What Type Of Battery Does My Car Remote Need?

Over the past few decades, the vehicle industry has been experiencing a significant transition. Now and then, new vehicle models hit the market intending to make our lives more fun. When it comes to technology advancements, today’s vehicles have a lot to say. Who would have thought that there will come a time when we would have keyless cars? No one saw that coming.

Keyless cars have come to the rescue of many people as they are a bit secure and reduce the baggage of having to carry your keys around. Like it’s with the car’s battery, your car’s remote has a battery and which is likely to run out within no time.

What type of battery does my car remote need? The batteries found in the car’s remote vary from one vehicle model to another. Today, you will find about ten remote batteries for your car. However, here are the top five batteries found in most cars:

1. Energizer – 2032
2. Energizer – 2025
3. Energizer – 1620
4. Energizer – 1632
5. Energizer – 1616

Today, you can easily find batteries for your car remote at the auto shop near you. Besides, convenient stores normally stock these tiny batteries. The good thing about remote batteries is that they are much cheap as compared to the standard car battery.

Their prices range from $3 to $20 based on the model and number of cells available in the packaging. Without saying much, here are some of the most common models you should consider during your next renewal.

List of the 5 Best Battery for Your Car Remote from Energizer

1. Energizer – 2032 (6-pack)

If you’re looking to bring your car remote to life, you should consider the Energizer-2032. The six-pack pack usually goes for about $14 and can serve you for an extended period. The 3-volt batteries can store power for up to eight years. By stocking this pack, you may end up forgetting if your car remote ever needed a battery to function.

2. Energizer – 1620

The Energizer-1620 is also termed as one of the best models you must consider. Many drivers love the model because it’s compatible with most remotes. Also, this lithium coin battery holds power for up to eight years, and that means you won’t have to worry about stocking. Besides, the battery lasts long.

3. Energizer- 2025 (4-pack)

With about $11, you can get a 4-pack of 2025 lithium coin battery. The pack is deemed to be one of the best a driver can ever have for a car remote. The model is flat and can as well fit in most vehicle remotes. The pack has four cells, and that means you can as well replace the old batteries in your other remotes. Also, the battery powers the remote for a long period and hence worth the investment.

4. Energizer – CR1616

If you’re looking for a battery renewal in your car remote, consider the Energizer CR1616. The battery fits in most cars’ remote and comes at a reasonable price, about $5. The CR1616 is one of the best models you can ever buy for your remote as can store its charge up to ten years. Besides, the 3-volt battery can serve your remote for a long period.

5. Energizer -2016

With about $6, you can have a 2-pack of this 2016 lithium coin battery. The 2016 model is ranked among the best batteries you can invest for your car remote because they last long. The battery provides 3 volts of power to your device for an extended period.

How to Replace the Battery in Your Car’s remote

By now, you are aware of the many battery models you can invest in for your keyless car fob. When it comes to picking the perfect option, you must ensure that you go for a model that can fit your remote. You can confirm with the auto store to reduce the confusion. Now that you know your ideal battery, the next step is to replace the battery; you can ask a mechanic to replace the battery for you.

Also, if you’re DIY kind of a person, you can go ahead and perform the replacement by yourself. Replacing the battery is easy as it doesn’t ask for any special skills. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to carry out the replacement by you.

1. Confirm the battery type. As stated earlier, every car remote requires a specific battery model. For instance, your fob may be running on a 2025 or 2032. If it’s your first replacement, you must check the type before heading to a shop to place an order.

Most cars make it easy for the driver to find the battery number they require for their fob. You can check at the back of your fob for a four-digit number, which is your battery number.

2. Open the remote. Once you’re sure of the battery number, your next move should be to open the battery cover. Turn the key fob over to access the cover. The cover should be easy to open using a flat head screwdriver. Pry it open in a few places to avoid breaking the key fob’s cover because they are hard to find.

3. Replace the battery. Once the battery cover is removed, you can now see the battery. First, ensure that you observe how the battery is placed to avoid placing the new one wrongly. Most car remotes have their batteries set with the written side facing up.

Therefore, don’t confuse because the sides of the battery indicate the terminals as they are in a cell. After placing the new battery in position, you can cover it and then test if the remote is working.

When it comes to high-end cars such as Mercedes Benz, replacing the battery of their keyless fob can be challenging. For these types of vehicles, you will have to first remove the metal back up key before dissembling the remote.

However, these remotes still use the same kinds of batteries as ones used in other cars’ remotes. Therefore, once you access the battery holding area, there is nothing else you should worry about.

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