How Much Does A Motorcycle Battery Cost?

Buying a motorcycle battery does not have to be a complicated task. The amount of money you will have to spend on the battery depends on the battery itself and what it has to offer for your battery. There are also a number of aspects that you should consider when you want to choose an appropriate motorcycle battery.

How much does a motorcycle battery cost? A normal motorcycle battery price ranges between 100 and 150 USD. This is the case of a new battery.

Regardless of the price, you should consider if the battery is an excellent fit for your motorcycle. This is what your motorcycle deserves especially if it is one that demands a lot of electric power from the juice box.

Should You Go for One With an Extended Warranty?

Manufacturers usually give an extended warranty as option when you go buying a motorcycle battery. you should opt for the extended warranty if you are to use the battery extensively as this will help in the case of a complication with the motorcycle battery.

However, if you are the type that use your motorcycle like once a week or even twice a month, then you should not take the warranty. This is because the probability of the battery malfunctioning is close to zero hence no need for a replacement after all.

What to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Battery?

There are numerous types of motorcycle batteries out there. These varieties make it difficult for you to settle on one that is appropriate. You will need to select one which can offer adequate power to meet your ride’s needs in terms of voltage. The power you get from your motorcycle battery can be determined by the following factors.

1. The Power Rating

This is the first feature you should be concerned with. The power rating can be figured out in the number of volts produced by the battery as indicated in the specs part. Batteries with relatively high power ratings tend to cost a bit on the upper side than others. This is ideal if you would want to use your motorcycle often, like on a daily basis.

2. Cold Cranking Amps

The CCA is used to describe the amps that a battery can give when at a 0-degrees Fahrenheit temperature reading for a time interval of thirty seconds. This is done as the battery does not drop beyond the 7.2 volts’ level.

This is usually an indicator of the performance of a battery when under load while at a low temperature. Needless to say, when a battery’s CCA is higher than another, it will start quicker.

3. Battery Amp Hour Rating

This term is used to describe how long your motorcycle battery is able to last if subjected to a fixed discharge rate. In the case of a small one, the Amp hour rating is calculated over a ten-hour interval. Take the example of an 18 Amp-Hour rating, this means that the battery in question is able to discharge 1.8 amps for ten hours.

When the Amp Hour Rating is combined with the Cold Cranking Amps, one can tell the performance of a specific battery. When both readings are fairly high, then the motorcycle battery is a good one.

Proper Maintenance of Motorcycle Battery

As seen from the above, a motorcycle battery can be quite costly and you would not want to buy one only to go at a loss. That is why it is recommended that you be familiar with basic maintenance practices for your motorcycle battery to last long and be reliable.

Regular checks on the battery help you detect if the battery has been damaged. Damage can occur on the battery casing or on the terminals. You should be on the lookout for bulges or corrosion on the terminals which could prevent the battery from working normally. Damage causes the battery not to perform as it would while connected to your motorcycle. This brings about complications that are quite stressful.

The battery has to be recharged regularly as a maintenance practice. A motorcycle battery should not be left in drained state as this will destroy the battery. Even if you would not want to make use of yours for a specific period of time, it is wise that you charge it twice a month. Having the battery as close to full charge enables it to be reliable and last long. A trickle charger could be used to ensure that your battery has adequate charge.

However, you should avoid chargers that might overwhelm the battery as they could lead to overcharging. Overcharging causes damage to the battery and it might even explode as a result of chemical processes occurring within. Jumping with more powerful batteries should also be avoided.

It is also advisable that you disconnect your motorcycle battery when you just want to leave your motorcycle in the garage. Leaving it connected will make it discharge slowly and by the time you want to take your motorcycle for a ride, the battery might be fully discharged.

If you are dealing with a wet cell battery, you will need to check on the electrolyte frequently. The electrolyte level should be topped up every time it goes below a particular level. This is done using distilled water.


All in all, you need to go for a motorcycle battery that is a good fit for your ride. This is regardless of the price as you may go for one that is cheaper only for it to be unable to provide adequate power for your motorcycle.

A new motorcycle battery should last for approximately four years. However, how long they last depend on the attention you give to them when it comes to maintenance. Proper maintenance practices will see a battery being used reliably for up to five years. These include practices like charging the battery using a handy trickle charger.