Best 2 Bank Marine Battery Charger Reviews For 2018

For those of you with boats with two 12-volt batteries, a 2 bank marine battery charger is needed. Why is this so? Because if you get a 24-volt battery charger that only has one bank and then charges your two batteries with it, what will happen is that one of them will be charged more while the other will have an unbalanced charge. You don’t want this to happen to your batteries.

With a 2 bank battery charger, you will get plenty of advantages as well such as desulfation, recovery, and maintenance processes. This charger connects to each of the batteries independently while giving them both equal and consistent power. This ensures that your batteries will work efficiently and excellently. While this type of battery charger may be more expensive compared to a single bank, it will definitely be worth the money.

What to Look for

When you are shopping for a battery charger, don’t just pick the first one you see. Try to assess the different 2 bank battery chargers, so you will see which one is the best among them. Get one that is designed to charge fast and can maintain your battery even after charging it.

However, what if you won’t be using your boat for some time, especially during winter? If you do not maintain your batteries properly, they may go flat, and ending up with dead batteries will cost you money as you will be needing to buy new ones.

To stop this from happening and to make sure that the batteries that you have will be ready to provide power once you will be using your boat again, connect it to a boat battery charger. This charger should be able to maintain the battery while your boat isn’t being used.

It’s not enough that you buy any kind of boat battery charger. Choose a smart charger that can maintain the batteries over extended periods. Also, select one that is designed to withstand the wet conditions of the sea or lake. This will definitely save you more money than buying cheaper ones.

It’s best to invest in a boat battery charger that can last long and can be used in tough conditions. Buy a boat battery charger that is completely sealed and waterproof. You will be sure to use this charger for years to come.

Another thing to check with your charger is if it is mountable. Make sure that it can be. When you can mount the charger, it will be much easier to use and connect when you will be charging or maintaining your batteries.

Now that you know what to look for in a boat battery charger, we think you will agree with me that this battery that we’ll review has most, if not all, of the features we have stated above. It has very good reviews, and it is a favorite among many boaters.

A lot of the retail sites, forums, and customer reviews we have read and researched point to this 2 bank battery charger as the best one there is. That is why we want to share its many great features with you so you can decide for yourself if this is the charger you will get.

NOCO Model Genius GEN2

What you want is a smart charger for your boat batteries. Not only that, it should be the best one in the world of boat battery chargers. With the NOCO Model Genius GEN2, you get a charger that is smart and can be used under any condition. It has a microprocessor built into it that can control an automatic eight-step process of charging automatically.

With this charger, you can charge as well as maintain batteries of different types. You can charge your AGM, MF, Gel, and Wet batteries with it. It is sure to be a tough charger as it is sealed fully with its construction that is waterproof.

It is capable of being mounted on board and has plenty of safety features, so you don’t have to worry about a thing while using it. The charger is equipped with advanced technology for fast charging as well. When you buy this charger which has a very friendly price, you also get a three-year limited warranty. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

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Item Specifications
● 2 bank with 10 amps per bank, smart, waterproof, fully-sealed, compact, lightweight
● Efficient with high-frequency, is designed with a switch mode making it compact and lightweight compared to other models
● Has an intelligent and fully interactive NOCO VosFX processor that can monitor input, the charger, the battery for diagnosis, recovery, charging, and maintenance
● Can handle different chemistries of batteries including AGM, MF, Gel, and Wet batteries
● Can charge twice as fast in comparison to linear chargers
● 100% sealed completely with its construction which protects it from tough environments
● Can produce a charge that is stable that can optimize the battery’s specific gravity, increasing its performance.
● Is equipped with safety features that protect it from overcharge, overcurrent, overheating, sparks, open circuit, short circuit, and reverse polarity.
● For sulfated and deeply discharged batteries, it can use pulse charging during recovery mode
● Has an abnormality protection that can switch off the charger automatically if it is in bulk charge mode for a long period
● Can be mounted easily on tractors and boats as well as other equipment
● This charger has met the ISO 8846 marine standards
● It can control its temperature and does not ignite, ready for a worry-free and safe use
● AC power cord length: 5 feet
● Output lead length: 6 feet
● Dimensions: 10.2x9x5.7 inches
● Weight: 6 lbs.
● Has a three-year limited warranty
● Has an eight-step intelligent process for charging

● Is a smart and high-tech charger
● Very easy installation
● Excellent materials and construction
● Safe to use under any conditions

● Power cord is short
● Short lead
● Manual may not provide sufficient information
● Tests the battery only every 24 hours

Eight-Step Charging Process of the NOCO Model Genius GEN2 Charger

STEP 1-2: Analysis and Diagnosis
This part of the process checks your batteries conditions including its health, state of charge, and voltage so as to determine the stability of the battery before starting the charging process.

STEP 3: Recovery
The charger begins this stage with the desulfation process if it is necessary, especially for sulfated of deeply discharged batteries. The charger sends out a pulsing current to the batteries in this step.

STEP 4: Initialize
The charging process begins with a soft and gentle charge for the batteries.

STEP 5: Bulk
For this part, the process will depend on the battery’s condition, returning 80% of the capacity of the battery.

STEP 6: Absorption
On this step, the charger brings the level up to 90% as it delivers a bit of current at a time, providing an efficient and safe charge. With this, the gassing of the battery is limited. This is important in prolonging the life of the battery. The charger then shifts to a current charge rate that is constant so as to bring the batteries closer to a 90% charge.

STEP 7: Optimization
This step finalizes the process of charging by bringing the battery to its maximum capacity. Here, the charger uses multiple layered charging profiles that can recapture capacity fully and then optimize the particular gravity of your battery. This increases its runtime as well as performance. If more current is necessary, the charger shifts to Maintenance.

STEP 8: Maintenance
Finally, the charger monitors the battery continuously, determining if maintenance is necessary. If your battery’s voltage falls, the charger will initiate this phase until the battery’s voltage will reach the optimal state. After that, the charge cycle will be finished.

The phases of Optimization and Maintenance can be repeated a number of times to make sure that the battery is fully charged. You can leave the charger connected without worries of overcharging.

Want to Know More

What do you think of the information we have provided you with the best 2 bank marine battery charger for 2018? Do you agree that it is the best? With all its great features, it may have a few flaws just like the cons we have listed above.

But this one is still a great charger to have. If you ever decide to buy one, be sure to come back and tell us if the charger meets your expectations. We would love to know. If you are still wondering if this is the charger for you, always go back to what your needs are when it comes to a boat battery charger. That will guide you in making that decision.

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Of course, you also have to consider how much you are willing to spend for it. If you still have plenty of questions about this charger or about a different kind of boat battery charger, simply drop us an email, and we’ll get back to you with helpful information that you can use so that it will be easier to decide which boat battery charger you will get.