Cheapest Place To Buy A Car Battery

Car batteries remain a crucial part of every vehicle because of the work they perform. Your car needs one to start. Some vehicle models even depend on the battery alone to provide the juice necessary for the entire journey.

The fact that it’s that important, every driver’s nightmare is to have the battery bail on him or her. However, in one way or another, the battery’s life has an end. On one occasion or another, you will need a new battery for your car.

What are the best places to get a cheap battery for my car? Currently, there are many places at which you can find the perfect battery for your incredible car. They include:

• Amazon
• Costco
• Sam’s Club
• Advance Auto Parts
• NAPA Auto Parts
• Pep Boys

Thanks to the advancements in technology, with the internet, today, you can order your battery at whatever location. Another good thing about online shopping is that it provides you with a wide array of options. That means that you can find various battery brands in the stores at different prices. As a result, you will always find an option that matches your budget.

1. Amazon

If you’re looking for a quick fix for your dead battery, the first thing that should come into your mind is Amazon. Unfortunately, many people know Amazon for supplying electronics and clothing. If you fall into the category, it’s high time you changed that perception. Amazon is the place to try, especially if you require a brand that you find it hard to get at your local auto shop.

When it comes to Amazon, you will find different suppliers and even manufacturers on the platform. The presence of these suppliers makes sure that you find the battery of your desire at a competitive price. One thing that makes Amazon amazing is the fact that you carry out all your research using your phone. You only need a connection to the internet, and you’re set to go.

Also, you can find customer reviews about every battery, brand, or supplier. With the reviews, it’s usually easy to foretell what you should expect during the buying process. Also, Amazon has a fantastic filter search. With this feature, you can search precisely the battery you want instead of going through endless pages looking for the specific cell.

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2. Costco

Do you reside near a Costco store? If the answer is yes, are you a member? If not, you must know that you’re missing a lot when it comes to a battery replacement, notably. It’s one of the few auto stores that require membership for one to access their excellent services. You can take advantage of the store’s membership package.

At Costco, you can find interstate brand batteries for your car. One thing that you will find surprising about what they store is that the batteries come with a 42-month replacement warranty and a direct replacement service from their store. Therefore, if you’re looking for a quick way to fix your battery troubles, it’s that time you considered Costco.

You can find car batteries from Costco by reading this information.

3. Sam’s Club

If you’re a regular at Walmart, then you know how their customer service is superb. You can expect the same at their sister-store, Sam’s Club. The auto shop is the best place you should visit whenever the idea to replace your battery comes around. The shop is known for offering a wide range of Duracell cells from different makes.

Besides, it gives a one-stop shopping experience. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the installation of the new battery. As long as you’re a member of their store, you only need to choose the cell you want and leave the car with them to install the new battery.

With their annual membership, you can expect amazing deals from the store. It would be best if you didn’t let their amazing packages pass you.

4. Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is one of the largest auto suppliers you can ever find in the US. The chances are that you live near one of their many stores. If you are looking for a quick way to get a new battery than what online stores can provide, you ought to try this store.

The store is known for offering a wide array of exceptional battery brands. Their batteries come in different sizes and so does the prices. Hence, be sure that you will find a battery that matches your car and budget.

Additionally, their stock usually comes with a two or three months warranty. However, after choosing the store, you must be prepared to install the battery by yourself. The auto store does more of auto vehicle parts supply and not services. Therefore, if you’re not a DIY kind of a guy, you should get your mechanic to install on your behalf.

5. NAPA Auto Parts

If you’re lucky enough to live near NAPA Auto Parts, it’s high time you considered it for your quick battery replacement. The store is known for having an excellent online store, as well as physical stores around the US. However, their physical stores are fewer as opposed to those owned by their competitors. One fantastic thing about their stores is that they have their line of batteries.

With their batteries, you can get a long-term warranty, and that means you can have your battery covered until the next replacement. On top of that, the store also stocks various notable brands, and that means that you will get whatever battery you desire. It would be best if you choose to utilize the store’s presence as you can enjoy their extra services as well.

6. Pep Boys

Pep Boys is also one of the few stores that you can find a battery replacement at an affordable price. Although the store isn’t well known online, when it comes to in-store services, they are the best. The store is known for its one-on-one personal service.

While at the store, you can get a guy to help you during the entire replacement process. The professionals there can guide you on the best replacement based on your car model and budget. However, you must be willing to pay a fee to have them install the battery in your car like a professional.


Finding a place to buy a cheap car battery isn’t always an easy task. With the many auto shops and battery brands in the market, picking the right place and brand can be overwhelming.

Listed in this article are some of the top places you can find the battery of your desire at a low price. Read through the entire piece to help you narrow down your options and make the battery hunting easy.