Can I Use A Car Battery On A Mobility Scooter?

Gone are the days when the elderly and the crippled had to depend on people to move about. With mobility scooters, the affected people can carry on with their errands with fewer hustles. The fantastic thing about mobility scooters is that they are designed for speed and reliability. They get powered by the battery installed.

Can I use a car battery on a mobility scooter? No, the battery in your car can’t work on the scooter because it’s designed to provide a short burst of very high current. The scooter’s batteries, on the other end, are designed to give long periods of constant low current.

Are Scooter Batteries Safe?

Today, the batteries used in a mobility scooter are designed to operate at whatever terrain. They are sealed lead acid and that means that they are spill-proof and maintenance-free. Therefore, if you worry about having to take care of the battery, you shouldn’t bother much when it comes to the batteries in the scooter.

How Long Should A Battery in Your Mobility Scooter Last?

Scooter batteries aren’t that cheap as well. It’s for this reason that scooter owners are always inquiring about their lifespan. One thing that you should know is that the life of these batteries is dependent on many factors that I will explain below.

1. Battery Type

Like it’s in the car batteries, the type of battery used in the mobility scooter has an impact on the lifespan. Different battery designs usually come with unique features aimed at boosting their lifespan. Today, most mobility scooters usually come fitted with either GEL or AGM batteries. The two versions are usually lead-acid batteries and have their strengths and weaknesses.

The scooter manufacturers usually pick the right battery model for the scooter they introduce into the market. The selection is based on the advantages they want the scooter to offer to the user.

GEL batteries, for example are so common among scooters. The batteries with gel technology are meant to give more cycles. Therefore, they are known to last longer. As a result, they are recommended to use daily. GEL batteries are termed as the perfect selection for scooters because of the performance. However, you must be willing to part with a high price to enjoy everything the battery has to offer.

Secondly, there are AGM (absorbent glass mat) cells, which are known for giving fewer cycles. Therefore, if you use the mobility scooter occasionally, this is the battery to use. These batteries are quite cheaper as compared to the GEL batteries. Therefore, if you are looking for a quality battery, and on a budget, you can go for the gel models.

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2. How You Charge the Battery

The way you charge your car battery affects its lifespan. The same applies to the battery found in your mobility scooter. The charging process is continuous and can enhance or reduce the battery’s performance and lifespan.

So, How Should You Charge Your Scooter Batteries?

First, you shouldn’t allow the batteries to be fully discharged. Continuous discharging of the battery contributes significantly towards the reduction of the battery’s lifespan.

From an expert’s perspective, it would be best if you charged the battery after every trip. By doing this, you ensure that you will never drive the scooter with the red LED lights on.

What If You Don’t Use the Scooter Regularly?

Well, if you are not a regular user of the scooter, you should charge the scooter at least once a month as a minimum.

3. How You Store the Scooter After Use

If you thought that the way you charge your battery is the only thing that affects its lifespan, then you are wrong. The way you store the scooter too does interfere with the battery’s lifespan.

You Should Ask Yourself, Are You Correctly Storing the Battery or Not?

If you happen to use the vehicle occasionally, it’s recommended that you keep it in a cool and dry area. The hot temperatures and cold temperatures are known killers to your battery. If not considered, these extreme weather conditions can interfere with your battery’s effectiveness and output.

Besides, the conditions can mess with the recharging process, as well as, the lifespan. Therefore, if you mind about how long the scooter battery will serve you, consider the storage.

4. Warranty and Range

Another thing that you should consider when it comes to your battery’s lifespan is that warranty offered and range. You need to ask yourself the period of the warranty fixed for your scooter battery. Today, most scooter batteries can serve you up to 18 months. The period is dependent on how often you use the scooter. If you use the scooter daily, the period is likely to reduce significantly.

The difference is that even with the 18 months of service time, the batteries do come with a 12-month warranty. The warranty in your battery plays a significant role in determining how long the battery installed should serve you. As the warranty policy states, if the battery dies before the anticipated timeline, you can go ahead and ask for a replacement from your dealer.

Where Can You Find a Scooter Battery for Your Replacement?

Currently, it’s much easy to find things such as batteries for your car, scooter or any other motor vehicle. If you need a new battery for your mobility scooter, you can start by asking your nearest auto dealers. Platforms such as AutoZone, Walmart, and Costco do stock various battery brands. You can shop from them depending on the model you intend to install.

Also, you can shop online at Amazon. Amazon is known to be the mother of all products that you ever desire, such as the battery. One amazing about shopping at Amazon is that the prices tend to be considerate. Therefore, if you are operating on a budget, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact Amazon.

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