The Best CAT 1000 Peak Amp Battery Jump-Starter Review

For long, drivers have been getting stuck on the sides of road for issues such as tire punctures or the occasional dead battery. This was the definition of inconvenience for most vehicle owners. However, a car, like many objects on this earth, will undergo some wear and tear.

When battery boosters started appearing, they became all the rage. Here are batteries that promised to get drivers out of quagmires by providing them with emergency power that they could use to recharge their vehicle’s batteries. Now, the battery technology has advanced to the point where these batteries can be used to directly jumpstart vehicles.

From your own research, you have come across something that looks like it could be the very thing you want, but you have no idea whether it actually is the one…

So, is it worth it to buy the CAT 1000 Peak Amp Battery Jump-Starter? Definitely! For the price, you are guaranteed excellence in versatility and convenience, as well as the reputation of a company that is known as a symbol of reliability and a world beater when it comes to build quality.

Well, it would be a travesty for the much-vaunted company to not make inroads into this field. This is a company that started out making tractors for farmers. Their products have a reputation of being extremely durable even in the most squalid of conditions. Since then, they leapt into other forms of heavy-duty vehicles, ranging from road graders, mining haulers and military equipment.

Now, here they are bringing their expertise and reputation for quality to your car. So awesome are they, any moment you see a yellow and black grader or other road making equipment, your mind immediately registers CAT. They don’t really need marketing, do they?

Here Is the Everything You Should Know About CAT 1000 Peak Amp Battery Jump-Starter

1. Design

Right off the bat, looking at it makes one thing this should be a prop in one of the many Transformers movies… maybe Bumblebee’s little brother or cousin? Whatever role this will get, it’s sure to be an awesome experience. And that’s exactly what you will get when you decide to get your hands on this beauty.

First and foremost, the battery on this is rated at 500 instant amps. That’s more than enough power to kickstart any vehicle out there that’s running on a 12-volt battery, and this is at weather that is at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Now that’s power. If you need more power, well of course, you can get from this jump starter. It is capable of pushing the envelope to around 1000 peak amps for your electrical needs.

2. Versatility

Aside from just being a portable jump starter, you can use this battery as a portable power station. This battery comes fitted with an AC outlet rated at 120 volts and 200 amps. If you’re getting your carpentry juices flowing away from your usual workshop, you can use this to power your, um, power tools.

If you’re the kind who rely on a keyboard to get things done, you can stop by the side of the road, whip out your power-hungry laptop and feed it as you complete that important task.

That’s not all, if you have Direct Current tools, you’re not left out. This battery pack does come with a 12-volt DC plug that you can use to sort out your emergencies and other electrical needs. That’s not all, there is a USB port rated at 2 Amps. So, if you’re using your phone as a mobile hotspot, don’t let it run out of juice. Talk about versatility.

Oh no, this portable jump starter is hardly done. Not only does it get you battery up and running, it also does the same for your tires. Yes, this is a proper multifunction tool as it comes with a portable air compressor capable of outputting 120 PSI of pressure.

You can pump up your tires, or be the unlikely hero at your niece’s party when you suddenly begin blowing up the balloons and other sporting equipment. All this pressure is vectored through a SureFit brass tipped nozzle that will fit nearly every valve in existence.

3. Convenience

Versatility is not the only thing working in favor of this portable jump starter, convenience is also a big factor in how this jump starter operates and is operated. Instead of having to deal with a myriad of different cables, this jump starter can be recharged using any available cord in the household. It also comes as standard with three LED lights to illuminate what you’re working on.

It also comes with a number of safety features that are truly world beaters. If you’ve never done any jumpstarting before, the battery indicator will beep a sound to warn you that you have connected the leads in the wrong configuration. Was the battery indicator mentioned?
But still, this indicator can show you how much charge is left in the battery, aside from just beeping alarm tones.

To complete the picture, the jump starter comes with durable crocodile clips for which to place on the battery’s posts. If you want to jump start a vehicle, simply press a dedicated jump start button. All these marvelous features are derived from a sealed lead acid battery. This means that it does not require any maintenance from you. The battery is capable of giving out 12 volts of power and 19 Ampere hours.

If you do choose to go for this wonderful piece of engineering, design and innovation, you will need to charge it within 24 to 48 hours.


• The variety of connection options and functionalities make this an excellent tool to have with you in your car.
• All these features are built into a rugged housing, which means it can take a beating should you decide to go off-roading, and still perform the way it should.
• The added safety features such as the jump start button and the reverse connection warning are one of a kind features that will save you from costly repairs brought about by wrong flow of power.
• CAT sells all their CAT Tools products with a limited lifetime warranty.


• Every time you discharge it, it will take a long time to charge. Although typically they can charge within 24 to 48 hours, it may even go up to 60 hours depending on the depth of discharge.
• The lack of an attached extension cord will mean you have to get one for it. If you forget, you might get stranded and you won’t have a way to recharge it.
• Pumping tires will need the battery to be fully charged, otherwise it will pump slowly and may even struggle when it has undergone some discharge.