Where Can I Buy A 18650 Battery Near Me?

An 18650 cell comes across as slightly bigger than a AA battery. This is a lithium-ion cell that is often used for gadgets like flashlights, laptops and devices that are high-draining. These particular batteries are popular because of their high capacity and ability to discharge at a high rate. They can also be charged for many times before they get damaged.

Where can I buy genuine 18650 batteries? Genuine 18650 batteries can be bought from any reliable dealers all over the world. Here are some of the most common places that you can buy them:

1. Amazon
2. AliExpress
3. Walmart
4. Banggood

Most batteries of this type have the ability of 300 to 500 cycles and even more if they get recharged early before they are completely discharged. The performance from an 18650 battery even get better when you use it for an appropriate device. A matching device should be slightly lower than the 18650 cell you want to use in terms of discharge rate.

The 18650 batteries are rechargeable batteries that perform fairly well on any type of device. They can be used for a variety of portable electronic device that is from smartphones to digital cameras and even flashlights.

List of the Best Places You Can Purchase 18650 Rechargeable Batteries

When shopping for 18650 cells, you will have to ensure that you buy real sets of batteries. To accomplish this, you will have to buy them from genuine supplier to avoid wasting your money. The market is filled with counterfeit batteries that might even damage your electronic devices, you should avoid these type. The following is a list of top dealers where you can get genuine 18650 batteries:

1. Amazon

Amazon is a top and trusted dealer for electronic items and for items like batteries too. This is a firm that has a reputation worldwide for dealing with genuine products so the chances of you going wrong when you buy from Amazon are quite slim.

Another good reason why you should buy 18650 cells from Amazon is that they give a vivid description of the products. This is really helpful in the case of these type of cells as you need to make sure that the type of cell you are buying is actually suitable for the device you want to use it in. they even go the extra mile and advising on devices that a particular battery can be used for.

2. AliExpress

This is another outlet that can get you quality 18650 batteries for your devices. It is a great choice to go for as it offers quite a variety of 18650 batteries to select from and it also describes their features.

Another great thing with this type of outlet is that it does deliveries almost immediately after you have placed your order. It is an excellent choice to go for if you want replacement for your old batteries almost instantly.

3. Walmart

Walmart is one online store that would be a perfect choice to try out when purchasing a set of 18650 cells. This is an online store with an effective area of influence, unlike most which are unable to reach markets from different parts of the globe.

You can get a variety of 18650 batteries for them to choose from, so you would not miss one that is a great fit for your device. The features and details for each and every 18650 cell are also indicated so that you can compare the needs of the device and what can be delivered by the battery.

4. Banggood

This outlet is hailed for its low prices yet genuine products. They deal with items such as the 18650 batteries and sell them at affordable prices; the best price you can get across most platforms. The brief description of features and other details they give should enable you select a battery that will work for you.

6 Things Look for When Buying 18650 Batteries?

The 18650 cells are not that standardized as some offer more than others. Some particular cells of this type are designed to perform tasks that others would not perform well even if put under similar conditions. When buying an 18650 cell, the following factors are to be considered so that you buy one that is appropriate for the task:

1. The continuous discharge rate, which may be referred to as the amperage capacity, is the rate at which current can be taken from the battery without it overheating. If a battery is appropriate, it should be able to have a continuous discharge rate that matches the power drainage of the device.

Otherwise, batteries tend to overheat when they are used for a device that draws amperes at a rate they can’t manage. This can be noticed as the battery begins overheating. In the severe case, the battery might even explode and damage the device entirely.

2. Another important factor to consider is whether the 18650 cell is protected or unprotected. In the case of protected cells, they have a tiny electronic circuit attached to the cell’s packaging. This is located on one side of the battery and it protects it from overcharging and excessive discharging. This particular battery is also protected from shorting and damage due to extreme temperature conditions.

Protected cells are popular because they are designed with this safety measure. One is assured since there is low probability of their devices getting damaged as a result of issues with the battery. Unprotected batteries come across as cheap but they put your devices at harm’s way because they lack the circuit for safety.

With the 18650 battery, you can either get a flat or button top battery. This is seen on the positive contacts; the button top contacts are slightly raised. This determine whether your battery can fit in a device or not.

3. You should also be on the lookout for fake batteries as they would simply make you lose a lot of money. Packaging and wrapping of the battery would be one way, but this may be difficult to spot. One sure way is through the weight of the battery.

4. An appropriate charger also determines the experience you get from your battery. The Nitecore’s i2 intellicharge charger is recommended for 18650 cells. It is designed to charge two cells simultaneously. This charger is recommended as it prevents cases of overcharging your 18650 batteries altogether. Using an inappropriate charger might cause the batteries to be damaged and not last as long as they should.

5. Last but not least, the brand is a factor that you need to consider. This is because, there are some brands that do not disclose the true ratings of their 18650 batteries. Some brands just want to sell and this may make them over-exaggerate the ratings of the battery and have you fooled.

Brand also decides the quality of battery that you get, as some top brands have a reputation of making top-notch batteries. It would be a waste buying a battery associated with a little known brand, the battery will not perform as a good one will and it may end up damaging electronic devices connected to it.

6. Other factors that you should consider include the warranty, the online store you are dealing with and also the device you want to use the 18650 cells in. The online store you are buying from matters as it indicates the treatment you will get; some are known for serving customers well while others do the exact opposite.

Issues like the warranty are also there just in case, so you do not lose money in the whole process. You should ensure that you get value for your money!

Does Each Brand Provide Different Longevity of 18650 Battery?

Different brands produce variety of batteries to the market which have different features. In the case of an 18650 battery, you can get those with varying capacities across the board from different brands. This is the same case for the continuous discharge rate and this shows that an 18650 cell is different depending on the brand associated with it.

Similarly, batteries from different brands have different longevity periods. This is probably because they are designed differently and are manufactured with different machines. So, definitely, the brand is a factor to be considered when shopping for an 18650 cell.

Is Buying a Rechargeable 18650 Batteries a Good Idea?

The good thing with rechargeable batteries is that you do not have to buy new batteries every time they get depleted. All you have to do is get a good charger for your batteries and you will be all set.

Buying a rechargeable 18650 cell is an excellent idea as you get a battery that can be used for more than 300 cycles. These type of batteries are great for high draining devices and when recharged often before they are fully discharged, they can last longer than normal rechargeable batteries.