Which Brands Do AA Batteries Last The Longest?

Technology has enabled the design and manufacture of quality batteries we can find in the market out there today. These range from li-ion batteries to the small button power cells that are available out there.

Which AA battery lasts the longest? The AA battery that lasts the longest are the energizer ultimate lithium battery, the Duracell quantum and coppertop and any top performing brand you can get out there.

Despite batteries designed with top technology, most of us still use traditional type of AA batteries for our gadgets and devices. In this way we limit our electronics to power cells that are not that useful in powering them up.

Going for a AA battery that is not long-lasting enough might not only deprive our devices from quality power sources but will also turn out to be expensive as we will have to replace them often.

What Is the Long-Lasting AA Batteries?

These are mostly lithium batteries that have a longer shelf life than most alkaline batteries. They are quite costly but their price is justified with the performance and quality features you get from them. Some may even go up to more than nine years before they lose their worth. They are a great option for devices that you may not use on a daily basis; especially those that are used occasionally like three to four times a year.

Other long lasting batteries are rechargeable and can be charged for more than 500 times before losing their reliability. They are the sort of AA batteries that could even be stored for many years before losing their ability of producing top performance.

Comparing Alkaline Vs. Lithium Batteries

Alkaline and Lithium are the most common AA batteries you could get out there. While either is a great choice for top performance, there are some factors that differentiate them. For instance, lithium batteries are capable of delivering high power for long periods, and tend to cost relatively higher than Alkaline batteries.

Lithium batteries also come across as fairly lighter than most alkaline batteries. The volume might be the same, but they are lighter because they do not contain as much chemical matter as alkaline batteries.

Alkaline batteries do not have the ability of performing as much as lithium batteries in outdoor conditions. This factor makes lithium batteries most suitable for outdoor devices as they are able to sustain even the most extreme outdoor temperatures. You will realize that lithium batteries are able to maintain top performance in both harsh cold and hot outdoor temperatures. In such conditions, alkaline batteries may even be unable to work.

Lithium batteries are the ones to go for if you need a high draining battery for your device. they also come in handy for recovery gadgets like the camera flash. On the other hand, if you want a battery for devices like remote controls or a house clock, then heavy duty batteries are most suitable as they are low drain.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a AA Battery for Your Device

When you are out shopping for replacement batteries for your device or gadgets, you need to consider a number of factors. The main factor to be consider is the type of device in question. Some devices require either a high drain or low drain type of battery, while some are medium applications. The CD players for instance are placed in the middle unlike most devices.

When you use low drain batteries for a device like an MP3 player, which requires high drain batteries, you will have to replace them often. In such cases, a lithium AA battery is suitable for the task at hand.

The “use before” date should be a major concern for you so that you do not go at a loss. In most cases, the batteries are kept on shelves for too long and when you buy them they are worthless. Buying a battery that is only a month shy from its “use before” date is not advisable. Such batteries may not be worth their original capacity at this time in their lifetime. Alkaline batteries could go up to 5 years before their capacity falls below 100%.

The brand of battery to go for is another factor you should consider. Just like any device or gadget, brand matters as it decides the quality of the product you are purchasing. It is advisable that you go for the reputable brands as they have the experience and expertise in manufacturing top performing AA batteries.

Leading brands can be trusted to produce top notch and dependable high performing batteries; be it alkaline or lithium batteries. Within this bracket, you get to choose from batteries that are highly reliable and have a long lifespan, your experience with either will not be regrettable.

You will have to choose either from rechargeable or non-rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable batteries offer an excellent option not only for you but also for the case of the environment. This is as it is not good to dispose a lot of used batteries to the environment.

Rechargeable batteries have a good number of pros, but some drawbacks make them not be the most popular out there. For one, they self-discharge quite fast than most alkaline batteries and are not long-lasting.

Rechargeable batteries also have to be fully drained before you recharge them. You will also realize that they cannot be charged with effective impact as you would wish to. This is even as you connect them on a good charger for the recommended charging time.


Having a long-lasting AA battery will turn out to be cost effective for your case as it eliminates the need to buy a new set of batteries ever so often. It also makes your device powered up every time you use it and this is for the benefit of your electronic device. It has also been discussed above that lithium batteries offer an excellent option if you need batteries for high drain devices.

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