Set. The 3/8 inch drive socket extension set is typically used for hard to reach area like when your battery is a side-type or for those whose battery is located under the seats. It is used for extending over the areas which are hard to reach.
3/8 inch Drive Quick Release Ratchet. This quick release ratchet is also used for hard to reach area. It can fit in narrow spaces. The quick-release feature can easily lock and unlock a socket.
Battery Terminal Cleaning Brush. A battery terminal cleaning brush is a must as a changing tool for a battery. You will use it for scrubbing corroded batteries. Insert the brush and clean it by twisting the clamps of the positive and negative terminals.
Battery Terminal Dielectric Grease. Experts highly recommend the dielectric grease. We used Dielectric Grease to protect the terminals of the battery against corrosion and to improve the connection.

How Do We Use a Battery Terminal Puller?

A battery terminal puller is also known as the battery removal tool. We use this in pulling out the battery.

Here is how you used it correctly:

● Try to loosen the clamp bolt. Under the side of each battery cable clamp, you have to place jaws. Tighten up the screw in the middle until you have free the clamp.
● You may use the puller in removing the battery terminal clamp without causing damage to the post of the battery.
● The puller will work even more on a corroded spring type clamps.

Is a Car Removal Tool and Battery Terminal Puller the Same?

Like what I mentioned a while ago, a car removal tool and a battery terminal puller are the same. We used this particular removal tool or puller in removing the battery clamps that are hard to reach or hard to remove. It helps us in pulling out the battery by removing the braces that are fastened to the battery itself.

Know the Signs on When You Should Replace Your Power Tools

Our battery changing tools are subject to wear and tear too. In the long run of using it, there could be damage that could lessen the effectivity of the machines. When you see that your devices are not that accurate anymore, maybe its time for a replacement.

Here are some of the signs that you need to replace your battery changing tools:

● You have been using the tools for long. The time spent in using a particular tool will be enough to determine if it is due for replacement. Over time, these tools will no longer function as it is expected when it was new. Battery changing tools should be replaced once you noticed that it lessens its functionality and effectivity.
● The repair cost will be more than a replacement. There will be times when you think you will just be repairing the tools instead of buying a new one. Think again, compute the repair cost, if the repair will take more than 50% of the newly replaced one, then go and buy a new one.

Is it Safe to Use a Metal Tool for My Battery Replacement?

Yes, it is safe to be using a metal tool for changing your batteries. However, there should be some point of caution that you should practice here. Better make sure that your metal tool will not touch the battery posts or any metal parts of the car.

It will create a spark or ground the wires connected to it. If you are using a metal tool, make sure that you know how to use it properly.

Why Do We Need Tools for Removing Our Car Battery?

Having your car battery changing tools is a lot helpful for people who always travel. These tools will save you from going to an auto shop or a battery shop to have your batteries removed.

On your own, you can learn the expertise of changing the car batteries on your own if you have these power tools with you anytime. It can save you a lot of time, money, and effort if you will be doing it yourself.

What is the Most Important Tool for Battery Changing?

Though there are five tools, an essential tool is the 10 mm. 3/8 Drive Socket, because I believe that to change the battery, you need to loosen up the battery clamps attached to the terminals first. Once you have loosened up the braces, it will be easier to pull the battery out.

Learning and knowing what tools do you need to change a car battery is essential. It will hasten the work and will save you a lot of money. You no longer have to visit a mechanic to pull out your battery.

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