What Are The Best Car Batteries For Peugeot 207?

Peugeot 207 is a supermini car also produced by its maker French Peugeot. It was the replacement made for 206 before 208 replaced it in 2012. The evolution of this supermini car model from Peugeot does not diminish in the style and elegance of a premium vehicle.

Though it is in its mini version, the need for an ample amount of sustenance from its battery is still highly needed.

What are the best car batteries for Peugeot 207? Peugeot 207 may not have that high demand for power like its other Peugeot models. However, no matter how small the car is, it still needs the ability to crank up the engine. It has to sustain its status to be one of the elegant yet super-efficient cars running today.

Three best car batteries would go well with your Peugeot 207. These are the UltraPlus, Bosch and Nord Star. I will show you how this battery works and why it is the most compatible battery for Peugeot 207.

List of the Top 3 Batteries for Peugeot 207

1. 12V 027 Ultra Plus Car Battery

Ultra Plus battery is the perfect fit for Peugeot 207. It provides you with the quality and the value for your money. This battery boasts of a Cold Cranking Amp of 480, enough for Peugeot 207.

A small car size with a cranking power of 480 is already superb and fantastic. Imagine how your car would start up even during extreme weather conditions. You need not worry about starting problems when winter comes.

Your Peugeot 207 will still have the strength to crank up. This battery is made for a whole year round of lasting and excellent performance. It also comes with a two-year warranty.


● It is maintenance-free
● It has good quality and value for money
● It offers a two-year warranty
● It has a cold cranking amp of 480
● It uses a standard type terminal


● Battery failed after a few months

Product Specification:

Brand: Ultra Plus
Model: 027
Weight: 15 kg
Height: 190 mm
Length: 242 mm
Width: 172 mm
Voltage: 12 V
Cold Cranking Amp: 480

2. 027 Bosch Silver Car Battery (s5005)

Bosch is already a trusted name in the battery industry. When we mention the name Bosch, people equate it with good quality and excellence. Therefore, for a premium car like Peugeot 207, this battery could be the perfect match.

Experts recommend this battery for vehicles which are liable for electrical drains. Since Peugeot 207 belongs to modern cars and is equipped with heated seats and windscreens, it is more exposed and prone to electrical or parasitic drains.

With Bosch battery, they offer 30% more energy and power compared to other brands. This reason is also what makes it last longer than other batteries. These batteries are all sealed and is made maintenance-free for a worry-free battery.


● It is perfect for vehicles liable to parasitic drains
● It has 30% more energy and power than other brands
● It is maintenance-free
● It has a longer lifespan
● It has a Cold Cranking Amp of 610
● It can withstand all kinds of weather
● It is a 12V lead-acid battery
● It comes with a six-year warranty


● Battery failure issues

Product Specification:

Brand: Bosch Battery
Model: 027
Weight: 16 kg
Height: 190 mm
Width: 175 mm
Length: 242 mm
Voltage: 12V
Cold Cranking Amp: 610

3. 027 NordStar Car Battery

The name NordStar maybe a new name for some and a new battery in the industry. However, despite being a new player in the market today, it can compete for head-on with some of the known battery names in the business today.

This battery uses calcium technology. It has a high starting capacity with increased parameters on the technical side. It is the first to have the fire-protection and a five-year warranty to boast of.

It has more power and performance compared to other newbie players in the market. It is also maintenance-free and has a wide range of design and application. It comes with a comfortable handle and a stylish design.


● It uses calcium technology
● It has a high CCA
● It has a central KAMINA
● It has a fire-protection feature
● It comes with a five-year warranty
● It is maintenance-free
● It has a comfortable handle and a stylish design


● Warranty issues
● Battery Failure

Product Specification:

Brand: Nordstar
Model: 027
Weight: 12 kg
Height: 190 mm
Width: 175 mm
Length: 242 mm
Voltage: 12 V
CCA: 520

How to Change the Battery in Peugeot 207

There’s a little difference in changing batteries for Peugeot 207. Follow these steps, and you will get by:

1. Lift the red plastic tab for an activated quick release.
2. Tilt the battery top towards the car engine to its left.
3. Lift out the ECU. This ECU is the lump to the battery’s left side.
4. Take off the yellow cap of the brake fluid reservoir located above the ECU.
5. The whole ECU assembly will slide up and out of the battery box.
6. Once the lever is released, tilt the battery top to the left and slide the entire battery to the right to clear the bottom lugs, and you can easily lift out the battery.

How Long Does a Peugeot Warranty End?

Peugeot offers a warranty of three years. It guarantees that all parts and accessories are under Peugeot. The period of three years or 100,000 km. Whichever comes first. It also includes free assistance on the road.

The warranty period starts on the date of first registration. It covers the repair cost and replacement of original Peugeot parts. Under warranty, Peugeot will decide whether the parts should be replaced or repaired based on their technical evaluation.

Expensive vehicles deserve all the care and maintenance you can give. If you can afford to buy it, one must be able to spend money and time for its support. The battery should be regularly checked to keep the vehicle in good running condition.

The best car batteries for Peugeot 207 are not necessarily expensive too. What is essential are the specifications that it can supply enough power and energy to the car.