Are CR2032 And 2032 Batteries The Same?

Button-type batteries are commonly used to power wristwatches and other small electronic devices. And thanks to the breakthrough of the lithium-based power cell technology, we now have longer-lasting button-type cells offering better longevity.

The most recognized sample of this is the 2032 battery, a button-type cell with a 20 mm diameter with a thickness measuring at 3.2 mm. A 2032 power cell comes in two different types, the CR2032, and the BR2032, where both of them have a voltage rating of 3 volts.

Are CR2032 and 2032 batteries are the same? This is a question that a lot of people ask due to a lot of confusing claims. This is also a tricky question to answer, but to give a quick answer basing on the statement above. Yes, the CR2032 battery is basically the with the 2032 cell; this is basing the answer on the context that 2032 power cells come in two types, the CR2032 and BR2032.

If we are to take a closer look at it, we can say that the CR2032 is a 2032 battery, which also comes with another type, which is the BR2032. The letters of these two types of 2032 battery also have something to do with the specifications of the cells, where “R” stands for the shape of the batteries, which is round, and the “C” and “B” represents the chemical components of the power cells.

Yes, both of these batteries lithium-based cells, but they have different chemicals used as their positive electrodes. The “C” indicates that the battery has a manganese dioxide as the battery’s positive electrode, and the “B” indicates that the positive electrode is carbon monofluoride.

To leave you with a solid claim that relates to the question, 2032 cells are lithium-based batteries that come in two types, the CR2032, which has manganese dioxide as its cathode, and the BR2032 which has a positive electrode that is carbon monofluoride.

If you are currently reading this article, I assume that you are one of those people confused about the 2032 coin cell batteries. You are probably wondering if the CR2032 is the same as the 2032 cell.

Well, you already got your answer a while ago, but if you are eager to learn more about these batteries. I encourage you to stay for a little longer and continue to read on as I will be imparting a few helpful information and details about these batteries.

CR2032 Vs. BR2032 Coin Batteries

Earlier, I established that the 2032 coin cell batteries are available in two types, CR2032, and BR2032. Both of them are lithium-based power cells, but they are using different chemicals as their cathodes.

One of them uses manganese dioxide (C), and the other use carbon monofluoride (B), and they are represented by the letters “C” and “B” on their labels.

To understand them better, let us take a look at their full battery specifications.

1. CR2032 Coin Cell Battery

The CR2032 coin-type battery is commonly used to power small electronic devices. It has a nominal voltage measured at 3 volts and a maximum power output rated at 190 mAh. This is a disposable coin cell battery that does not have the ability to receive charge.

The typical capacity of this button-type battery is 240 mAh, and it is expected to last for about 720 hours. CR2032 cell batteries also have an operating temperature ranging from -30 degrees celsius to 60 degrees celsius, and it usually weighs at three grams. The self-discharge of this battery is rated at 1% a year.

2. BR2032 Coin Cell Battery

The other type of 2032 battery is the BR2032, the coin cell battery that features a Lithium Polycarbon Monofluoride chemistry. This button-type battery has a nominal voltage rated at 3 volts and a capacity measured at 190 mAh.

Same with the CR2032, this battery has a 20 mm diameter, and it is 3.2 mm thick. The BR2032 coin-type battery has a specification that is almost the same as the CR2032 cell. It only uses a different chemical for its cathode.

Both the CR2032 and BR2032 coin-type batteries have almost the same specifications since they are 2032 batteries. However, a lot of people are more familiar with the CR2032, because it is the one commonly used.

This is why the BR2032 is considered as the best alternative for the CR2032!

Taking an In-Depth Look at the CR2032 Coin-Type Battery

You’ve already learned about the full specification of the CR2032 battery. In this part, we are going to dig deeper and take a closer look at it. I will be tackling a few aspects of this coin-type battery to help you understand it more. Keep reading along and be enlightened about the CR2032 battery.

Common Applications of the CR2032 Button-Type Battery

The CR2032 coin cell battery is commonly used in various small portable devices such as pocket calculators and watches. If you take a closer look at it, the numbers and letters on its name stand for its specifications.

C is for the chemical composition, R for its shape, which is round, 20 is for its 20 mm diameter, and the 32 for its thickness measured at 3.2 mm. This also implies that the battery is applicable for devices that require a battery with its size.

If you are eager to learn the most common applications of the power cell, you can check out the list below:

● Remote transmitters like key fobs
● Wireless home devices like doorbells
● They are also used as a computer’s CMOS battery
● Medical devices like a heart rate monitor
● Digital thermometers and altimeters

Characteristics of the CR2032 Internal Resistance

One of the significant aspects that people consider when it comes to choosing a battery is the internal resistance the battery has. The reason behind this is that a battery’s internal resistance prevents consumers from realizing the battery’s full potential by limiting the amount of power drawn from the battery.

If a battery has a lower internal resistance, the more current can be drawn, making the battery more efficient. According to some experts that tested a CR2032 battery, its internal resistance allows a 0.193-ampere current draw at 2.9 volts with a consistent 15k ohms drain in a 25 degrees celsius and a pulse current draw of 6.8 amperes at 2.7 volts with a consistent 400 ohms load ever two seconds and twelve delays.

This means that the CR2032 coin-type battery has a good battery capacity and good output as well.

Calculating the Runtime that a CR2032 Battery Has to Offer

If you are eager to learn more, then you also would like to know how long a CR2032 battery can last, or perhaps you want to calculate the runtime it has to offer. To give you an idea with regards to its runtime, here’s what you have to know.

The runtime that any battery has to offer is affected by several factors such as temperature, amount of current drawn, and the amount of load that it has to support. However, just for simplicity, let us take an example where the battery has to supply current for a normal load with a rating of 20 mA, and the temperature is at 20 degrees celsius.

In this example, the capacity of the battery will be 240 mAh. This means that if you are to 240 mA from the battery, the cell will last for an hour, and if you are to draw a 120 mA of current from the power cell, it will only last for 2 hours.

Remember, this is just for an example to show the simplicity, in real life, this is not applicable due to the dynamic factors involved.

Final Thoughts

There you go! I hope you’ve learned a lot of things about the CR2032 button-type battery. Just to be clear, 2032 coin cell batteries are manufactured in two types the CR2032 and the BR2032, if you are to answer the question above. Make sure to base your answer on that fact. I hope this article clarified some of your confusion.