3 Best 4 Bank Marine Battery Charger Review For 2020

For those of us who are ever in need of a 4 bank marine battery charger, it just means one thing: we have a pretty neat battery setup that may include a trolling motor battery, a starting battery, a house battery, and an additional battery.

With this kind of charger, we get to save ourselves from the frustration of having to rotate one or more bank battery charger for our four batteries. Getting this charger is a smart move compared to rotating or trying to charge a lot of batteries at the same time with just one charger.

With this type of charger, you can get all of the advantages of a charger maintainer to all of your batteries for their own individual needs. This helps in prolonging the life of your batteries, saving you more money as you don’t need to buy batteries frequently.

With the chargers we have today, they have microprocessors built into them. This controls the multiple phases of charging as well as the processes for maintenance. This includes recovery functions and desulfation that allows the battery to have a longer life as well as better performance.

These chargers also maintain your batteries during the off-season when it is unattended. This makes sure that the batteries and the engine will be ready when you want to use your boat again.

To help you in deciding which charger to get, we have here three reviews of the top boat battery chargers on the market today. Let’s start with the first one.

Minn Kota Model MK440PC

This charger will amaze you. It is very light compared to other more traditional chargers. It features a battery selection, allowing you to choose the battery type for each of the banks of the charging.

With this feature, you can be sure that each battery will remain protected and safe during charging. This charger is durable with a housing made of heavy duty aluminum. Its housing protects it from corrosion caused by saltwater or freshwater.

The charger has a microprocessor that allows it to monitor the state of the charge as well as the temperature while charging. You can be sure that its charge will be precise, fast, and well-regulated.

It can adjust its voltage automatically as well, giving a consistent charge in any situation or condition.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 9.15×8.25×2.98 inches
● Weight: 10 lbs.
● Each bank has 10 amps
● It is controlled by a microprocessor
● It can be used for 12v, 24v, 36v, and 48v systems that have 12v/6 batteries (gel, starved electrolyte, maintenance-free, lead-acid)
● Is designed to enable continuous charging with monitoring temperature and status of charging.
● Has aluminum construction that is durable, shock-resistant, waterproof, vibration-resistant, and corrosion-resistant.
● You can choose different battery types for each bank such as lead-acid, gel, or AGM without worries of it undercharging or overcharging.
● Is lightweight compared to other marine battery chargers
● Has LED display to show you the chosen battery type, percent charged, power status, and connection status.

● Can automatically adjust the voltage in case of fluctuations in voltage input
● Can provide a consistent and fast charging under any condition.
● Automatically adjusts the temperature to prevent undercharging or overcharging.
● Has safety features that protect against ignition, reverse polarity, and short circuit.
● Has a three-year warranty for replacement


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Pro Charging Systems Model PS4

This battery charger is one of the best in the market for over ten years. These chargers are among the best performing, most reliable, and safest in the world of marine battery chargers. This one is a favorite among recreational boaters and fishers. Your batteries will have a longer lifespan when you use this charger.

Item Specifications
● Dimensions: 7.2×8.25×15.8 inches
● Weight: 29.80 lbs.
● Each of the 4 banks has 15 amps each; it has independent outputs for AGM and wet cell batteries
● You can be sure that the design of this charger is environmentally-friendly. It is completely repairable, so you don’t have to throw it away if there’s something wrong with the overall functioning of the charger.
● You can use it in saltwater, freshwater, and on land applications. This application includes RVs, utility vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, saltwater craft, and inland watercraft.
● The design of the charger is that it can be used in saltwater, freshwater, and on land.
● This charger is highly dependable and waterproof.
● This model can also be used for Gel Cell batteries
● It is equipped with a technology called DeltaVolt Intuitive Charging that can provide multiple stages of charging that is fully automatic. It is controlled by an advanced microprocessor as well.

● The charger has safety features that include the Zero-Spark technology as well as reverse polarity protection.
● It has a mode for battery maintenance and codes for on-board diagnosis
● While charging, it can adjust its temperature to compensate, preventing any overheating
● You can check the state of charge with the indicator lights of the charger
● There are no restrictions on the installation which means the placement of this charger is very flexible.


NOCO Model Genius GEN4

Among the NOCO models that are very popular with boaters is the Genius GEN4. It has a processor that is very intelligent called the NOCO VosFX. With it, the charger can monitor, diagnose, recover, charge, as well as maintain AGM, MF, Gel, and Wet batteries.

It is light in weight and compact and very easy to use. The charger is waterproof as it is fully sealed. It has high frequency and is highly efficient as it uses Rapid Charging Technology allowing it to charge your batteries faster compared to other models.

The charger also has safety features that include protection against overcharge, overcurrent, overheating, open circuit, and short circuit. It can shut off automatically if the charger has been in bulk mode for a long period.

Item Specifications
● Charging cable length: 6.3 feet
● AC power cord length: 6 feet
● Weight: 15.6 lbs.
● Each bank has 10 amps, on board, suitable for maintenance-free, enhanced flooded, Gel cell, calcium, and deep-cycle wet cell batteries
● It is equipped with technology for rapid charging
● Is compact, lightweight, and durable
● Is 100% sealed, waterproof, vibration-resistant, and shock resistant
● This charger is fully submersible and can be used in saltwater as it can combat corrosion.
● You can mount this charger in different applications such as tractors, boats, and other equipment.
● It can adjust automatically to the varying current needs of the battery.
● It has a built-in desulfator for the battery that can detect any sulfation and then it can apply a pulsing high voltage in low current charge that can cause the battery sulfation to return as an active material. This allows the battery to regain its lost capacity
● The charger can stabilize the chemistry of the battery, increasing its longevity and performance as it can optimize the gravity of the battery.
● The integrated microprocessor can change the process of charging basing on the organic feedback of the battery, giving you a charge that is precise.
● Can monitor and manage the charge cycles as well as provide a final charge for every twenty-four hours, keeping the batteries charged fully. You don’t have to worry that your batteries, charger, or vehicle will be damaged or overcharged.
● The design of this charger is highly efficient, making it lightweight and compact.

● It can adapt automatically to different AC input voltages so as to deliver a hundred percent full charge
● It has safety features that include protection against overcharge, overcurrent, overheating, open circuit, short circuit, reverse polarity, and sparks.
● The charger can shut off automatically if it has been in bulk mode for a long time
● It meets the ISO 8846 marine standards
● It is also ignition protected
● Has a five-year limited warranty


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Here’s the Next Step

These three are the best 4 bank marine battery charger for 2018 on the market today. They are all great and have excellent features. It’s hard to zoom into any flaws of these boat battery chargers as there are hardly any.

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Hopefully, this review can help you in deciding which boat battery charger you will get. It is important to take note of what you need in a charger so that you can check if the boat battery charger meets those needs.

Also, check your budget and how much you will be willing to spend for it. If you want to ask us anything about the boat battery chargers or if you are interested in one that we haven’t included here, simply send us an email so we can send you more information that you can use and can help you in deciding which one to buy.

Also, if you want us to make a review of other products that you are interested in, you can tell us, and we’ll do our best to provide you with the best information about the product.
For those who have tried using these boat battery chargers, please do share your experience with the chargers with us so that others will know more about the chargers.

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