Top Rated Portable Jump Starter In Costco: In-Depth Review

Guide you through to pick the best portable jump starter from Costco.

Costco is hailed as one of the multinational corporation in America that operates on a membership only. It is a chain of warehouse clubs and rank as second to the largest retailer in the whole world. It is ranking second to Walmart. It sells all kinds of products and retails, from groceries to household appliance to automotive parts like Jump Starter.

What is the best Costco jump starter you can buy? Automotive parts and accessories like car batteries and jump starters are available too. I will bring you an in-depth review of the different jump starters available in Costco.

These are based on the reviews given by people who have experience buying these jumpstarters in Costco. According to the reports, “Lithium Jump Starter Portable Power Bank in Metal Brush Finish” is on the top list. Find out the rest of the other jump starters and see how I did my in-depth comparison of the product.

Jump starters are a must-have if you have a car battery to charge. It will be wise always to have these jump starters handy with you all the time. It will save you from the hassle of getting stranded somewhere.

List Of The Jump Starter You Can Buy At Costco

Here, I will provide you with the complete records of all the best-selling jump starters and why do people like them in the first place. All these jump starters are available at any Costco outlets.

1. Lithium Jump Starter Portable Power Bank with Metal Brush Finish

This Lithium Jump Starter, a portable power bank having a metal brush finish is said to be a dominant jump starter given to us by Winplus. Since it is a powerful jump starter tool, it can quickly jumpstart any 12V cars and vehicles, and it can charge small electronic devices.

This jump starter all powers up an LED lighting, which can be very advantageous to you when you are working with your vehicles. One more thing, it is portable so you can carry it easily anywhere you go.

You may consider it as a safe and smart cable that gives protection over reverse polarity, short circuit and overheating. It has a battery status which indicates the state of charging of the battery.

It also comes with a USB port, which makes it easy to charge anywhere, whether you are home or in transit, the load is made easy.


● It is an8000 mAh high capacity Power Bank.
● It has a 350A Peak Current.
● It comes with two USB Ports.
● It can be charged using USB.
● It has a built-in flashlight.


● The product does not last long.

Product Specification:

Brand: Winplus
Model: Lithium Jump Starter Metal finish Brush
Item Weight: .77lbs.
Product Dimension: 5.43 x 3.07 x 1.06 in. (138 x 78 x 27 mm)
Voltage: 5 V 2A
Internal Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery.

2. Type S Lithium Jump Starter & Portable Power Bank With Wireless Charging

The Type S Lithium Jump Starter that comes with a Wireless Charging is said to be one of the most versatile types of power bank jump starters that are being offered by the Type S.

It helps in keeping all the portable electronics to be fully charged any time you want. It is an all-in-one device, one device that can charge everything.

It comes with a design that is compact and lightweight. It has a peak current of 350A which can jump start any 12V vehicles including trucks, marine boats, and motorcycles.

It also has a two USB port which can also charge your mobile phones, laptops, and other gadgets. You will never have to worry about traveling alone as you have your new travel buddy always handy with you.

The 12V jumpstarter can power up your vehicle and other devices. It comes with a portable LED flashlight which can be used as a strobe light or only a hazard light.


● It works on up to 8000 mAh high capacity power bank.
● It has safe and smart jumper cables.
● It is compact and lightweight.
● It has a 350 Peak current that can jumpstart any vehicle.
● It comes with two USB ports, which can also be used for your smartphones and other gadgets.
● It has an LED flashlight that is already built-in in the unit.
● It is a wireless Qi-certified device.


● It didn’t work after several months.

Product Specification:

Brand: Type S
Model: Lithium Jump Starter Wireless Charging
Internal Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Input Voltage: 5 V 2A
Jump Start Current: 200A-350A

3. Type S Lithium Jump Starter With LED Flashlight

This particular Jump Starter from Type S-Lithium comes with an LED flashlight. It works up to 10,000 ultimate capacity power bank that comes with a safe and smart jumper wire.

Its compact and lightweight design has a 400A current peak that can jump start almost all 12V vehicles, including trucks, vans and marine boats. It also comes with two USB ports which you can use to charge your Smartphones, laptops and other gadgets.

The built-in LED flashlight can be used as a strobe and hazard light that will give you enough lighting during emergencies.


● It powers up to 10,000 mAh power bank.
● It has a safe and smart jumper wire.
● It comes with a two USB port.
● It has a built-in LED flashlight.
● It is compact and lightweight.


● The jump starter failed quickly.

Product Specification:

Brand: Type S
Model: Lithium with LED flashlight
Internal Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Item Weight: .94lbs.
Product Dimension: 6.61 x 3.03 x 1.06 in. (168 x 77 x 27 mm)
Input Voltage: 5 V 2A

4. Duracell 1100 Peak Amp Lithium-Ion Emergency Jump Starter

Using Duracell 1100, Lithium-ion Jump Starter will never get you stranded. This jumpstarter has a peak amps of 1100 and can jumpstart an eight cylinder and engine with 5 liters.

It also has a safe jump technology which prevents the spark and protects you over the reverse polarity problem including the short circuits, reverse current and overheating.

It includes a DC car charger that makes it easy to recharge inside your car. Because it is compact, it can also be easily stored in your car compartments. This model of the jump starter is advisable for emergency purposes.


● It works up to 1100 power of peak amps.
● It is heavy duty.
● It has a built-in 2.4A USB port.
● It has an LED lumen light.
● It can operate in cold and efficient power flow.


● It has warranty issues.

Product Specification:

Brand: Duracell
Model: 1100 Lithium-ion
Item Weight: 2lbs.
Product Dimension: 7 x 1.5 x 3.2 inches
Voltage: 12 V

5. Winplus Power Bank Jump Start 12000MAH 10W Spotlight

If you are looking for a high jump starter, the Winplus Power Bank 12000MAH 10W Spotlight is the right one for you. It is a portable car jump starter that you can bring anywhere you go.

You will never be left stranded when you have this jump starter at hand. It has a spotlight that you can use during emergencies. It can also work as a hazard light with its ultra-bright lantern.


● It is a portable jump starter for cars.
● It is a power bank.
● It has a built-in spotlight.
● It also works as a hazard light.


● It has a short lifespan.

Product Specification:

Brand: Winplus
Model: 12000Mah spotlight
Internal Battery Type: Lithium-ion
Input Voltage: 5bV 2A
Item Weight: 2.425lbs.
Product Dimension: 9.2 x 3.1 x 6.9 in. (233 x 79 x 177 mm)

6. Cobra JumPack XL H2O CPP 15000 Multiple Colors

It is an all-weather proof jump starter from Cobra, this Cobra JumPack CPP 15000 Multiple Colors has a 12V cigarette lighter port that you can conveniently use for jump starting. This cigarette port is conveniently located inside your car.

It uses a jump starting intuitive cables that are heavy-duty. The tri-color LED indicates the jump starting status. It is easy jumpstarting work. Yellow means that the jump starter is about to begin.

A green light means it is ready to jump-start your vehicle. Red means that there is a need for troubleshooting.


● It is a 400 Amp starting current.
● It jumps both gas and gasoline vehicles.
● It has two jump start options.
● It has a dual amp USB port.
● It has a built-in LED flashlight.


● Unit failed after a few months.

Product Specification:

Brand: Cobra
Model: JumPack XL
Item Weight: 1.50 lbs. 630.39g
Product Dimension: 7.25” L x 4.0” W x 1.5”D
Voltage: 12 V

Does Costco Still Sell Powerstation PSX3CA Air Compressor?

This PowerStation PSX3 CA Air compressor is available in Costco. You can still avail of this dominant jump starter, which is also a heavy duty unit in all Costco outlets. It is not only a heavy duty jump starter, but it is also a multi-device 160 psi air compressor which you can use to inflate your flat tire.

Does Costco Still Sell Cat Jump Starter? If Not, Then Where To Buy?

Yes, Costco still sells the Cat jump starter. You can get it at any Costco outlet. Costco even offered this item for sale. You can get it for only $79.99 at any Costco outlets.

Can You Use A Costco Jump Starter For Any Vehicle?

Yes, you may use Costco Jump Starter for any vehicle. Costco Jump Starter is compatible with all types of vehicle. However, you have to check the specifications indicated in the jump starter.

I have published the specifications of each jump starter, and you may want to consider it before using it to your vehicle.

What Is A Jump Starter Exactly?

A jump starter is also called the jump box of a car battery. It is even termed as the jump starter pack or a booster pack. It is the temporary connection that you make to the array of another car or some other source.

How Does A Jump Starter Differ From A Car Battery Charger?

The car battery chargers are big and bulky and can take up too much space in your car. The battery jump starter is a lot smaller than a charger. Battery charging takes place at home or the garage, while jump starters are used where the car was stalled.

Can You Buy A Costco Jump Starter Outside Of USA?

Yes, what is available in the US are also available in other outlets of Costco outside the USA. You can check out the availability of this product online.


Costco Canada offers the jump starters. You can also view this product through their website where you can find an array of their battery jump starter products.


Costco Australia also offers this USA Costco jumpstarter. It has a website where you can view their jump starter products.


Costco in the UK offers a complete range of jumpstarters too. You can view this product in their online portals where you can also purchase online.

Charging batteries will never be the same again. Find these top of the line jump starter Costco in all its leading outlets near you. Find the specifications I provide here, and you can never go wrong, choosing the one that is made for you.