Where Is The Battery Located In A BMW 328i?

Over the past few decades, the German manufacturer, BMW, has continued to flood the market with classy cars. The BMW 328i model, for example, is one of the few versions from the company that have been received well. This luxurious ride comes loaded with plenty of specs and unique design as compared to other cars in the industry.

Where is the battery located in a BMW 328i? As opposed to other types of vehicles in the market, the battery in the BMW 328i is usually located in the trunk. Often, the battery is in a compartment on the right-hand side of the boot.

The car has the area covered and hence making it hard for the new car owners, especially, to say that their BMW doesn’t have a battery. The fact that most cars have their batteries placed in the engine area confuses most new drivers when it comes to BMW. The idea behind having the battery in the trunk helps prevent the engine from damaging the battery.

As you are aware, the engine gets hot while running. The heat coming from the engine can reach the battery, thus evaporating the fluids present in the cell. In the long run, the draining can cause damages to your battery, if not watched.

This is one of the many reasons why BMW has the battery in their BMW 328i placed in the boot. The boot section is free from heat and has plenty of space to accommodate batteries of different sizes.

4 Signs that the Battery of Your BMW is Failing

The fact that the battery of a BMW 328i is usually in the boot area and hidden means that it can easily be ignored. New drivers, especially, find themselves forgetting if the battery ever existed.

Failing to check up on your car’s battery can see a slight crack; for instance, grow bigger and finally killing the cell. It’s for such reasons you’re always advised to observe the many signs in your BMW that show the battery is about to die. Some of the common symptoms you should see include:

1. Dim headlights. Cars come with bright headlights. But, with time, the lights are prone to fading. Among the many reasons that your car’s light may go dim is a faulty battery. Therefore, if you notice that your car’s headlights are dim, the first thing to check should be your battery. Dim lights may be an indication that your battery isn’t providing sufficient power.

2. The car won’t start. Imagine waking up to a vehicle that won’t start. Such cases are common and are mostly related to a faulty battery. The battery is responsible for giving the electric power needed to ignite the engine.

Therefore, your car failing to start means that the battery doesn’t have enough charge to initiate the process. It’s for this reason that we check the battery first whenever the car fails to start.

3. The battery doesn’t hold charge. Every battery model has a period in which it can carry energy without depending on the power from the alternator. Your car battery should be able to power your radio and headlights, for example, when the car is off. The capacity reduces as the battery gets old or damaged.

Therefore, if you notice that your battery can’t run your stereo while the car is resting, then there is a problem. This should a clear sign that you need a new battery for your BMW.

4. Dashboard warning sign. Today, and thanks to technology, cars come fitted with dashboard warning signs which tells you when the vehicle has a problem with any of its components.

For instance, you can find a battery warning sign, which appears whenever your battery has a problem. The dimness should tell you that your battery needs to be replaced. You should never ignore such a warning as this can lead to more severe issues to your battery.

How to Change the Battery of My BMW 328i

By now you know the symptoms of a dying battery. If your battery is already showing the signs, then it’s time to call for a battery replacement. Most auto shops dealing with car batteries do offer battery replacement services to their customers. Therefore, you can always ask for the guys at the store to replace the old battery with the new one you got from them.

But, if you’re a DIY kind of a guy, you can always carry out the battery replacement by yourself. Replacing the battery of your BMW is an easy task and that you can perform at your home. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the battery of your BMW 328i, as a professional. The guide applies to any BMW driver using a 2002 and newer model.

1. Locate the Battery. BMW has left many confused when it comes to finding the battery’s location. When it comes to the BMW 328i, the battery is usually in the trunk, on the passenger side. Once you have located the area compartment, remove the liner to expose the hidden battery.

2. Disconnect the Negative Terminal. Once, you can access the battery start by loosening the negative terminal. Loosen the nut holding the terminal and pull away from the cable.

3. Disconnect the Positive Terminal. Unscrew the positive terminal as you did with the negative one. When it comes to disconnecting the terminal, you must remember to start with the negative one.

Starting with the positive terminal can end up shorting your battery, thus reducing its lifespan. Also, when dealing with the cables, you must be careful not to destroy the sensors that are usually attached to the battery cables.

4. Replace the Old Battery. Once the wires are disconnected, the next step should be to remove the old battery and replace it with a new one.

5. Connect the Terminals. Once the new battery is placed in the battery compartment, the next step should be to connect the terminals. When connecting, you should now start with the positive terminal then followed by the negative one.

6. Register the Battery. The last step involves registering your new battery using your smartphone. The registration resets your car’s charging history and statistics related to the battery. If you fail to register, the new battery may end up failing prematurely.

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